Link building has always been an important part of SEO strategy, but many people have ignored it completely. Perhaps they were overwhelmed or assumed it was too complicated. Maybe they didn’t even know what it was. Whatever the reason, link building strategies have changed over the years but they are still highly effective. It may require a little extra creativity and hard work on your part, but the end result is totally worth it if you want to see your search engine rankings improve. If you’re ready to conquer link building in 2017, start by using some of these strategies.

1. Job and Internships Ads
Are you hiring or looking for an intern? Make sure you create a link on your website about it. Then when you put your ad out everywhere from Monster to Craigslist, you can link back to that page. Better yet, other sites that try to help people find jobs — such as local colleges, chambers of commerce, or newspapers — will also link back to that page.

2. Contests
From millennials to grandparents, everyone loves free stuff, so you can’t go wrong with a contest or giveaway. Put one together with a prize that will entice people to write about why they should win on their blogs and Tumblrs, and have them link back to your website.

3. Charitable Donations
If you do this one, make sure it’s a cause you really care about and you’re not just doing it for the link. Find a way to help a charity or cause, such as making donation or encouraging your employees to spend a day volunteering. You can even host an event. When the charity thanks you on their website and social media pages, they will link back to your site.

4. General Industry Education
Depending on what industry you are in, publish a page or pages of content that can help educate people about things that aren’t necessarily common knowledge. For example, if you own a restaurant or a farm, explain the different cuts of beef or different cuts of steak. Present yourself as authority on that subject, and spread the link through social media and guest posts.

5. Complimentary Businesses
Let’s say you came up with a cool piece of bakeware that ensures your cake or brownies bake evenly every time you put them in the oven, and you need to get links back to your site so you can sell that bakeware. Try reaching out to small and medium businesses that compliment your product, such as a company that sells cookie dough or cake decorating supplies. If they like your product, tell them you’d like to create a coupon or promo code that their customers can use when they visit your site. This is good for link building and general exposure, and you’d be surprised how many people will respond.

6. Email Lists
If you can’t get other companies to bite, build up your own email list. Believe it or not, email is still one of the most important marketing tools available. Make it easy for visitors to your site to sign up and advertise via social media. Entice new visitors to sign up with promises of coupons and promos codes. Once you have a list, optimize your communication with links to your site.

7. Guest Posts
General guest posting may seem old school for 2017, but it’s still a huge opportunity. Reach out to bloggers and ask them if you can do a guest post on a topic that you know a thing or two about. It’s one of the easiest ways to get a link back to your site.

8. Interviews
Create a bio for your CEO, president, or owner that is optimized with links back to your website. Take some time to give interviews to blogs and other publications in your industry and ask them to use the optimized bio when they publish the interview. Be willing to speak with anyone with a decent site. If no one wants to interview you, contact other leaders in your industry and interview them. Chances are they will link to your site to share the interview with their own fans and customers.

9. Press Releases
Whenever your company puts out a press release, make sure you optimize the boilerplate at the end. Every time another media outlet prints it online, it will link back to your website.

10. Chamber of Commerce
If your local chamber of commerce has a directory linking back to local businesses, find out how to have your site added to it. It’s a quick and easy way to get a free link from a reputable source.

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