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Kobe Media connects brands with online audiences to generate sales, leads, and interest.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING We help brands plan and execute performance marketing campaigns that utilize the powerful demographic, psychographic, and behavioral targeting capabilities of social media networks.

Informed by a well-rounded mastery of branding and communications—and applied with a nuanced understanding of each network’s distinct technical and contextual idiosyncrasies—our social media solutions are designed to deliver measurable, repeatable success for companies that are focused on meeting tangible growth targets.


Leica—the famed German manufacturer of premium photography gear—sold its products through third-party retailers or at its own showrooms and galleries for much of its illustrious history. However, transformative shifts in the retail sector and mounting pressure from longtime competitors and new market entrants forced the brand to adapt its approach.

Find out how Kobe Media helped the century-old institution reimagine its direct-to-consumer ad campaigns and diversify its distribution strategy.

How we reached a new generation of customers


Since opening its first location in 2004, contemporary womenswear brand LF Stores enjoyed a nationwide presence, anchored by flagship stores in exclusive retail meccas such as New York’s Fifth Avenue and L.A.’s Larchmont Village.

With changes in shopping habits and market conditions threatening the long-term viability of its brick-and-mortar model, LF Stores looked to Kobe Media to create and implement a social media strategy that would ease the brand’s transition to a pure-play online retailer.

Explore their digital transformation

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Search engine marketing solutions designed to qualify leads, capture their attention, and convert them from prospects to buyers.

Our holistic approach to both paid and organic search campaigns extends beyond keyword selection in both directions: upstream, evaluation of considerations such as competitive dynamics and user intent inform how campaign resources are allocated; downstream, analyses of landing page design and user behavior facilitate continuous improvement of conversion rates, acquisition costs, and other key metrics.

Laundry Systems

As one of the oldest companies in the managed laundry service industry—where the ubiquity of long contract terms and a relatively commoditized offering makes revenue growth from new customers hard to come by—WASH needed a new source of leads for its sales team to continue to grow.

Find out how Kobe Media developed and implemented a paid search strategy that identified owners and managers of multifamily residential properties who were in-market for a new provider.

How we generated B2B leads for WASH’s sales team

FEATURED WORK Precisionary Instruments

Precisionary Instruments designs, manufactures, and sells specialized equipment for use in clinical, industrial, and research neuroscience laboratories. The institutional nature of the company’s target market, narrowly defined use case of its products, and technical disposition of its customers made it challenging to source leads at scale—a significant headwind to growth.

Learn how Kobe Media’s overhaul of the firm’s search engine marketing strategy tripled its number of quote inquiries.

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DISPLAY, VIDEO & PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING Insight-driven ad experiences powered by rich visuals, dynamic content, and precise targeting.

Bolstered by strategic partnerships, Kobe Media’s comprehensive suite of advertising solutions offers brands a one-to-one connection with customers across a diverse range of placements, formats, devices, and networks.

This flexibility enables these ads to be tailored to reflect not only a user’s characteristics, but also their unique circumstances, as defined by recent actions or past behaviors—both online and offline—and served precisely when and where they are likely to have the greatest impact.

FEATURED WORK Penske Media Corporation

Penske Media Corporation’s fashion industry trade journal, Women’s Wear Daily, needed a channel through which to promote trending articles. The abundance of articles on the publication’s website, combined with an aggressive publishing schedule, required an automated, dynamic solution with minimal oversight.

Learn more about how Kobe Media worked alongside Penske Media Corporation’s web operations team to design, animate, and deploy a custom-built HTML5 solution that fulfilled the campaign’s unique requirements.

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EMAIL MARKETING Email solutions designed to augment performance marketing campaigns by building trust, offering value, and inspiring action.

Kobe Media’s performance marketing offering includes a suite of email solutions that maximize the value of our clients’ performance marketing outcomes.

Effective email marketing communications should complement, not compete with, a brand’s paid media campaigns. By designing each to be coordinated components of a unified marketing message—rather than discrete channels meant to function independently—we cultivate powerful synergies that deliver more impactful results for our clients and more cohesive experiences for their audiences.

FEATURED WORK Phillips Graduate Institute

Phillips Graduate Institute, a private graduate school offering an acclaimed master’s degree program for students pursuing counseling and therapy careers, needed to meet increased enrollment targets following its acquisition by Campbellsville University.

Find out how Kobe Media worked alongside the university’s admissions team to create an email marketing campaign that used timely, relevant, value-added content pieces to grow attendance at recruiting events and information sessions. This ultimately expanded the school’s applicant pipeline and paved a sustainable, systematic foundation for long-term success.

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OUR PRINCIPLES Kobe Media delivers campaign outcomes that keep our clients competitive and ahead of the curve.

To achieve these outcomes, we apply customized approaches that cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration, inspire imaginative problem solving, and demand continuous improvement.

While this requires a variety of strategies and tactics to meet each client’s distinct campaign objectives, our approach to every engagement remains rooted in the same three foundational principles.


We initiate each engagement with a meticulous discovery process that creates the epistemic underpinning of a holistic campaign strategy.

A full understanding of each client’s core objectives allows us to design integrated solutions that use cohesive messaging to attack root causes.


We design every performance marketing campaign with a level of methodical rigor that allows us to test, iterate, and optimize campaign parameters at scale.

The resulting structures enable us to take advantage of short-term opportunities while also cultivating a foundation for persistent, long-term outperformance.


Effective partnerships require effective communication.

Our commitment to consistent, open, and transparent communication is augmented by structural, organizational, and operational devices designed to make collaboration and accountability intrinsic to the way we work.

Maximizing Paid Media ROI With Performance Optimized Websites

Even the most impactful performance marketing strategy can be hamstrung by a website that fails to deliver a user experience conducive to achieving the campaign’s primary business objectives.

Discover how Kobe Design collaborates with our clients to create stunning, high-performance online experiences designed to maximize the return on their paid media budgets.

Enhancing Performance Media Campaigns With Strategic Video Content

In performance marketing campaigns, ads that use video consistently outperform their static image equivalents. The extent to which these performance gains can be fully realized depends in large part on how well-optimized each video is for the platforms on which it appears.

Learn how Kobe Studios produces video content designed in tandem with performance marketing campaigns to make the most of every ad dollar.