When growing your business, SEO strategies is something that should be at the forefront of your mind. The moment your business makes an online presence, it experiences measurable growth online because of SEO. The following five reasons are why your business should use SEO when planning digital marketing efforts.

Under most circumstances, it isn’t feasible for a startup to hire an SEO expert to work with them on their web presence in-house. However, it would behoove you to consider consulting with an agency to keep your presence active and visible.


1: Searchers are looking at the first hits on the page

According to Search Engine Watch, it’s rare for searchers to go beyond the first hits on their search engine page. Previously, businesses could strive to be on the page’s first ten results. Now, it’s critical to be part of the first results that are “above the fold.” The fold is the search results that require no scrolling from the user.


2: Increases in Online Marketplace Competition

Annually, more startup businesses are finding their way online with websites featuring great optimization. This includes active social media marketing campaigns using SEO. Because these websites feature professional backing, they’ll experience the necessary draw from search engines to help them increase traffic. Failing to invest time in SEO means it is less likely for your target audience to find your business.

According to Wil Reynolds, Founder, and CEO, SEER Interactive, “Spend as much time to understand people as you do to understand Google. Search engine algorithms don’t buy things from your company, people do.”


3: Helps Reduce Digital Marketing Costs

Launching a startup already incurs significant costs. Therefore, including SEO for your campaign will deliver results for minimal costs. Not only is there potential for reaching targets for minimal expenses, but these possibilities can occur long-term. Additionally, stay in front of your audience and make sure your search engine optimization is effective.

According to Olga Andrienko, Head of Global Marketing, SEMrush, “So, on top of content marketing, SEO now should be deeply aligned with your company’s PR efforts. They have impacted SEO in the past as well by bringing backlinks, and now it’s even more. Now a bigger brand authority is crucial to your SEO success.”


4: Consumers are Looking for Reviews

Before making a purchase or making a decision about a service, consumers are turning to the Internet to search for reviews. Startups want their targets to see as much positive information about their business as possible. Rather than becoming lost in the shuffle, you must develop SEO so your target audience finds you instead of your competition. Encourage customers to post comments, reviews, and questions to your pages and other areas of the web.

According to a study performed by Local SEO Guide, “2017 Local SEO Ranking Factors, “Reviews are obviously a driving factor of ranking in Google My Business pack results.”


5: It’s a Long-Term Solution

Search engines are a tool consumers will continue using for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it doesn’t appear search engine optimizatin is going to become obsolete anytime soon. Those who are using audio and video searches will also eventually become dependent on keyword usage. Website owners take heed of the fact that there will be a continuation of the success of their SEO strategies.

According to Bill Sebald, owner of Greenland Search Marketing, “Is it possible that a single implementation could make a big difference? Yes. Is it likely? Not really. If you’re investing in SEO, you’re accepting a long game.”


What All This Means to Your Startup

Leveraging your business from the beginning takes careful planning to include a strategic digital marketing campaign. Carefully thought out methods to implement SEO will keep your startup in front of your prospective target consistently. These efforts must continuously occur to prevent your business from getting lost in the shuffle.

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