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What is Shopify?

Shopify allows you to start, grow and manage your business through a comprehensive commerce platform.

The experience of millions of merchants on our platform has helped us to be leaders in commerce. We can use their successes to predict and build the right features that will not only power commerce today but also help to shape and define the future of the industry.

What does Shopify do?

Shopify combines all your commerce into one platform.

Shopify allows merchants to create and customize their online stores. They can also sell in person at brick-and-mortar locations and pop-up shops.

Shopify is entirely cloud-based and hosted. This means that you can access it from any device with an internet connection. We’ll also handle maintenance and software upgrades. This allows you to work from anywhere, with an internet connection.

A commerce business needs a variety of tools to manage inventory, products, shipping, and payments. They spend a lot of time and money integrating these disparate systems. Shopify combines these technologies and makes it easy to access and integrate all other business tools that Shopify can use.

Shopify’s products can be thought of as layers that you can choose from to build the perfect stack for your business.

Layer 1: Shopify core product

When you purchase any Shopify plan, you will get this. This product includes everything you need to make your idea a reality and sell it. It also contains templates to help you design your store’s look, and integrate payment processing, the most profitable checkout, and SEO and marketing tools. This is the base upon which all our products and apps are built.

Shopify APIs are available to help you customize your store’s capabilities.

Layer 2: Shopify offers additional products and services

Each business is unique. Businesses grow and their needs change. We offer powerful upgrades to our customers to help them grow their businesses on our platform. These products and services, which are only available to Shopify customers, allow independent business owners to gain an advantage in the marketplace by providing easier access to capital and faster payment options.

Layer 3: Apps created by trusted partners

Shopify’s App store offers thousands of apps and features created by third-party developers. This allows you to personalize your store without having to touch the code. There’s an app for everything. The App Store has the best tools for growing your business, whether you’re looking for the latest SMS app or the most popular social media network advertising tools.

You can also find Shopify Experts on the market that you can hire to create custom solutions for your company. You can also learn how to code by yourself!

Why Shopify?

  • Shopify is open to all ecommerce communities. Online, offline, and everywhere in between. Our community is home to some of the most talented entrepreneurs, merchants, and developers in the world.
  • Shopify is a global company. Shopify empowers entrepreneurs all over the globe to start, grow, and connect their businesses. We have merchants in more than 175 countries and provide the platform, building blocks, and tools entrepreneurs need to succeed in commerce.
  • Shopify encourages creativity. That’s why our products are designed with maximum extensibility, flexibility, and expression.
  • Shopify is the best-integrated commerce platform. Shopify allows you to centralize entire commerce businesses and gives you access to the most extensive set of commerce ecosystem integrations made using a common technical framework. We have a wide range of themes, apps, and channels that allow us to integrate and have access to a broad range of products, experiences, and surfaces.
  • Shopify is a symbiotic system that absorbs too much complexity. Shopify is designed to help independent businesses scale, succeed and start. We make it easy and accessible to entrepreneurs to ensure they can access the best growth tools.
  • Shopify was built to scale your business. Shopify is built to scale with you, regardless of your technical maturity, growth, complexity, or location. You will always have access to the technology and features that you need to build your business. Shopify will also adapt to your changing needs as they grow, scale, or evolve.

Commerce is everywhere; create it!

Shopify allows you to turn an idea, a goal, or a vision into a tangible commerce experience online, offline, and everywhere in between.

  • Storefronts – Online Store: Custom Storefronts. Personalize your front end to create an exceptional shopping experience for customers.
  • Sales Channels Integrations / Social ChannelsPromote and sell your products through multiple channels from one central place–Shopify. You can grow your audience by selling to your audience on social media and other popular marketplaces.
  • Shop App. Customers can quickly check out, track orders and ship details, and rediscover their business with Shop App.
  • Retail. Sell in-person, with all the data you need to sell online using Shopify’s all-in-one POS system. Customers will have a seamless shopping experience. You can also manage your staff and track inventory.
  • Creator Resources Empower creators with the tools and resources they need to create content and build a successful business.
  • Store Data and Media. Use content and data to tell the story about your brand and products. To make your store stand out, build upon foundational elements such as meta fields and support for media files.
  • Logo Growth Tools. Create your brand with these easy-to-use tools. Our logo maker, slogan generator, QR code generator, and many other tools are available to help you grow your business.
  • Domains/Hosting. Select and host your domain securely with Shopify, leveraging full controls and configuration to customize easily.

Connect with every customer

Shopify offers merchants the opportunity to establish long-term buyer and customer relationships.

