Pay-Per-Click used to be a relatively easy endeavor when it was first introduced by Google back in 2002, but since then it has become increasingly more difficult to get a decent ROI with it.

The reasons are varied, but one of the most striking issues PPC advertisers face today is how to get past the “numbness” of ad overload. The Internet is simply riddled with text and display ads screaming to get noticed.

While it may be more difficult these days to get your AdWords ads clicked, there are methods that have been proven to increase the likelihood of getting your ads clicked. What is more, these methods don’t just get more clicks, they get higher quality prospects as well.

The process is relatively simple to explain – grab and hold people’s attention – yet, not so easy to implement unless you have been doing PPC advertising on Google for some time now.

The best ways to attract and pre-qualify prospects with your PPC ads are detailed below.

Mention Your Price In Your Headline

If your product or service has a lower cost than your competitors, then you are going to want to mention that in your ads. Online users can easily compare prices these days, especially when it comes to products, so mentioning your price gives a heads up to potential prospects that you might be lower than the rest and therefore there is no need to go shopping around to get the best deal.

Another added benefit that comes with listing your price, is that it pre-qualifies “clickers” as they already have agreed to give your product or service a one-time over knowing full well what they will have to pay if they decide to purchase from you.

While your product does not have to necessarily be the lowest in town, including it in your ad will set you apart from the other advertisers who have not listed their prices. In short, people are attracted by numbers, especially prices, so using it with your Google Ads can really increase your CTR (click-through-rate) and reduce your CPC (cost-per-click) in the process.

Not Just Cheap, But Valuable Too

Once you have established your price, you want to list the value of the product or service you are offering in your description. Even if you are not the cheapest, you can make up for by being the most valuable in the searcher’s eyes. Perceived value is a proven marketing tactic that gets more clicks with Google Ads.

The only issue is that you are going to have only 95 characters in which to prove to your audience why you more than the rest.

If possible, include one or more of the following in your description to promote the value your audience will receive by choosing your product or service over others.

Credibility/Reliability: Show that you are a trusted and reliable vendor by including things like the years you have been in business, awards that you, your company, products/services have received, or big-name companies and people you have done business with in the past.

Features: Why is your product better than the rest? Besides being cheap and having a good reputation, you might want to list some unique features of your product or service to add even more value to them. People love to feel that they are not only getting the best deal but also a unique deal from a trusted party.

Here are some examples:

No Risk: While the majority of online shoppers are accustomed to already purchasing stuff online, unless you are a proven entity like Amazon, for instance, you might want to include special deals or policies like free shipping, lifetime warranty, or free returns to entice them to not only click your add, but also make a purchase.

Here are some examples:

Call-to-Action: All good ads include a call-to-action. This is where you convince your audience to either click or purchase, ideally both, with your words. You do not want to be too pushy, but you do want to point out that the deal, product, shipping, or warranty is for a “limited time only”, so it would be in their best interest to act now.

Here is an example:

More Clicks, Higher ROI
The strategies mentioned above will help you stand out amongst your competitors on Google and so increase the likelihood of a higher CTR meaning a lower PPC. This is important as having a lower ad spend is crucial to obtaining a decent ROI.

The added benefit of implementing the above strategies is that the clicks that come in will also be pre-qualified clicks as they already know the price of your product/service. In other words, they are buyer clicks, which will also increase your chances of running a profitable Google PPC campaign.

You should also consider running at least three different ads, each one stating a different value pertaining to you, your brand, product or service as it is sometimes hard to include all you want to say within Google’s 95 character limit. This way, you will also be able to measure which ad is getting you the highest CTR and which one is getting you the most conversions thus optimizing your PPC campaign even further.

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