10 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives You Can Use In 2022


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A sales funnel is essential in e-commerce. A well-designed sales funnel will help your customers make the right purchase decision.

But is it really that easy? It’s not that simple!

It takes time to build a successful funnel. If you do some research, you will have heard of Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels may be the most widely used software, but it is not the only one of its kind.

This article will discuss 10 platforms that can be used in place of Clickfunnels, and why you should choose one over the others.

Are you looking for an alternative to ClickFunnels?

It’s best to start with the basics!

You’ll hear about Clickfunnels if you’re looking for sales funnel software. This software is praised by many people, according to my research.

They are right!

Clickfunnels’ success is evident. This can be demonstrated by its large user base and active account numbers. These numbers are available on the official website. Let’s face facts.

Clickfunnels isn’t the best or cheapest solution for every business. There are also some disadvantages to Clickfunnels such as:

  • Both the premium plan ($297/mo) and starter plan ($97/mo) have a high monthly cost.
  • It is limited to the number of funnels and visitors that the $97 plan allows.
  • Professional marketers can help you overcome this problem.
  • Support for the basic plan is not sufficient
  • To unlock the full potential of a basic plan, you will need to purchase an autoresponder separate to your email lists

Clickfunnels has a plan pricing system. You also need to pay the monthly, or yearly, subscription fee for an email marketing platform. Although Clickfunnels offers email functionality, you will need to pay more for the premium plan ($297/month).

These are only a few of the downsides to Clickfunnels that can make Clickfunnels prohibitively expensive. There are many software and tools that can be used to replace Clickfunnels.

Only question is: What is the best alternative?

Which ClickFunnels option is best for you?

There is no such thing as “the best” software and tools in the world.

Each tool will have its strengths and weaknesses so it can be difficult to find the right tool for your business.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have the perfect sales funnel software. The requirements that the software you choose can meet will determine whether or not you are able to get the most from a platform.

Here are 6 essential questions you should ask to help you choose the best Clickfunnels alternative.

  • Is the software user-friendly and easy to use?
  • It is a one-stop marketing solution, like Clickfunnels.
  • If they don’t, what features are they offering – Does it satisfy your needs?
  • What integrations are they offering?
  • They give you so many templates
  • Does A/B testing exist?
  • What is the cost of it – How affordable is it compared to Clickfunnels?

What are the Average Costs of ClickFunnels Alternatives?

Clickfunnels is one the most user-friendly software on the market. Clickfunnels is a rocket that can bring business from an unknown source to a competitor.

Two of the most popular plans for Clickfunnels are:

Clickfunnels: $97 per month, including

  • 20 funnels
  • 100 landing pages
  • 3 Custom domains
  • Training and courses

Clickfunnels Platinum: $297 per month, including:

  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited number of visitors per calendar month
  • 9 Custom domains
  • Priority support
  • Additional training and courses are available for hours

Clickfunnels are not cheap. Small businesses and startups can find it difficult to afford their lowest pricing plan (97 dollars per month). There are many cheaper alternatives.

Lower plans for Clickfunnels are usually available, with prices ranging between $19 and $49 per month. The final price depends on what features you need and how much traffic you expect.

There are many cheaper options to Clickfunnels. These include

  • OptimizePress ($99/year = $8.25/m)
  • Thrive Themes ($19/mo)
  • Systeme.io ($27/ mo)
  • Leadpages ($25/mo)
  • SamCart ($49/mo)
  • BuilderAll (choose from the Free Plan or the Premium plan: $69.90/m)

When you have a tight budget, price can play a significant role in deciding the final choice of a business.

Don’t be influenced by the masses and instead, start looking for the best software for your business.

We’re done! Let’s take a look at the top 10 Clickfunnels alternatives on the market.

Here are 10 of the best alternatives to Clickfunnels.

If you feel Clickfunnels is not the right choice for you, we have compiled a list with the best 10 Clickfunnels alternatives.

1. LeadPages – Optimize pages builder functionality

Although you won’t find an all-in-one marketing tool like Clickfunnels, LeadPages offers a solid suite of features to help you create landing pages.

Leadpages are the best alternative to Clickfunnels for users who don’t need a lot of advanced features, but still want to create conversion-optimized landing pages .

Landing pages are essential for most businesses if they wish to attract new customers. Leadpages makes it easy to create beautiful, impressive landing pages without any programming knowledge.

Leadpages is a social media platform that works with major players, including Facebook and MailChimp. It also offers email marketing services to popular platforms such as WordPress or Wix.

Why choose Leadpages over Clickfunnels?

