5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactics For Your Site


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Digital marketing is constantly evolving. There are new opportunities everywhere. This article will help you identify the best digital marketing strategies for your brand.

Are things going to get better for digital agencies in 2020? Here are five digital marketing strategies you can use to help your business stay on the right side.

  1. You can amp up your voice search
  2. Use AI automation (PPC).
  3. Digital detox: Get rid of it
  4. Invest in influential people
  5. Use conversational marketing to increase your sales

Consumers want to be heard. Literally. The prediction that half of all search results will be voice by 2020 was correct, and voice marketing shows no signs of slowing down.

Are you ready to invite Alexa and Siri along to your next meeting with the SEO team? With so many searches being made every day, it’s time. We have some tips to help you make sure that your business is ready for voice marketing.

Voice search is changing the way that people ask questions. This means that you must rethink the way your content answers these questions. Let’s take an example: To search for this article online you might type digital marketing 2022.

This would sound something like this: “Hey Siri. What is the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles strategies for 2020?” If you want Siri to answer your question, it should be more conversational.

Voice search-friendly content should be less focused on keywords and more on long-tail queries and semantic search. Understanding the user’s intent is key. This is the main message: You need to understand user intent and provide relevant answers using conversational, yet concise content.

2. Automate your life with AI

Artificial Intelligence will take over marketing in 2020. Although it may sound dramatic, we are merely referring to the fact that digital marketing in Las Vegas can now be automated. This is especially useful for targeted advertising.

AI software can quickly analyze large quantities of customer data such as purchase history and geographical information and deliver highly personalized and relevant content to each user. AI software can predict what each customer wants, eliminating the need for guesswork and human error in targeted ads.

Automated personalization can be used to enhance your email campaigns. It is time to apply AI automation to all aspects of digital marketing, as personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates than regular emails.

3. Digital detox: Get rid of it

Social media in 2020 is likely to be the most successful avenue for digital marketing success, with its endless scrolling, liking, and swiping. However, the increasing number of digital detoxers would indicate otherwise.

56% of American 18-23-year-olds are trying to cut down on their time spent on social media. You shouldn’t place all your digital marketing in Phoenix eggs into the social media basket, even though digital detoxes can only last for a few days per person. 

Your business can stay safe from the digital detox by focusing on other areas such as email marketing or PPC. If your business is social media-centric you can easily adjust your content to be more responsive to the detoxes.

You should consider their detox efforts in your social media content strategy. This includes posting more about nature and encouraging physical activity.

Social media marketing does not have to be difficult. You can track your success. It is possible to track your success.

4. Invest in influential people

Influencer marketing is not new. Influencer marketing is not new. However, consumers are changing their perceptions of it. Therefore, your business needs to use this tactic in 2020.

In the era of influencer marketing, it was not uncommon for influencers to advertise multiple products from different brands without considering each product’s relevance. Today, consumers are more aware of these tactics and seek transparency from brands.

So what does this mean for your marketing strategies? You should spend more time finding influencers with similar values to your brand and building long-term relationships, rather than just short-term contracts.

Also, you need to think beyond the celebrity box. Instead of spending money on an A-lister, consider working with a passionate micro-influencer. This is someone who has a smaller but more committed following. Consumer perceptions of your brand will improve dramatically if you choose quality over quantity in terms of influencers’ followers.

5. Use conversational marketing to increase your sales

One of the most recent digital marketing strategies is to use AI to deliver your content. But, it is important to keep your humanity intact when creating this content. You must listen to your customers and strike up meaningful conversations when appropriate. This is called conversational marketing.

Although there are many options for integrating conversational marketing into your strategy, the best way to do this is to use live chat. This is where conversational marketing comes in. 48% of US internet users say that the biggest challenge with AI chatbots is their inability to provide helpful responses.

Conversational marketing can also be implemented by segmenting your email list and personalizing them (remember that these emails have higher transaction rates), talking with customers on social media, and creating customer loyalty programs to help build long-term relationships. This should reap dividends in your Miami digital marketing efforts.

Final thoughts

2020 is the right year to overhaul your digital marketing strategies. These are the top five digital marketing strategies you can use to increase your business’ success.

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