Beyond Vision Music Foundation


Beyond Vision Music Foundation is a nonprofit organization that attempts to enrich the lives of the blind and visually impaired through music.
With multiple locations in Southern California, they offer free music instruction programs that teach piano, voice, guitar and more, allowing their students to express themselves through music, and even pursue careers in music.


For a nonprofit to survive and thrive, it needs donations and that requires increased exposure. But like many nonprofit organizations, Beyond Vision Music Foundation had a limited budget to work with when it came to advertising.

They approached Kobe Digital looking for ideas that would help them increase their online visibility and increase their donations so they’d be able to continue their important work helping the blind and visually impaired gain music skills.

Beyond Vision Music Foundation needed to increase awareness of their organization on a limited ad budget. By securing and maximizing a Google Ad Grant, Kobe Digital helped increase the organization’s donations three times over.


The first step we needed to take was getting Beyond Vision Music Foundation set up with a Google Ad Grant.

Through the program, Google offers qualified nonprofits $10,000 of in-kind advertising per month. The budget can be spent on PPC ads to drive awareness to the nonprofit’s efforts, and thereby increase donations.

Much to BVMF’s delight, we were able to secure the grant. The next challenge came with making sure we used the grant as Google stipulated. Our usual strategies and many of the features we would typically use in a campaign were suddenly no longer available to us.

In addition, certain metrics had to be closely monitored or we would run the risk of losing this vital grant funding.


One of the requirements for staying in Google’s Ad Grant program was maintaining click through rates above 5%. By choosing relevant keywords, we ensured the right ads showed up next to the right searches. And when a user clicked on that ad, they saw a landing page that was relevant to them.

By closely monitoring the CTR metric and continually adjusting, we were able to stay compliant with the program’s requirements.

The program also imposed a $2 cost-per-click limit, that meant we couldn’t simply outbid other organizations to gain impressions and clicks.

Instead we strategically chose long tail keywords that few competing organizations were bidding on. This let us deploy the entire $10,000 monthly budget.


The entire goal of this campaign was to increase donations to BVMF. Once people saw the ads, clicked on them, and arrived at the Foundation’s website, we needed to maximize the conversion rate, or the rate at which people were donating to the cause.

By building several different landing pages, we were able to split test them. Quickly we saw which pages inspired people to pull out their cards and donate, and which pages made people bounce back to where they came from. By monitoring and then focusing on the successful pages, we increased the conversion rate by 38%.