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E-commerce companies have a wide range of marketing tools available to them, including direct email and advertising. Video is the best marketing tool. 78% video marketers claim that video has helped increase sales.

It’s an essential tool that companies cannot afford to ignore, with average users watching 18 hours per week online video, up 7.5 hours over the last 3 years.

5G’s rollout is opening the door to the video marketing revolution and putting the wheels in motion for making video more popular. Businesses can now make video accessible to their customers via a faster, more accessible mobile network.

This new version is free from the technical limitations that were present in older versions and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for brands who want to offer everything, shoppable videos included, to live streaming.

These shifts are not possible anymore, with video playing a significant role in how brands reach consumers. Video marketing is the future.

Call to Action: Lights, Camera, and Call to Action

A great video can bring a lot of benefits to brands. Adding a video on your website can increase brand awareness and drive engagement. It will also keep visitors on your website longer, which is an important analytic metric Google ranks highly.

This tech giant adjusts its algorithm to better match user trends and needs. Websites that contain at least one video are 45 times more likely than others to rank higher in search results. The video wave is an almost foolproof method to increase your brand’s SEO rankings.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But, think about how much a video can be worth. 

These benefits do not end there. Videos can bridge the gap between online shopping and in-store shopping by removing the uncertainty that comes with not being able to touch, feel, or try on a product.

A complete 95% of consumers find video online helpful. They lessen the risk of wary shoppers and customers who can see a video about your product rather than rely on photos are more likely to return.

You will save more if you get lower returns. Imagine a video worth as much as a picture.

Not all videos are created equal. The plethora of video options available make it difficult to choose where to begin. This is a new marketing tool that must be used to engage customers.

Your business’s goals and objectives, as well as your budget, will determine the best choice.

Take a look at these video marketing trends to get your camera rolling.

Shop while You Watch

Although people shop differently, they still use the same paths to purchase products. Consumers still prefer to test and see the product in person, and reviews and referrals from customers are becoming more popular. Shoppable video is here to help.

“Leveraging Shoppable Videos has the power and power to encourage a sale while keeping consumers engaged with your brand.”

Shoppable videos have clickable links embedded within the video. A potential customer clicks the link to be directed to your store. This format combines commerce and content in an interactive and engaging environment.

It’s a win for every company. Shoppable videos can be used to drive sales and keep consumers engaged with your brand.

The combination of live streaming and shopping online is just as effective as it is engaging.”

Marketers are turning their attention to live video, instead of recording and posting to a website. The new version of Telemarketing is that instead of viewing pre recorded content, customers can now watch live product presentations and shop directly from the video.

It works. While 2% is considered to be a good conversion rate for traditional e-commerce websites, the median live commerce conversion rate is a staggering 10% . This is an incredible 5x higher conversion rate. This combination of live streaming and online shopping is both engaging and effective.

Instructional content is also popular with target audiences. These videos provide a wealth of content to help brands build their expertise, from how to make a spring outfit to how to assemble a new piece of furniture.

These how-to videos offer insight into why customers should purchase your brand. They can also help consumers navigate the sales process without having to sell traditional marketing strategies.

It’s hard to believe

79% say that user-generated content (UGC), has a significant impact on their buying decisions. In fact, USC is 2.4 times more authentic than brand-created content.

Customers can give their opinions and suggestions by providing testimonials. Customers can see and hear the reaction of customers, which gives it authenticity and makes it more engaging and credible.

Trending is also unboxing videos. These videos feature people showing off the products and opening them up to the camera, as the name suggests.

This video format was once limited to YouTube. Users can now find videos that unpack any product on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Brands have the opportunity to reduce content and costs by leveraging the power of user-generated video.

Brands can cut costs and increase content by leveraging the power of user-generated video.

Companies that convert testimonials and unboxing videos into shoppable videos can create meaningful relationships with customers.

Wrapping it Up

Elespacio explains the importance of video, which quickly overtook traditional marketing methods to become the most popular online content today.

Once they’re interested, keep them there with a 5G-powered interface. This will remove friction and put brands in prime position for consumers to make a purchase.

“It’s all about giving people what they want, and they want to click play.”

It is difficult to get consumers’ attention with so many content options. The answer isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Brands simply need to focus on their message and ensure it matches their budget and image.

This means creating video content that is relevant to customers and delivering an interactive experience that integrates commerce with content. It’s about giving people what they want and getting them to click play.

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