paid search campaigns the kobe way

A data-driven mindset informs everything that we do at Kobe Digital. Each pay-per-click campaign begins with a comprehensive analysis of search trends, keyword efficacy, and conversion factors to ensure that we position our clients to reach their target markets in the most cost-effective way possible.

how we approach paid search

  • research and analysis

    We begin each PPC project with exhaustive research of keyword demand and search engine trends for a given vertical, and then develop a strategy to make the most of each dollar of our clients' ad spend. Our pay-per-click campaigns are designed with the consumer in mind to ensure that the right markets are reached with the right message. The bottom line for our clients: greater exposure to pre-qualified customers who are ready to do business.

  • optimization and testing

    The process doesn't end there—we carefully monitor all of our campaigns to adapt to changing search environments, ensuring the ongoing efficiency and continued value that our clients expect and deserve.

  • reporting

    Kobe Digital's real-time reporting capabilities keep our clients up to date on their campaigns and allow us to make on-the-fly adjustments to keep our partners on the forefront of every marketing channel.

paid search case studies

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