10 Best Domain Registrars – Reviews & Comparisons


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It can be difficult and confusing to choose the right domain registrar. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to register a domain or transfer an existing one, it can be difficult to determine which domain name provider is best.

Considerations for domain registrars include:

  •  Your budget  
  •   It’s so easy to checkout  
  •   Your domain management needs  
  •   All-in-one web hosting and services  
  •   What length of time do you intend to keep the domain?  
  •   WHOIS protection is free  
  •   Renewal rates  

Based on my experience with many domain registrars I have identified the top 10 domain name registrars for all your needs.

Each one will be described with their strengths and tradeoffs. I’ll also discuss who they are best suited for. Finally, I’ll end with a brief overview of what you should do with a domain registry.

They are not the oldest but you won’t find them on the Network Solutions. They only offer 100-year registration. There are better domain registrars.

Domain names are a commodity. However, you shouldn’t expect to pay the most expensive domain registration. Every domain registrar has costs. There is no floor in domain pricing, unless they are willing to price a domain as an entry-level loss leader in order to get you in.

Which Registrars Are the Best?

  1. Namecheap    
  2. Google Domains    
  3. GoDaddy    
  4. Dynadot    
  5. Porkbun    
  6. Domain.com    
  7. Hover    
  8. iwantmyname    
  9. Bluehost    
  10.  Wix    
  11.  Choosing a Domain Registrar    
  12.   FAQs    

This list shows domain registrars ranked according to my domain reviews.

The Best Place to Buy A Domain Name

Nearly all my domains are registered at Namecheap. It doesn’t really matter if your business is small or independent. They are a good registrar, and I enjoy them. They have been consistent for over 20 years.

Promotion: Only $0.98 from Namecheap

Web hosting that is affordable and offers domain registration for free

Did you know that many web hosting providers offer a free domain?

Many will offer a free domain name for the first year.

Bluehost offers web hosting that comes with a free domain. Not only can you get a domain name at.com, but there are 16 other domain name extensions. You can read my Bluehost review.

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1. Namecheap

 Namecheap Review

Network Solutions is not your father’s company. Namecheap was established in 2000 as an independent domain registrar. Their headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Namecheap was founded in 1998 as a domain name registrar that focuses on price (as …”cheapnames”). The early 2010s saw a significant growth spurt due to several high-profile security and privacy scandals at large domain name registrars, as well as proposed surveillance bills in the United States Congress.

They have a long-standing relationship with Internet security and privacy organizations.

They’ve expanded their product range to include products that complement everything they offer over the last 10 years.

  •  Web hosting  
  •   Email hosting  
  •   VPN  
  •   Free logo generator  

I have compared the registrars that I know:

  • Namecheap vs. GoDaddy    
  • Namecheap vs. Google Domains    

Namecheap Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $9.48/yr.        $13.48/yr.        $9.18/yr.    
    .net        $10.98/yr.        $14.98/yr.        $10.98/yr.    
    .org        $8.88/yr.        $14.98/yr.        $11.48/yr.    
    .biz        $4.88/yr.        $16.98/yr.        $14.48/yr.    
    .co        $7.98/yr.        $25.98/yr.        $21.98/yr.    

Best for

Namecheap is the best domain registry for anyone looking for the best domain registrar long-term. They are where I have registered my domains.


Namecheap is the best domain registrar because of its consistency. Although they are a very old company (over 20 years), Namecheap has always been at the forefront in their industry, with reliable customer service, competitive pricing and countless options, as well as quality products. They are ICANN-accredited and offer all necessary domain services (WHOIS forwarding, etc.) as well as solid complementary products.


Namecheap’s biggest weakness is their inability to be the best at any one domain metric. They may not always be the cheapest domain registry. They do not offer the deepest discounts for one year. They don’t offer the most selection. They don’t offer the best domain management and usability. They don’t offer the best support.

They are more likely to be #2 or #3 for many metrics than #1 for one.

2. Google Domains

My Rating 8.5/10

No DNS Fee:

 No Domain Privacy

Google Domains Review

Google Domains is Google’s domain registration service. In beta form, the service was launched in 2014. This service is Google’s complement for their Google My Business service, and their revamped Google Sites Web Builder.