Leadpages wins over Clickfunnels in 3 Points:

  • It is quite affordable compared to Clickfunnels plan pricing. Its premium plan has a hefty price tag.
  • Choose from 3 plans with greater flexibility
  • It is extremely powerful to create landing pages that convert well

Leadpages pricing

  • Standard Plan: $25 per month (billed annually); 1 site; landing Page Builder functionality; Free Custom Domain, Free Hosting, 40+ Standard Integrations
  • Pro Plan: $48 per month (billed annually); 3 sites; includes all the features of previous plans; plus A/B Split Testing, 10 opt-in Text Campaigns
  • Advanced Plan: $199 per month (billed annually). Full set of features and 1-on-1 quick start calls.

Leadpages is the best landing page platform to help you collect more leads. Leadpages is a great choice for small-scale e-commerce companies.

2. Kartra – Comprehensive sales funnel software

Kartra can also be used. You get a range of tools to help you build sales funnels that generate high leads.

Online marketing is not just about the sales funnel. There are many other things to consider. Kartra was extremely useful in integrating all the online marketing tools required to scale a company.

The Kartra developers provide this platform with all the tools it needs to be an all-in-one online advertising solution. This includes an email marketing system and shopping cart, sales funnels, campaign administration, web hosting, and many other features.

Why choose Kartra over Clickfunnels?

Kartra wins over Clickfunnels in four points:

  • Kartra is the price leader in terms of pricing
  • Offers 4 pricing plans, while Clickfunnels offers only 3.
  • Kartra has all the marketing tools you need, even the basic plan.
  • It unites your landing pages with sales pages and payments in one place.

Kartra Pricing: Get up to 20% off with an annual billing

  • Starter Plan $79 per Month – Maximum 2.5000 leads, 1 custom URL, and 15.000 emails each month
  • Silver Plan $149 per month – Unlimited email, bandwidth, pages and videos, up to 12.500 leads
  • Gold Plan: $229 per month – Maximum 25.000 leads, 5 custom domains. This plan includes all the features and unlimited helpdesk.
  • Platinum Plan: $379 per month – Maximum 50.000 leads 10 Custom domains and a complete set of features

Kartra is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable solution to online marketing.

3. Systeme.io

systeme.io must be the first name in your Clickfunnel alternative list. ClickFunnels is more expensive than systeme.io. This is due to the wide range of features available. You can create sales funnels and run your own affiliate program. You can also automate your email marketing campaigns. Systeme.io is a platform that allows you to launch, grow and manage an online business without any technical knowledge.

Why choose Systeme.io over Clickfunnels?

Systeme.io wins over Clickfunnels in just 4 points:

  • Features — You can do more with far less
  • You can enjoy a forever-free plan with no credit card details.
  • Affordability — systeme.io’s most expensive plan costs $97 per month, which is the same as ClickFunnels’ cheapest plan
  • All of your business operations can be managed and automated using systeme.io software

Systeme.io pricing

First, we will discuss the price. The price for Clickfunnels is much less expensive than the features it offers business owners.

  • Free Plan: $0 per Month – Unlimited email and blog posts, sales funnels. 1 Membership Site, 2.000 Contacts, Marketing Automation
  • Startup Plan $27/month – Unlimited emails and sales funnels, blogs, 3 membership sites, 5.000 contacts; No domain support, marketing automation
  • Webinar Plan $47 Per Month – Includes all the features of the previous plan, 10.000 contacts, 5 membership sites, 3 custom domains, A/B Testing
  • Unlimited Plan: $97/month (Full Set of Features). Additional 1-on-1 coaching session available.

The Entrepreneurs plan (the most expensive plan on Systeme.io), costs the same as the Starter Plan of Clickfunnels ($97 per month). You have 3 options to choose from, so you can be more flexible in choosing the one that is right for your needs.

Systeme.io offers a better deal than Clickfunnels. With its fair price and strong features, it deserves to be at the top of the Clickfunnels alternatives list.

4. BuilderAll


Builderall has many similarities to Clickfunnels. However, it is also one the most well-known names for offering an affordable alternative to Clickfunnels.

Erick Salgado created Builderall, a complete digital marketing solution. It is similar to Clickfunnels and Systeme.io. This platform was created to assist digital marketers in starting, growing, and scaling their online businesses to a higher standard.

Pixel Perfect is a Builderall feature that allows you to drag and drop pages from Clickfunnels. Simply drag and drop the image and text blocks to create stunning web pages.

Builderall is better than Clickfunnels.

Builderall wins over Clickfunnels in 3 Points:

  • Builderall has a free plan that allows unlimited subscribers and offers advanced features, while Clickfunnels does not.
  • Builderall has a huge selection of templates that are more than just the number of Clickfunnels.

