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On Sunday night Hanukkah was gone and Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Kwanzaa were just around the corner. Companies look at the Q4 most-shopped for days. This is where carefully-crafted messages can make a difference in your chances of a last minute sale.

Advertisers and companies have the chance to reach consumers right at the beginning of the buying process through online media. This can often happen before consumers are ready to make a purchase. It is crucial to communicate with them in a clear and precise manner.

It’s hard to find time to optimize and maintain your account during the holiday rush. These tips will help you make the most out of Adwords’ tools and spend more time with those you love.

So, What’s Automation?

Automated Rules are a feature of Adwords that allows for you to make automatic changes to your account based upon campaign performance conditions. These rules allow you to delegate tasks that would normally be done manually by the advertiser.

Do not worry about how you will get up in the morning to create a promotion group and make it live. Automation is your friend!

Set up Automated Rules

Automated rules can be set up in Adwords in less than two minutes. Automating your PPC campaigns will allow you to save an average of 1-2 hours each week in optimizing them over the holidays. To access the automation settings, click the Automate dropdown menu.

The drop down menu options will differ depending on the campaign level at which you plan to implement rules.

  • Advertisers have the ability to adjust campaign status and budget. They receive email updates when an automated rule is in place.
  • Advertisers have the ability to adjust the maximum CPC and Ad group status at the Ad Group level. They receive email updates once a rule is in effect.
  • Advertisers have the ability to adjust the Ad Text level and receive email updates whenever a new rule is in effect.
  • Advertisers have the ability to adjust the maximum CPC bids and raise the bids up to the top of each page CPC. You can also check your keyword status. When a rule is implemented, you will be notified by email.

You can easily compile a list all of the manual changes you make to your PPC campaigns

Meat and Potatoes of Automation

These examples will allow you to understand the process of automation.

Holiday Specials/Events

Let’s say you need to schedule Christmas Eve ads for promotions or events. These ads will run until Christmas Eve.

Next, create two rules. The first is to set the time when the ads go live, which will be on Christmas Eve. One for when the ads go live on Christmas Eve. The other is to pause them after midnight on December 27, 27, 27th.

Next, create another rule. Next, create another rule.

Campaigns in which a specific budget is used partway through a monthly are halted

Create an automated rule to track your spending in busy months.

You can monitor the status of campaigns that are expected to run out of budget quickly by creating an automated rule. The rule will check every day at 6 a.m., and stop if the campaign has spent more than half of its monthly budget.

This rule is primarily about optimizing campaign budgets. It is smart to set up an email alert to notify when the rule is activated. If you do, you will be able to access your campaign to adjust your budget and re-enable it for any remaining month.

Stop low performing ads based upon metrics

Holiday shoppers want to be attracted by your holiday ads.

Shoppers feel happier when they find what they are looking for. You’re happier because they make a purchase. But not everyone is a writer.

To customize your options, go to All online campaigns in Adwords.

This rule lets you track the performance and traffic generated by your keywords/ad group/ads. It focuses on ads that aren’t driving significant traffic to your website.

By weeding out low-performing phrases, products and calls to action, you can identify which words, phrases, or products are not relevant. 

Next, Use Advanced Automation Techniques

These are just a few of the important techniques that can be used to optimize your campaign. For more advanced automation tips, you can search online.

  • Increase your bids for keywords not listed on the first page to ensure holiday ads appear in top positions.
  • Raising bids during high-performance hours or on certain days of the week is a good idea. Lower bids are acceptable during low performance hours and on certain days of the week, i.e. To move ads to higher ad positions, raise bids 25% by Christmas Eve
  • You can adjust the maximum CPC keyword biddings to control the holiday ads’ average position.

When it comes to creating rules, there are many options. Automation can help you increase control over your campaign.                                    

Wrapping it Up

Holiday PPC campaigns are not eligible for automation. This could be because your current campaigns have expired or because you haven’t yet set one up. These key points will help you position yourself to be successful in December. Google Ads automated rules can be used to automate the labor of managing major events. Enjoy the event while knowing that your campaigns will be managed.

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