Facebook Marketplace Ads: How To Start Running Profitable Ads


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Did you know that 76% of Americans can reach you with ads via Facebook? Facebook advertising is a great way to reach people who are interested in your products and services. You can also advertise on Facebook Marketplace ads to reach people where they shop.

We’ll answer your questions regarding Facebook Marketplace ads on this page.

  •  Why advertise on Facebook Marketplace?
  •  How can I create Facebook Marketplace ads?
  •  How do I effectively advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

Continue reading to find out how Facebook Marketplace ads can help you generate more revenue for your company!

Why should I make Facebook Marketplace ads?

Are you unsure if Facebook Marketplace advertising is right for you? These are the three main reasons to advertise your products on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. People shop on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook has over 1,000,000 users making it an attractive option to reach people who are interested in your products.
  2. Facebook Marketplace ads can increase visibility. With thousands of sellers on Facebook Marketplace, it is easy for your listings to get lost in search results. Facebook Marketplace ads can help you increase visibility and rank higher in search results.
  3. Facebook Marketplace ads increase revenue. Running Facebook Marketplace ads will allow your business to rank higher in relevant results. This will result in higher conversions and sales which leads to greater revenue for your company.

Facebook Marketplace ads can be a great option for your company if you want to reach more qualified leads for your business and turn them into sales.

How to place ads on Facebook Marketplace

These are the steps to help you advertise on Facebook Marketplace.

1. Register for a Facebook Business Manager Account

You must create a business account before you can advertise on Facebook Marketplace. To set up an account, you can visit the Facebook Marketplace Manager website.

A Business Manager account gives you access to Facebook Marketplace advertising so you can create your ads. You can also track and analyze your campaigns so that you can improve your Marketplace ads.

2. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website

The Facebook Pixel is an essential component of advertising on Facebook Marketplace. This pixel allows you to track visitors to your site and to advertise to them via Facebook.

Install the pixel on important pages of your website such as product pages. This will allow you to advertise your products to Facebook Marketplace users.

3. Make your ad

Once you’ve set up your Facebook account and installed your Facebook Pixel, it’s now time to advertise on Facebook Marketplace. These are the steps to create your Facebook Marketplace advertisement.

  1. Go into Ads Manager
  2. To create a new campaign, click “Create”.
  3. Choose your ad goal
  4. Choose your target audience
  5. Place your ad (Must choose News Feed or Marketplace, as Marketplace isn’t available as an ad-placement standalone).
  6. Your budget (every day and for the rest of your life)
  7. Set your ad schedule
  8. Select your ad format
  9. Add your ad content
  10. Start your advertising campaign!

Five tips to help you run Facebook Marketplace ads that are successful

Now that you’re familiar with how to place ads in Facebook Marketplace, you can start creating campaigns that increase sales for your company. These are five tips that will help you effectively advertise on Facebook Marketplace.

You want your Facebook Marketplace ads to stand out among other listings. A high-quality product image is the best way to achieve this.

A clear product photo should clearly show what your offer is. It’s important to avoid using images that are too blurred or stretched. This will discourage people from clicking on your ads. High-resolution photos will increase clicks and sales, which in turn will result in more revenue.

2. Refine your target audience

Targeting the right people is a key component of a successful Facebook Marketplace ads campaign. Your ads should appear before the people most likely to buy your products.

Refine your target audience to help buyers find your ads more easily. Your audience can be divided into groups based on their:

  • Demographic information
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Shopping habits
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • More

Segmenting your audience will help you place your ads in front of those who are more likely than others to buy from you.

3. Look for local

People often search for local sellers when they browse Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace allows shoppers to ship their products, but most people prefer to pick them up locally and avoid shipping fees.

When creating your Facebook Marketplace ads, consider targeting local shoppers. You can focus on local people within your target audience and drive them to your company.

4. Try video ads

The most popular type of Facebook Marketplace ad is the photo ad. Photo ads can be effective in attracting people’s attention. Video ads will help you stand out among your competitors.

A moving picture is a great way to grab the attention of your audience while they scroll through static listings.

When you use a video to advertise on Facebook Marketplace, ensure it is high-resolution. Your listing won’t get clicked if it is pixelated or grainy.

5. Monitor your Marketplace ads

You don’t want your campaign to go away after you have launched it on Facebook. You must constantly evaluate the performance of your campaign and make adjustments to improve it.

You can track the effectiveness of your Facebook Marketplace ads by tracking them. Important metrics can be tracked like:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  •  Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Conversions

This information allows you to assess your campaigns and make adjustments to improve their performance.

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