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Creating the perfect data feed is not enough for Google Shopping’s success. It’s also not enough to properly market your products on Google.

While it is a good step in the right direction, we must not forget that any PPC expert worth his salt must always be on the lookout to improve their Google Shopping Ads.

Optimizing your Google Shopping Ads is crucial to your campaign’s success. If handled by a Google Shopping agency you will have greater sales potential and can maximize your budget.

These are the top, most tested ways to increase your Google Shopping Ads. They were used by the most renowned Google Ads experts around the globe.

1. Optimize your Product Feed

Optimizing your product feed is the first step in improving your Google Shopping Ads. This is basically where Google uses its data to find your products and displays your ads accordingly.

Google scans information about your products more quickly than you can make it easy for them to read and scan. This increases your chances of being found by the right customers. There are some easy wins that you can make, such as improving your images and product titles and including prices in your ad copy.

This will instantly increase your chances to attract a customer’s attention.

If you are new to optimizing data feeds, the following assets can be used to increase your Google Shopping Ads.

2. Focus on the Most Profitable Products

Focus on the most profitable products and exclude those that aren’t. This can be done by raising your bids or indicating these products as “excluded”.

You can exclude certain products from your ad plan for seasonal reasons. You can exclude certain products from your advertising plan if you have lots of summer products.

It is also important to remove products from your roster if they are out of stock, or only in an unusual size or color.

3. Negative keywords are best

Negative keywords play an important role in your Google Shopping campaigns. There are many ways to improve Google Shopping Ads. Negative keywords are the silent hero’ of your campaign.

Negative keywords will ensure that your shopping ads don’t appear in search results for these keywords. Negative keywords are extremely useful in limiting your reach and helping you to avoid exaggerating your reach.

Google allows you to find search terms that have not yet triggered your ads but still resulted in conversions. This will allow you to limit the number of clicks that you are generating.

4. Adjust your Bids

Certain clicks are more valuable than others. You can control who sees your ads, and when by constantly adjusting your bids.

You can adjust the frequency at that shoppers see your ads by using the location adjustment tool. You can adjust your bids to target ads based on the location of most of your sales, whether they are from a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile device.

Google Shopping Ads can be greatly improved by keeping your bids unique, flexible, and short-term.

5. Top vs. Other

Although it may seem surprising, your highest-performing product might not always be your most lucrative. Some products might be more successful than your top-performing product, but they aren’t always displayed in the top search results.

Certain products will outperform others. It’s important to realize that higher impressions don’t always translate into increased profitability.

Do not make too many drastic changes

These are five tips that will improve your Google Shopping Ads. They can be used by anyone, from the top PPC agency around the globe to the country’s leading Google Ads company.

Google Shopping campaigns can be sensitive and even the smallest adjustment could have a huge impact on your performance. This is why it’s important to avoid making drastic changes.

It’s important to be able to track your changes easily and use them to inform your analysis. It can be harmful to your business if you make too many changes quickly.

Use A/B testing to ensure you make the best decisions and make the most intelligent changes with your Google Shopping Ads.

PPC Geeks can help you improve your Google Shopping Ads

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