How To Correctly Check Email Delivery


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Your email inbox can be your digital home. You don’t want to receive a message from someone you don’t know. It can be hard to determine what caused your email to go to spam or get marked as undeliverable. This article will show you how to check your email delivery.

How do I check email delivery? An email has become an increasingly important method of communication. It has been a crucial part of our workday.

What are the best ways for you to verify email delivery? Are you sure that your emails arrive on time? Here are the top steps to check email delivery.

What is Email Delivery

What is email deliverability? Email delivery is the percentage of messages that reach their inboxes. Email delivery can be delayed for many reasons, including spam filtering issues, ISPs blocking emails, hostile accounts, and ISPs blocking them.

Email delivery is not guaranteed. Email deliverability can only be determined by the actual delivery of emails. This number can be affected depending on various factors, such as the volume of emails sent by your company.

Even if you send a lot of emails, the percentage that makes it into inboxes can still be quite low. Email deliverability can fluctuate over time.

Sending 500 emails in a large test batch at the beginning of your campaign may help. However, it is not guaranteed that this will change the number or deliverability of messages.

You may have missed an error in your email list, or changed how you send emails, but it could be caught later when you retest.

What is an Email Delivery Audit?

A process to assess how well your email delivery is being handled by ISPs and what needs to be improved. The following five steps are required to conduct an email deliverability audit:

  • Develop a plan to address any problems found
  • An inquiry with the ISP
  • Analyzing the results and developing plans
  • Communication of findings to stakeholders
  • Monitor changes in delivery rates
  • After 3-6 months, re-audit and repeat the process.

You must examine your delivery metrics if you want to improve your email deliverability. These are some things that you can do to improve your deliverability as part of a delivery audit.

Identify your email sender’s reputation score (SERP). You can find a variety of free services that will help you determine your SERP. This is vital because it can affect your ability to deliver emails if you have a low sender reputation.

You should look for domains that are blocked by SMTP servers the most (e.g. Google, Outlook, and Yahoo). Your email server may have been blocked if you receive a lot of spam complaints. Check the bounce rates for your emails.

High bounce rates could indicate that the recipient’s anti-spam software has blocked your email server. You can file a complaint against the sender if you are receiving complaints.

Many sites offer free forms that you can fill out to file a grievance. You might consider a different delivery method if that does not solve the problem.

If you still experience problems after these steps, please contact us. We want you to have access to your email. We’ll do our best to make sure you stay connected.

Problems with Measuring Email Delivery

It can be difficult to measure email deliverability. Many indicators can be used to determine delivery rates. However, it is difficult to keep track of all of them accurately as they vary from one email provider.

Some providers won’t send you a bounce message if you don’t get an email, while others forward it. There are also issues with spam detection and spam filtering.

Email deliverability is a moving target. This is the biggest problem with it. Every new anti-spam campaign or spam filter is different. Sometimes, the measures will be more effective than ever before. Other times they’ll be less effective.

Problem is that if your delivery rate is inconsistent, recipients won’t be able to see you are sending emails. This means that your email marketing campaigns must be high quality.

Why? Your recipients might think you are sending low-quality emails. This can damage your reputation and reduce the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

5 Tools to Check Email Delivery

You must find a way to monitor email delivery. It is important to check how your email performs in terms of open rates and delivery. Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.

These tools can be used to assess your sending reputation and verify that email delivery is being delivered.

1. Mailchimp- Mailchimp, a popular email marketing tool, is used by all companies. It is easy to use, offers tons of templates for free, and can be accessed across multiple platforms. Mailchimp generates more than $100 million annually and is always adding new features.

Mailchimp is a great tool for email marketing campaigns that are simple, such as sending out a newsletter to your subscribers regularly.

Mailchimp can also be used to send targeted emails to specific sections of your mailing list. Mailchimp can be used for your email marketing campaign depending on your goals and needs.

2. Aweber- Aweber, one of the most widely used email marketing services in Las Vegas is Aweber. It is used by large companies and organizations such as Microsoft, IBM and Dell, Best Buy, and Discovery Communications, among others.

Aweber is an opt-in software that is very popular. It allows you to create many types of email campaigns. You can create a newsletter and send it to customers.

Aweber offers many valuable features, such as customizable templates, Aweber API, and email marketing automation.

3. Infusionsoft – Infusionsoft can be used for automating different marketing tasks.

It’s easy to use and offers many features that will help you make the most of your email campaigns. It also has an analytics tool that will help you determine how much time and money your campaigns are spending.

4. Mixmax- Mixmax allows you to manage your email marketing, social media presence, and online presence. This is the best way for you to keep in touch with customers.

Mixmax allows you to schedule posts ahead of your time, manage multiple accounts and connect with new contacts. You can also track all of your information in one place. Mixmax is completely free to set up and you get 30 days of a free trial.

5. Mandrill- Mandrill is an easy-to-use email service that allows you to send large numbers of emails. It also improves your deliverability. To get started, create an account at Mandrill. Then set up your account.

Next, add your domain names, email addresses, and any other information required for the service’s operation. Now you can start sending emails! Mandrill can be added to your exchanges list, so it is available on multiple services.

Mandrill offers a two-factor authentication system to help protect your account and provide additional security. You can add notes to your messages so that recipients can learn more about what it is you are trying to communicate.

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