Builderall allows you to create different versions of your website for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Builderall is a digital tool that enhances the online experience for your customers.

It is difficult to decide between Builderall and Clickfunnels, which one is better. Builderall wins in pricing.

BuilderAll pricing

  • The free plan: Get drag and drop, CRM integration tool, email automation automation, A/B Split testing, full on-page SEO, and more
  • Premium Plan: $69.90 per Month – All features of the previous plan. One-on-one live chat with a specialist, support for affiliate marketing, etc.
  • This software’s Premium Plan is still significantly cheaper than the $97 Clickfunnels Basic Plan.

You can choose Builderall if your primary goal isn’t to build sales funnels.

5. 10 Minute Funnels

It would be a shame not to include 10 minute Funnels among the list of Clickfunnels’ rivals.

Leadpages is all about versatility. 10 Minute Funnels focuses on landing pages. These funnels are quick to create, launch, and convert. They can be set up in just 10 minutes.

Although 10 Minutes Funnels may be a new platform, the code-free drag-and-drop can create responsive pages for every section of the funnel. This is no loss to Clickfunnels.

This software can have the greatest drawbacks if it is not well-tested or is new to the market.

Why choose 10 Minute Funnels over Clickfunnels?

10 Minute Funnels wins over Clickfunnels in just 4 points:

  • Pages are instantly mobile-responsive
  • Complex hosting guarantees speed and security
  • 2 pricing levels with fewer features such as Clickfunnels

10 minute funnels pricing: Get up to 10% off your annual billing

  • Standard Plan: $57 per month – Create up to 20 funnels and 20.000 visitors 100 pages
  • Premium Plan: $157 per month – Unlimited Visitors, Pages, and Funnels

The trial period for 10 Minutes Funnels is 14 days. Each level costs 1$. But if you are looking to create an online sales funnel in as little time as possible, then 10 Minutes Funnels is the right choice.

6. OptimizePress

WordPress sales funnel plug-ins

OptimizePress offers a cheaper and better alternative to Clickfunnels. This software is only for WordPress users. It functions as a WordPress plugin, but it is not for creators or marketers.

OptimizePress functions are very similar to those offered by Clickfunnels. There are many types of pages you can create for your WordPress website (landing pages and sales pages, among others). ).

You can also choose from pre-made templates to help you tailor it to your business marketing goals. This plugin can transform your WordPress blog into a complete conversion funnel.

OptimizePress is better than Clickfunnels.

OptimizePress wins over Clickfunnels in 5 Points:

  • You should focus on speedy loading and easy design.
  • Affordable. Your monthly fee will be $8.25, if we count the bill monthly.
  • WordPress is extremely powerful (This point can be a disadvantage for people who don’t use WordPress).
  • Offer 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited pages available regardless of which plan you choose. Clickfunnels users get only 100 pages with the $97 plan.

OptimizePress pricing – OptimizePress charges annually.

  • Essential Plan $99 per year – One site, unlimited leads, pages and traffic, more than 250 templates, support email, no split testing
  • Business Plan: $149 per year – 5 sites. Includes all previous plan features. No split testing, optimize urgency feature.
  • Suite Plan $199 per year – 20 sites. Full set of features including optimized funnels and checkouts, leads, split tests, and more

OptimizePress can be used to create high-converting landing pages, sales funnels and checkout flows if your website is hosted on the WordPress platform.

7. Thrive Themes

WordPress sales funnel plug-ins

ThriveThemes is not an independent product like Clickfunnels. It is more of a sales funnel plugin that can only be used in WordPress.

Thrive Themes can also be considered an economical alternative to OptimizePress and Clickfunnels. Despite this fundamental difference, the final result for your work process is the exact same.

Thrive themes’ biggest problem is the fact that you will need to purchase additional hosting services. Even if you do purchase an additional hosting service, it is still much cheaper than buying Clickfunnels.

Why choose Thrive Themes over Clickfunnels?

Thrive themes wins over Clickfunnels in four points:

  • For the exact same service, Clickfunnels can be up to five times cheaper than it
  • You can host your pages and retain all of the content you create, even if you cancel your subscription.
  • A membership on Thrive Themes costs only $19 per month, while Clickfunnels’ basic plan starts from $97
  • Thrive has functionality that can be used together or separately so it gives you exactly the features you need to complete your task without becoming overwhelming like Clickfunnels.

ThriveThemes pricing

Thrive member: $19 per month – Unlimited licenses and instant access to all themes and plugins

  • 1st Option: $67 per month – Get one site license
  • Second option: $97 per month – Get 5 licenses
  • Third option: $147 per month – Get 15 licenses

Moreover, Thrive Themes requires that you agree to a separate hosting provider. However, ThriveThemes is a great option for people who are uncomfortable hosting their SaaS.

