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Although I do many things, this one is my favorite. Why? While design tricks are not uncommon, they are quite common. Some of them may be familiar to you, while others might have friends willing to share their secrets. You could also be very fortunate. Lucky for you and me, I had them all. These tips can be applied every day. Although you won’t, you’ll be thankful that these tricks exist. You are most welcome.

Little Ipsum

Many design projects required some lorem ipsum. This is the name of the gibberish text we use to placeholder other content. This can be done in many different ways, but I will only mention a few. You might be interested in this if you own Mac. Little Ipsum. It does everything you’d expect. The app outputs lorem to your documents but does it in a very unique way. It can be found in your menu bar. To select the number of lines or words that you would like, click on the icon. The program will then randomly copy Latin text to your clipboard. It can be used as often or as little as you wish. It will randomly copy Latin text to your clipboard. I tried “1 Word” multiple times. It then came up with “Mattis,” Pellentesque and “Justo.”   

Text Expander for Dummy Text

Let’s start with the Little Ipsum Pull. Text Expander. Text Expander is something I use to write-related tasks. However, it’s not what I will use it for. Let me show you Text Expander in action. Since I write a lot about cars, I use the term “Chevrolet” quite often. To save time, I just type “ChV” in Text Expander. Chevrolet appears. Neat, right? It can do much more than just words. It can be used in whole paragraphs or Lorem Ipsum text. My Lorem, however, is a bit more eccentric than usual. When I type “sj lorem”, 10 paragraphs of Samuel L. Jackson’s text appear. These are excerpts from various films that Jackson has made. When I type “swore”, 10 paragraphs are taken from the Star Wars trilogy. There’s also “form”, the last word. Futurama. Cool, right?

To Design Purposes, Use the Library of Congress

You know the Library of Congress. It is a large library (dur), maintained by the U.S. government, and filled with historical documents. Even cooler is the fact they have an archive with historical documents. digital collection You can use many of the images in this tool to create your designs. How? Why? Let’s see what happens. Plan for New Orleans Take, for example: Under “Rights and Access”, you will find a disclaimer that says that the Library of Congress does not know of any copyright owners since the subject was created before 1922. You will probably find out that the rights owners are not who you think they are. You can also use the rights to your designs. Do not consider my statements to be legal advice. I am not a lawyer. But I can tell you that the Library of Congress contains many wonderful resources. You may be able to use them if your profession designs.

Use a Subtle Shadow

Credit where credit is due. This tip was helpful to me. Design for Founders It was amazing! Let’s get on to the good stuff. Drop shadows in Photoshop don’t appeal to me. They can be ugly and overused, even though I believe they are very useful. Use the subtlest shadows to make your text stand out and look amazing. How? Make magic. You can change the blend mode to Multiply, and the opacity is up to 30%. You can also adjust the spread, size, and distance to 1, 0, 1, and 1. This is subtle, but it makes a big difference.

Real-Life Colors: Choose Your Colors

One of my favorite Mac apps is Sip. Click on the link in the Menu bar to open a loupe. It will provide you with several numbers, including the Hex Code for the color you want to match. This would be incredible if it were possible in the real world. It is there. It is also known as Cone You can choose from colors all around the world and view their Pantone colors and code. It can be installed on your iPhone and you can access all the colors from around the globe. Isn’t it cool?

Create Icons Quick

Did you ever have to create an icon for your project? It can be both fun and frustrating. If you’re anything like me, you might sometimes think too much and make things more complicated than they need to be. Over at Bjango, They have a plan. Let them draw the graphics. With the pen tool and a v-shaped marker, they create a heart. The stroke is then completed with rounded caps. Then, they can adjust as necessary. Wi-Fi symbol? It is very simple. The project is even called “The Project.” Vector Icon Speed Runs It’s quite cool. It’s very sweet.

Break the Rules

Sometimes the best tips can become your mantra. This was my favorite. Quora This topic was a subject I was researching and discovered that a grid system can be even more powerful when it is broken.

Get Extensions

Browser extensions are real. My secrets of the trade are two of my favorite tricks. First, the first. What font Tools . Click on the icon and move your mouse to the text. The font name will be immediately visible. Click the link to see the full text. That’s it. The second is ColorZilla This one works with Chrome and Firefox. It also includes an eye dropper and color picker, as well as a generator of gradients. Fancy, right?

Modify Your Settings

Whatever app you use, keyboard shortcuts can help make things faster. Instead of moving your fingers from the keyboard to the side, keep your fingers on the home row. For example, on my Mac, P transforms the cursor into Illustrator’s pen tool while V returns to the selection tool. Did you know that Adobe products can be modified? The settings can be changed by clicking Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. If you prefer the pen instrument, you can also select cmd-p Adobe will notify you if you have a conflict and let you know how to fix it.


I Love automation. This is how I rename files from the desktop without using my keyboard. You can easily convert PNG files into JPEGs and even identify the sizes. They then process them in Photoshop to create the files I require. Automation has saved me so much time, I can’t imagine my life without it. To help me with this task, I have a few programs. Hazel It is my favorite, and it’s the first. Hazel scans your folders for any changes and then creates the rules that you want. An underscore is used to begin all of my folders. This allows me to search for a folder instead of a file. If it does not contain an underscore, Hazel will automatically rename any folders I create on my desktop. Hazel can do the same thing for many other tasks. Hazel can help you with any file or folder task. This will teach you a lot. Keyboard Maestro Although it is more costly, it can be extremely helpful. It can do anything you ask. It allows me to automatically copy folders to my desktop when I press a keyword. Today’s new one, which I created in Chrome, also opens any website I have opened in Chrome and opens it in Safari. It’s easy, but these little extras allow me to regain the time I would have otherwise.

Ready? Now go design!

These tips may not be useful every day. That’s okay. These tips might not be necessary every day but they will come in handy one day. Bookmark this article.

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