Google was not founded as a domain registrar. It’s not something that Google employees even know about. Google Domain, just like other Google products, has all the benefits of being a Google product, including Google’s resources.

You already have a Google Domains Account if you already have an account for Gmail, YouTube and other Google services. It is ICANN-accredited with a simple dashboard, competitive pricing, and ICANN accreditation.

Google Domains Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $12.00/yr.        $12.00/yr.        $12.00/yr.    
    .net        $12.00/yr.        $12.00/yr.        $12.00/yr.    
    .org        $12.00/yr.        $12.00/yr.        $12.00/yr.    
    .biz        $15.00/yr.        $15.00/yr.        $20.00/yr.    
    .co        $30.00/yr.        $30.00/yr.        $30.00/yr.    

Visit Google Domains

Best for

Google Domains is a great choice as a domain registrar. It is easy to buy a domain name without any hassles. You don’t likely need a new account to make it super-easy and simple.


Google Domains’ greatest strength is its simplicity and convenience. Google Domains is almost certain to be a Google account. There are no passwords, usernames, or any other changes required. Simply go to Google Domains to perform a domain search.

Their interface is easy and straightforward. It is simple and easy to use, with no upsells nor annoying banners like you will find at other registrars. It has Google’s familiar design and usability. It’s functional and there. It’s possible to buy a domain name and manage it very well.


Google Domains is not Google’s primary business. This is its main weakness. It is a small business unit that is hidden deep within Google. They offer good pricing but not the best. Although they offer good customer service, it is not the best. Although they have a good selection of products, it is not their top priority. They don’t offer many integrated, complementary products, such as premium SSLs or hosting.

3. GoDaddy

My Rating 8.0/10

No DNS Fee:

 Free Domain Privacy

GoDaddy Review

Ahh…GoDaddy. They are probably familiar to you. They were the first to make domain registration a primary service and went public. They are known for running TV ads, banner ads and Super Bowl ads.

GoDaddy, a publicly traded company, is based in Tempe (AZ), USA. They began as domain name registrars.

They are now referred to as a “web service platform”, and offer everything you need, from hosting to bookkeeping to website builders to web design. GoDaddy is ICANN-accredited.

Comparisons with other domain name registrars

  • Namecheap vs. GoDaddy    
  • Google Domains vs. GoDaddy    

I also reviewed GoDaddy hosting as well as GoDaddy website builder.

GoDaddy Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $4.99/yr.        $18.99/yr.        $8.49/yr.    
    .net        $14.99/yr.        $19.99/yr.        $19.99/yr.    
    .org        $9.99/yr.        $20.99/yr.        $20.99/yr.    
    .biz        $32.98/yr.        $24.99/yr.        $24.99/yr.    
    .co        $0.01/yr.        $34.99/yr.        $34.99/yr.    

Visit GoDaddy

Best for

GoDaddy is the best domain registry for anyone who wants to buy domains in bulk or resell domains.


GoDaddy’s greatest strengths are its size and brand recognition. You will find that they have a wide selection and often make amazing short-term pricing sales. They have one of most active and largest secondary & premium domain markets on the Internet due to their brand recognition. Bulk domain buying is almost impossible without becoming a GoDaddy Domain Club Member (which offers the most competitive domain pricing).


GoDaddy’s weaknesses are in its corporate history and business structure. GoDaddy is a publicly traded company that operates in an investment industry looking for high growth. GoDaddy will experience all the usual annoyances of a large company such as phone trees, upsells and cross-sells, as well price changes. GoDaddy also has a new CEO, new corporate strategy, and a history of being a controversial company.

4. Dynadot

My Rating 8.5/10

No DNS Fee:

 No Domain Privacy

Dynadot Review

Dynadot, an independent domain name registrar, was founded in 2002 in San Mateo (CA), USA.

They are focused on new TLDs, aftermarket domain purchases and auctions.

Dynadot Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $7.99/yr.        $9.99/yr.        $9.99/yr.    
    .net        $5.99/yr.        $10.99/yr.        $10.99/yr.    
    .org        $8.99/yr.        $10.99/yr.        $10.99/yr.    
    .biz        $5.99/yr.        $14.99/yr.        $14.99/yr.    
    .co        $10.99/yr.        $22.99/yr.        $22.99/yr.    