8. Instapage

Instapage is known for being the best landing page creator tool for advanced users. It might be next to Unbounce or Leadpages. However, the Instapage analytics feature really sets this platform apart.

Instapage provides robust A/B testing as well as impressive analytics. These can show you how much activity occurs on each page and which links are generating clicks or underperforming.

Instapage offers subscribers in-depth analytics as well as A/B testing, conversion analytics and dynamic text replacement.

Why choose Instapage over Clickfunnels?

Instapage wins over Clickfunnels in 3 points:

  • Provide advanced analytics
  • The builder is stronger. Instapage is better at landing page creation than Clickfunnels
  • Subscribers have unlimited A/B Testing starting with the basic plan

Instapage Pricing: Get up to 25% off an annual subscription

  • Business Plan $149 per month – Includes Instablocks, builder, analytics, integrations and more
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing – All core features and professional services are included in the plan.

Instapage seems to be more expensive than Clickfunnels. If you are looking for a way to increase your conversion rate and to get high-value customers through your clicks, Instapage is worth considering.

Another thing to note is that this software will appeal to data geeks and those who care about leveraging analytics.

9. Unbounce

Unbounce focuses on improving your website performance. What is the first thing that customers see when they visit your website? It’s your web design.

Unbounce is an excellent editor tool that creates beautiful visual experiences, which in turn generates more conversions.  You can create several landing pages that are optimized for SEO and conversion .

The Unbounce builder allows you to add targeted convertibles that will impress your prospects right away. This software also offers an array of analytics and testing tools.

Why choose Unbounce over Clickfunnels?

Unbounce wins over Clickfunnels in 3 Points:

  • Clickfunnels is very comparable in price
  • For better conversion rates, specialize in landing page optimization (this could be a disadvantage if your company requires more features).
  • All plans allow you to create unlimited landing pages, unlimited pop ups, sticky bars, and unlimited pop-ups

Unbounce pricing

  • Launch Plan: $80 per month – 500 conversions, 20.000 visits, 1 domain supported
  • Optimize Plan: $120 per month – Maximum 1.000 conversions, 30.000 visits, 3 domains supported
  • Accelerate plan: $200 per month – Maximum 2.000 conversions, 40.000 visits, 7 domains supported
  • Scale Plan $300 per Month – Maximum 3.000 conversions, 50.000 visits, 15 domains supported

Unbounce isn’t a full-featured platform. But, the main reason that many people are looking for Clickfunnels alternatives is because it’s too complicated for multiple businesses. This is a good option.

ClickFunnels is not as SEO-friendly as Unbounce, so you can build SEO-optimized landing pages by choosing Unbounce. Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Placement makes it easy to create landing pages that rank higher.

They share a market with Leadpages. Both serve business owners who use other marketing methods to get customers to their landing pages, and then guide them down the sales funnel.

10. SamCart

SamCart does not provide a complete toolkit for building a sales funnel. However, this software focuses only on the most important step in the sales funnel, the purchase stage.

This platform allows e-store owners to optimize checkout pages using beautiful designs so customers have a seamless checkout experience.

SamCart offers all the necessary features to increase the profitability of an e-commerce store, including optimized checkout templates for higher conversion rates, order bumps or 1-click upsells.

Why choose SamCart over Clickfunnels?

SamCart wins over Clickfunnels in just 4 points:

  • We specialize in optimizing shopping Cart rates and online Checkout Stage
  • The primary factor that has higher retention rates , and lower conversion rates is 
  • Get a 30-day guarantee of your satisfaction
  • You will get a complete set of checkout features with every plan

SamCart pricing

  • Launch Plan: $49 per month – Full template library; drag & drop feature; however you must accept SamCart branding for your page; 1 admin user
  • Grow Plan: $99 per month – All the features of the previous plan, including upsell and downsell capabilities, no SamCart branding and 3 admin users
  • Scale plan: $199 per month – Full set features, including CRM integration, cart abandonment and A/B testing.

SamCart is an online platform for optimizing the online shopping process. Non-cart features such as funnel creators are not supported. It doesn’t manage or automate your email lists.

If your checkout page is not working well and you already have a sales funnel in place, this software is most effective. SamCart will keep your customers on the screen until the last step.

Which software should I buy?

Sometimes the most popular choice is not right for you. No matter what your preference, the best software choice should always be based upon your business needs.

I hope you find this article helpful in highlighting all of the options available for Clickfunnels.

Thank you for reading!

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