Telling your brand
story immersively.

Kobe Studios helps brands tell stories online through thoughtful video content that is created with specific, measurable business objectives in mind.

VIDEO PRODUCTION We produce video content strategically designed for maximum impact.

Our approach tastefully blends storytelling with promotion to create memorable content that makes the most of any marketing budget.

By leading with a clear understanding of a brand’s desired objectives—and identifying which channels, audiences, and messages are most conducive to those outcomes—we produce videos that are as effective at capturing the attention and imagination of viewers as they are at delivering measurable business results.

Brand Videos &

Promotional content that showcases your brand’s mission and values, introduces your offering, or inspires viewers to take action.

FEATURED WORK Griffis Residential

A look into the investment philosophy behind one of the west coast’s top-performing real estate investment groups.

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Testimonial Videos

Featured endorsements from your brand’s best advocates that share your customers’ stories, add a personal touch, and build trust.


Members of AT&T Center’s events team share their experiences using SurveyMonkey’s application management system.

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Explainer & How-To Videos

Educational content that establishes your brand as a thought leader, explains your offering in detail, or teaches your audience about a topic.


An animated walkthrough of the data science and analytics platform powering today’s fastest-growing companies.

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OUR PRINCIPLES We strive to produce video content that is as visually striking as it is measurably effective.

Doing so demands a final product that not only captivates audiences with immersive storytelling but also fits seamlessly into the appropriate stage of a thoughtfully crafted marketing funnel.

To this end, our creative philosophy is guided by three foundational principles that inform every step of our production workflow, from initial discovery and strategy to final editing and distribution.