Visit Dynadot

Best for

Dynadot is the best domain registry for anyone who wants to get a deal on a popular TLD or a premium domain name.


Dynadot has two main strengths. They offer a lot promotional pricing for TLDs. They are a great place to start if you’re a domain investor looking for a low-cost, brandable TLD. They also have an excellent aftermarket domain business, with many domains available at auction and for premium purchase.


Two main flaws are found in Dynadot. Their administration panel was confusing and clunky compared to other registrars. They don’t offer many complementary products. They do just the basics of domain registrations.

5. Porkbun

Learn More

My Rating 7.5/10

No DNS Fee:

 No Domain Privacy

Porkbun Review

Porkbun, an independent domain name registrar, is based in Portland (OR), USA. Porkbun was established in 2014 with a distinctive, memorable brand.

Porkbun was founded in 1998 as a domain name registrar. Its focus is on quality products with great customer service and no hype. With a solid and profitable business, they’ve remained true to that mission for many years.

Porkbun has a number of well-priced products that can be used as a complement to their core service, domain names. However, they are committed to providing small business customer service and obsessive domain name management. Porkbun is also ICANN-accredited.

Porkbun Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $9.13/yr.        $9.13/yr.        $9.13/yr.    
    .net        $10.56/yr.        $10.56/yr.        $10.56/yr.    
    .org        $7.63/yr.        $10.72/yr.        $10.72/yr.    
    .biz        $2.04/yr.        $13.50/yr.        $13.50/yr.    
    .co        $2.37/yr.        $20.91/yr.        $20.91/yr.    

Visit Porkbun

Best for

Porkbun is the best choice for those who enjoy doing business with small, quirky companies or for those looking for a domain registrar that offers phone support.


Porkbun’s greatest strength is its company focus and size. They can be considered the online equivalent to your local coffee shop. They may not have the same brand recognition, fancy drinks or specials as the big chains, but they have the respect of everyone and are the place you most likely know your barista…and the owner.

Porkbun is a larger company than their competitors in domain TLD (top level domain) selection. They have almost as many domains as Namecheap or GoDaddy. They offer very competitive renewal, short-term and long-term pricing. There are also great complimentary features like a free SSL certificate through LetsEncrypt. All this is done with solid customer service. They are able to do this because of their size, but still maintain their quality.


Porkbun’s biggest weakness is its small size and lack of company focus. They aren’t going have fancy drinks, specials or brand recognition, just like your local coffee shop. Porkbun is a good company that does its thing. There aren’t many complementary products for them. They have very few downsides.

6. Domain.com

My Rating 7.5/10

No DNS Fee:

 Free Domain Privacy

Domain.com Review

Domain.com is a domain registrar owned by Newfold Digital. They are a well-respected brand that has been around for many years.

They are focused on domain names and include premium purchases as well as secondary markets. They are ICANN-accredited.

Domain.com Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $9.99/yr.        $15.99/yr.        $9.99/yr.    
    .net        $12.99/yr.        $15.99/yr.        $12.99/yr.    
    .org        $8.99/yr.        $14.99/yr.        $14.99/yr.    
    .biz        $16.99/yr.        $18.99/yr.        $16.99/yr.    
    .co        $27.99/yr.        $29.99/yr.        $29.99/yr.    

Visit Domain.com

Best for

Domain.com is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to sell a TLD/domain extension, or simply wants to buy a cheap domain.com.


Domain.com is a strong brand that has a reputation for reliability and a large market share. They also offer cheap domains and great pricing for specific TLDs. They offer a simple interface that is easy to use without the annoying big-company annoyances of many other companies.


Domain.com’s biggest weakness is their domain name. They don’t have much to offer other than a generic domain name. They’re a standard large company “fine”, and don’t have great pricing or onboarding. They’re not bad but they’re also not great.

7. Hover

Learn More

My Rating 7.5/10

No DNS Fee:

No Domain Privacy

Hover Review

Hover is a subsidiary to the publicly traded Tucows Corporation, based in Toronto (OR), Canada. It was founded in 2008. They specialize in domain registration and adding value-adds (like SSL and WHOIS privacy protection) to each new domain.

Hover’s podcast advertising has helped to build their brand. They are most likely to be heard on shows such as 99% Invisible or Hello Internet. They are also ICANN-accredited.

