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You have now established the core elements of your business. Now you have a website built and your brand identity developed. You need a strong marketing strategy.

While there are many marketing methods available, an influencer campaign is the best. This is especially true today in the digital age. An influencer marketing campaign can be one of the most effective ways to market your brand.

It’s not about being larger that influencer marketing can be a boon for business owners.

Enter: micro influencers.

Influencers from the micro-level are the real heroes of the influencer market. 

What is a micro influencer? What are micro influencers? And how can they help your brand?

What does being a micro-influencer mean?

People with a small but large following on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube are called micro-influencers. Micro-influencers can be anyone with a small but significant following on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Why use micro influencers?

Experts in their fields can make a huge impact on the target audience . However, being too popular in Social Media Marketing isn’t always a good thing.

Micro influencers are less popular than celebrities or macro influencers. They can connect with their followers on a deeper level by sharing more authentic and personal content.

There are more reasons micro influencer marketing can work for your brand.

Targeted audience

Micro influencers spend a lot of time building relationships with people who are passionate about their content and expertise. This is a rare luxury not available to macro influencers. This luxury is not available to macro influencers.

Engagement is more

Social media users can have meaningful interactions with influential people. Engaging with these people is key to social media marketing success.

One found that people with 1,000 followers have 85% higher engagement than those with 100,000. 


These are people that you can relate with. 

This is huge in terms of conversions and psychology. Social media influencers can be seen to be genuine users by showing authentic qualities and humanizing brands. 


Working with a micro-influencer for your company’s promotion on social media is cheaper than working with a celebrity micro-influencer. This will be a fraction of the celebrity endorsements.

How do you find the right micro influencers to help your company

Finding the right micro-influencers is a process that takes time and effort. It can be fun, informative and time-consuming.

Similar target audience

Marketing is all about knowing your audience. Start looking for micro-influencers in the same target market.

The best social media platforms

Microinfluencers, social media stars that are focused on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are great ways to promote your business. Find out about them and choose the one that suits you best. You should envision how your content will look and make the greatest impact. You should also consider who your target audience is.

Content worth reading

After you’ve decided who and where you want to market your products, you can begin searching for micro-influencers who share the same content marketing vision. Look out for influencers who use attractive visuals and catchy language.

1000+ Followers

A micro influencer is someone who has a small following. This is social currency. It is crucial to make sure that you have at least 1000 followers for the influencers you choose.


Engaged influencers make the best. This is a fact that cannot be overemphasized.

Keep it real

Fakes are dangerous. You need to screen potential micro-influencers carefully and be on the lookout for fake followers and metrics. “

Tools by third parties

Search tools like Heepsy or BuzzSumo will match you up to micro-influencers who have the potential to promote and market your brand. 

Collaboration With Micro-Influencers

After doing your research, you can make a list with the micro-influencers that you are interested in working with. 

Reaching out to potential micro-influencers

Get in touch with each person on your contact list to ask their interest in working together. Some micro influencers might post about your brand free of charge, but others will expect to be compensated.

Goal setting together

Set goals for your collaboration. Are you looking to increase sales or traffic to your website’s blog? Perhaps you want to increase your Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers. Then you can discuss your progress and adjust your call-to-action content.

Content creation

Micro Influencers are able to “do their thing” with content. Micro-influencers are able to “do their thing” when it comes to content.

Building long-lasting relationships

Establishing a relationship with micro-influencers is crucial. Be open to constructive feedback.

Tip: Don’t let the relationship between you and your micro-influencer end behind closed doors. Get involved online by commenting on posts and answering questions.

These are some examples of brands that have successfully used micro influencers

These are just some of the brands that have successfully integrated micro influencers in their marketing strategies.


To increase sign-ups, Audible has teamed up with micro influencers on Instagram and YouTube. These campaigns showcase influencers from diverse backgrounds to show how Audible’s services can be used by diverse audiences.

Dan Rodo is a micro-influencer who is known for his creativity and “on the go” lifestyle. He joined Audible’s team. He shared a wonderful image of himself cleaning while listening to audio books. It was shared nearly 1000 times.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola, a classic soda brand, has collaborated with food and travel bloggers over the years to create new content for social media.

Under Armor

Under Armor, a sporting apparel brand, teamed up to produce content for Instagram’s IGTV. Their audience enjoyed watching their efforts to stay healthy while at home, so it’s not surprising.


Cosmetic brand LUSH creates micro-influencers organically from customers by reposting their content via company’s social media channels with the hashtag #FirstLookLushies.

Sabine Schwirtz is LUSH’s community manager. She stresses the importance of encouraging true influencers in beauty, makeup and skincare who love what they do. “My audience can see the difference. Schwirtz agrees.

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