The inspiration behind Kobe Digital was simple: to do internet marketing the right way.

Its founder started his first business at age sixteen, but his immersion in small business started long before that. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he has been involved in a wide variety of businesses, ranging from restaurants to travel companies and everything in between. Much like the ventures of many of our clients, most of these businesses were family owned and operated. And while they desperately needed the exposure that digital marketing campaigns could provide, they lacked the expertise and resources necessary to manage multiple online platforms themselves. After all, they didn’t start their businesses to become marketing managers—they started their businesses to do what they loved and to share that passion with their communities.

Naturally, they turned to digital advertising firms for assistance. More often than not, their experiences with these companies were unsatisfactory. They over-promised and under-delivered. They upsold unneeded products at every opportunity. They lacked transparency with regard to fees, and charged outrageous markups on even the most basic services. They were vendors, not partners.

It was out of frustration from these experiences that Kobe Digital was born.

Today, Kobe Digital uses these perspectives to offer best-in-class digital marketing services that deliver tremendous value to our partners. We focus on the metrics and results that matter most to our clients, and leverage those insights to craft cost-effective, data-driven strategies across all of our digital platforms, which include PPC, SEO, social media, and more. Our unique team allows us to combine an entrepreneurial mindset, a proven track record of sales success, and an unmatched analytic capability to build the right campaign for every project, measure success factors, and exceed expectations.