Hover Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $13.99/yr.        $15.99/yr.        $13.99/yr.    
    .net        $15.49/yr.        $17.49/yr.        $15.49/yr.    
    .org        $13.99/yr.        $15.99/yr.        $13.99/yr.    
    .biz        $17.99/yr.        $17.99/yr.        $17.99/yr.    
    .co        $25.99/yr.        $15.99/yr.        $15.99/yr.    

Visit Hover

Best for

Hover is a great option for anyone looking to buy a domain without any hassle, no upsells and great security. You also get account protection and great support.


Hover is a top-rated web portal that offers a user-friendly interface and data protection. You also have great support options.


Hover can charge more for unique TLDs than other domain registrars. Despite their claims of offering WHOIS protection for every purchase, Hover doesn’t offer basic domain management options such as email or domain forwarding.

8. iwantmyname

 Learn More

My Rating 8.0/10

No DNS Fee:

 No Domain Privacy

iwantmyname Review

iwantmyname, a domain name registrar, was founded in Wellington in New Zealand in 2008. They are unique and solely focused on domain name registrations. iwantmyname, a subsidiary of CentralNic Internet Services, is publicly traded.

iwantmyname does not have ICANN accreditation. They are a reseller for CentralNic.

iwantmyname Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        $15.50/yr.        $15.50/yr.        $15.50/yr.    
    .net        $17.10/yr.        $17.10/yr.        $12.40/yr.    
    .org        $17.20/yr.        $17.20/yr.        $15.40/yr.    
    .biz        $23.40/yr.        $23.40/yr.        $23.40/yr.    
    .co        $39.00/yr.        $39.00/yr.        $39.00/yr.    

Visit iwantmyname

Best for

iwantmyname is the best domain name registrar for anyone who needs a simple domain name registration system with minimal fuss. You will also get a little help in integrating your domain with your hosting, builder, or service.


The strength of iwantmyname is its focus on domain names and size. They do not offer or complimentary products. Their directory of DNS records/services focuses on making integration between your domain and your hosting, email, or server as easy as possible. (Aside, you can learn about domain names here).

You can also choose from a wide range of TLDs.


The main problem with iwantmyname is the lack of products that can be used in conjunction with it and its higher prices than direct competitors.

9. Bluehost

Starting At $2.95/mo

My Rating 9.5/10

Free DNS:

 No Domain Privacy

Bluehost Review

Many domain owners will need web hosting or email hosting, or both. You will need to buy hosting either from your domain registrar, or from a hosting provider because a domain and web hosting are two completely different things.

This article has been about the “best” domain registry companies. But sometimes your hosting company is the best domain registrar.

You can almost always get a domain name from your webhost if you want to create a website, or an email hosting account. Many hosting companies offer a free domain name for one year to anyone who purchases a hosting package. This is better than any price at any domain registrar.

Many web hosting companies also offer a free domain. Bluehost is an excellent choice for a first website owner looking to register a domain.

Bluehost Pricing

    Domain Ext.        Register        Renewal        Transfer    
    .com        Host free        $12.99/yr.        $12.99/yr.    
    .net        Host free        $14.99/yr.        $14.99/yr.    
    .org        Host free        $9.99/yr.        $9.99/yr.    
    .biz        Host free        $16.99/yr.        $16.99/yr.    
    .co        Host free        $27.99/yr.        $27.99/yr.    

When you order web hosting, the.com,.net, and.org domain extensions are all free for the first year.

 Visit Bluehost

Best for

If you are looking to purchase a domain through your hosting company, this is the best option.


There are a few advantages to buying a domain through your hosting company. Your domain will be free for the first year with your web hosting plan. It will be easy and seamless to integrate your domain with your site. It’s easy to manage one account. Every host is unique and each one will have its own upsides.


There are some downsides to buying domains from your hosting company. Their renewal prices are usually more expensive than domain registrars. Their selection of TLDs tends to be smaller. Third, their services are less diverse, making it more difficult to transfer different services (email, hosting, etc.) to different providers. Every host is unique and each one will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

10. Wix

Get Started For Free

My Rating 9.0/10

Free DNS:

 No Domain Privacy

Wix Review

Similar to purchasing a domain name from a hosting company you can often also register a domain name with your preferred website builder such as:

  • Wix (review)  
  • WordPress.com (review)  
  • Squarespace (review)  
  • Weebly (review)  
  • Shopify (review)  

There are other website builders.