  • Checkout. Make online payments and place orders using the best checkout system in the world. After customers add products to their shopping cart, they will go through the checkout process to input their shipping and payment information.
  • Shopify Markets. Increase your sales to customers all over the globe. Shopify Markets allows you to sell anywhere and everywhere, all from one online store.
  • Customer engagement/ marketing tools. Get the right message to the right person using Shopify’s customer and marketing tools. To drive relevance and engagement, you can leverage customer segmentation, email advertising, automation features, as well as other Shopify tools.
  • Messaging/Inbox/Chat. Shopify Inbox allows you to communicate with customers from anywhere. Get insights and create automated messages to help you focus on the conversations that convert.
  • Market Insights and Analytics. Use Shopify’s reports to make informed business decisions.
  • Shop App. Customers can quickly check out, track orders and ship details, and rediscover their business with Shop App.
  • B2B with Shopify. Create customized experiences that your B2B customers will enjoy. Shopify allows you to manage your B2B customers and DTC orders from one location, as well as inventory and storefronts.
  • Sales Strategies. Increase conversions by offering customers unique pricing and promotions. To encourage customers to buy, leverage selling strategies such as pre-orders and try-before-you-buy. With Subscriptions Apps & APIs, you can create predictable revenue streams and turn customers who aren’t regular into customers. You can also increase customer loyalty by building predictable revenue streams and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Merchandising. From visual displays to product bundling, special deals, and many other things, merchandising is a great way to promote and sell products at your store. Shopify Merchandising is a great way to increase brand recognition, boost sales and increase inventory turnover. It also improves customer experience.

Business catalysts for growth and scaling

Shopify is a tool that helps entrepreneurs accelerate their journey to success.

  • Central Admin. Manage all aspects of your business from one central location. Shopify’s admin allows you to access all aspects of your business from one location.
  • Shopify Fulfillment Network/Deliver / Back Office. Manage fulfillment, inventory, shipping, and other logistics with Shopify. To manage your supply chain, leverage our shipping partner platform, which integrates third-party logistics (3PL)partners. You can keep your business’ backend running smoothly, from order setup to printing labels and tracking.
  • Bank: Balance + Capital. Shopify offers two banking solutions that allow you to manage your money and fund: Balance and Capital. You can manage your account in one place with Balance. Capital allows you to access funding quickly and easily so you can speed up growth.
  • ShopPay & Installments Customers can quickly checkout using encryption to protect their information, pay in full at checkout or split the payments into installments. You can delight customers with Shop Pay by providing flexible and fast payment options.
  • Mobile App. Shopify App. It allows you to manage your Shopify store from anywhere, reply to inquiries in real time, manage orders, and much more.
  • Automation / Flow Shopify automation allows you to connect with customers at crucial moments of their journey. Once you have established criteria and created content, you can use Shopify automation to send out marketing messages that automatically run to drive conversions.

There’s more! The Shopify App Store, custom codes, and more are just the beginning.

Shopify offers the most extensive range of commerce themes and apps in the world.

It is difficult to find every business need with over a million businesses that sell every product in every market. The majority of new business owners find it difficult to use the product because they try to incorporate every feature that a business may need.

Instead, we focused on making Shopify’s platform flexible first and foremost. This allows us to address the ever-changing complexities of running businesses. We then enlisted the support of every developer in the world, giving them the ability to create apps, themes, and other integrations for Shopify’s platform.

This is how Shopify App Store was born. Shopify store owners have more options than ever when it comes to customizing their stores to suit their business needs. There are more than 9,000+ apps available. There’s an app to help you add customer reviews, manage your accounting or add virtual try-on.

The merchants will find the right products for their stores, while new developers will help them build their businesses. It’s a win/win situation.

You don’t have to use the App Store applications. Shopify allows you to personalize every aspect of your business as well as the shopping experience by learning how to code it (or hiring someone from our Partner ecosystem).

  • You can customize your theme, or create a new theme.
  • Shopify APIs and developer tools allow you to create custom apps for your store.
  • You can use APIs to create custom experiences such as selling products in a video game.

You don’t have to give up control and customization for ease of use. Shopify makes it easy to quickly set up your campaigns and store, as well as create rich, unique experiences similar to those offered by big brands.

Shopify is now available!

Shopify is more than a software product or a single product. It’s an integrated commerce platform that offers everything you need. It’s more than just a software product. Shopify is a rich ecosystem that creates business value by bringing together business experts, developers, and shoppers to make commerce easier for everyone.

Shopify makes entrepreneurship easier for anyone who is looking to be independent. Shopify can help you whether you are a trailblazer or a legacy brand that reaches customers all over the globe.

It’s easy to get started online. Get started today with a free trial. Follow this ecommerce website launch checklist.

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