Cross Promotional Tips for Marketing Campaigns


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Cross promotion can increase brand exposure and lead generation when done properly. 

Cross promotion allows brands to market to similar customers by promoting and selling related products or services. 

This is the best cross promotion definition. Mcdonalds used Shrek in 2007 to promote their products and DreamWorks, which was behind Shrek, got great exposure.

Cross-promotion is possible in collaboration with other businesses. Promoting yourself on new platforms is also an important part of cross-promotion.

These are eight cross promotional ideas. Real-life examples are also available to assist you in growing your business and taking it further.

1. Cross Promotion Goals

Be clear about your goals before you begin promoting. Cross-promoting is a great way to achieve your goals. This can help you increase sales, market reach and brand awareness. 

It’s a good idea also to outline the tasks you will need in order to achieve your goals. Determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you will use to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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2. Choose the Right Partner

Now that you have established your goals, it’s time to determine which partner will best suit your needs. It is important to choose a compatible and trustworthy partner who is not in competition with your own.

Cross promotion partnerships that are relevant and complementary are more likely to succeed

Spotify – Uber Cross Promotion Example

Uber and Spotify collaborated to allow users to connect to Spotify accounts to listen to their music via the car’s speakers. Both sides were happy with the partnership. Spotify Premium customers could listen in their Uber driver’s car to their Spotify playlists.

The result was that more Uber users paid for Spotify Premium, and more Spotify users booked Uber cars.

3. Cross-promote on Social Media Platforms

Cross promotion is a great way of building brand awareness. It’s also important to choose the right social media platform for you.

Cross-promotion is possible in many ways. There are many avenues you can use for your brand promotion.

  • Guest blogs
  • Referral programs
  • Webinars
  • Conferences, and many other

Social media can be used to its fullest potential by having a presence on all major platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Cross promotion is a collaboration between two companies and the promotion of their products or services via social media.

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Which content is the best for cross-promotion in social media? 

  • Influencers
  • Giveaways and Competitions
  • Promo videos

4. Create a webinar

A webinar online is a great way for cross-promotion. This promotion method is great to small business partners, especially SaaS products or SaaS owners.

You can cross-promote by creating a webinar with your business partner. Your goal should be to provide value for the participants and users. 

5. Create an Ebook Together

If you want to help users and give value, then an ebook written together with your business partner is a great idea.

6. Bundles for Creating and Offering

Cross promotion is possible only if your industry and that of your business partner are similar.

Bundle deals can be a great way for brands to increase sales and brand awareness.

7. Initiate a Referral Program

A survey by Nielsen revealed that recommendations from friends remain the most trusted form of advertising among consumers.

Referrals can make a big difference in a buyer’s decision.Promoting your company through referral programs

Refer a friend to get your product out there. Encourage people to share your product with others by creating a popup.

8. Promote your podcast with a host

Podcasts are listened to by 55% of Americans. That’s about 155,000,000 Americans.

Podcasts allow you to:

  • Show your brand to a new audience
  • Showcase your expertise in the field
  • Highlight your company’s values, culture, UVP (Unique Value Proposition)


Cross-promoting can, when done properly, be a great way for partner companies to benefit in many different ways.

  • Audience growth
  • Increase in Sales
  • Advertising costs are less
  • Awareness of the brand has increased 

Selecting the right partner is crucial. Successful partnerships are those that have complementary products or services.

This is it. Thank you for reading. We would love to hear about your favorite business partnership.

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