 Get a Free Domain with Wix

Wix offers a free domain name for any Yearly Premium Plan. These domain names are available:.com.co.uk..net..org..club.coach..fitness.info.live.nl.online.pictures.rocks.space.shop.store.studio.training.xyz..yoga.de (Germany only).

Wix’s pricing is not transparent, unfortunately. Pricing for other domains, aside from.com is not known. We were unable to find any pricing information.

Wix doesn’t offer the ability of transferring existing domains. It is better to register with a better registry and then renew.

Best for

A website builder can help you buy a domain name. This is great for those who only need one domain.


Your website builder’s main advantage is the ease of purchasing a domain name. Your website builder already handles your website software and extensions, so why not bundle the domain? It is usually easy and free for the first year, with most website builders.


This is the main problem. You can’t manage multiple domains or go beyond one. Hosted website builders often have poor renewal pricing and poor selection, as they likely resell domains from an ICANN accredited wholesaler like eNom.

How to Choose a Domain Registrar

Any company that has a relationship to ICANN (the organization that governs Internet addresses), is known as a domain name registrar. They can reserve and manage domain names.

It seems easy, like everyone can do it. You will need to make tradeoffs and consider all the factors when choosing the right domain name registrar. These are the factors that I consider.

  1. No Domains
    Do you plan to manage 100 domains or just one? Even if you start with one domain, do you have plans to expand? If so, you will appreciate efficient management and customer service.  
  2. Length Domain Ownership
    In a way, domain name registrars act as trustees. Do you want to buy a domain name as a side project or for long-term goals?  
  3. Domain Management
    Some website owners log into their domain registration only once and then change a setting. They never log back in. Some domain owners need to modify settings more often for multiple domains, manage administrative contacts, and add products to multipledomains. They’ll appreciate a simple and efficient interface to domain management.  
  4. Customer Support
    It costs money to provide customer service. What do you value in customer service? Do you prefer live chat or phone support?  
  5.   Company Reputation
    Your domain provider acts as a trustee for your Internet name. Are you confident that they will protect your name, secure it, and not make you feel cheated? Does the company’s culture reflect its values? Is the company trying to sell the next product or is it valuing privacy and security?  
  6. Pricing
    Only one fee is required for domain registration: the ICANN fee. The domain name provider’s business model determines everything else. Do you want to get rock-bottom discounts or a great overall value? What is the renewal price of domain names? Do you want to buy long-term or short-term domain names? Are you willing to pay for WHOIS privacy protection separately or do you prefer it to be bundled?  
  7. Domain Transfers
    How easy would you like to move if you were to decide to go? What ease do you want to make it easy to transfer your domain? Are there any special domain transfer prices? Is it easy to lock a domain?  
  8. User-friendliness
    There is often a compromise between features and design. Are you looking for better design or raw features? What do you value most in user-friendliness and design? Are clear buttons and friendly language important to you? Or do you only want functionality? Are you looking for complementary products such as email, website builders, and WordPress hosting?  


What does it matter what domain registrar I use  

 Yes for features and price. No when it comes to domain ownership. When registering domain names for you, they all have to adhere to ICANN’s governing bodies.

Domain registration is a commodity. Each domain registrar has the same functionality, with minor differences in technical support. When purchasing a domain name, it makes sense to use a cheaper domain registrar.  

How do I get a free domain name?  

 When you sign up for web hosting, many companies offer a 1-year free domain name. Bluehost is my favorite option.

They are a great choice for beginners , not only because they offer a free domain name but also because their pricing is very affordable.  

Which are the largest domain registrars in the world?  

 According to WhoAPI, the 5 top domain registrars in order are GoDaddy Namecheap Network Solutions and IONOS.  

Which top-level domain extension has the best reputation?  

 .com is the most well-known and popular domain extension. It is best to obtain the .com version of a domain name. This extension is often not available. Other popular options include .org and .net. .co and .biz.  

Where is the best place to purchase a domain name  

 Based on my experience, Namecheap has decent pricing and features. You have many options for registering domains. Also, you can check my guide to the top domain registrars.

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