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Google Ads has been simplified by Google and Google Ads now stands for Google Ads. Google Ad Manager is another platform Google has added to its advertising options.

Ad Manager is similar to Google Ads. It replaces other programs to make it easier for advertisers. What key facts are there about Google Ad Manager?

Here are eight things

1. Google Ad Manager combines two DoubleClick platforms

Google purchased DoubleClick 10 years ago. It was a decade ago that Google bought DoubleClick.

  • DFP: This platform allows publishers to manage their ads online. They were able to schedule online ads and prioritize ad lists, as well as optimize ads for maximum revenue.
  • AdX: This platform allowed publishers, agencies, and advertising networks to interact and purchase and sell advertising space. This platform made it easy to buy advertising space. Perhaps you are familiar with programmatic advertising AdX is an example of a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) for buying ad spaces.

Google can combine these two platforms to provide two similar services.

2. Google Ad Manager provides a complete advertising platform

Google can combine AdX and DFP to make a complete advertising platform. Advertisers will have more options to place their ads on sites that interest them

This program is not an advertisement server or a sell-side platform. The Ad Manager is an integrated advertising platform that will help advertisers grow their revenue. 

3. Google Ad Manager has retired from the Ad Exchange

AdX will be integrated into Google Ad Manager. AdX will be part of Google Ad Manager. It’s a sales channel.

Some of the most familiar AdX terms have been updated. Google now calls them “Authorized buyers”. Google claims this better reflects the close relationship they have with their partners.

4. Google Ad Manager supports all distribution channels

Google believes that mobile advertising is essential. It is no surprise that Google believes mobile advertising is important. This applies to connected TVs and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), as well as other apps.

You can also place ads on YouTube and Apple News platforms. Google Ad Manager also supports Dynamic Ad Insertion which allows you to insert ads on either live or on-demand video. You can also use native and six-second bumper ads. This will let you stay in touch and open up new distribution channels.

5. Google Ad Manager protects you and your brand

Digital advertising faces many challenges including brand safety, fraud, and user experience. 

The Ad Manager has more than 30 controls to help advertisers protect their ads. Google tools prevented more than 3.2 million harmful or inappropriate ads from reaching consumers in 2017. 

6. Google Ad Manager adds Responsive Search Ads

It is important to make sure your ads are profitable pay-per-click (PPC). Google is an example of this. Google Ad Manager introduced Responsive Search Ads, which combine your knowledge (e.g. Google’s machine learning can help you to learn more about your target audience.

What’s the goal? Google will provide you with 15 headlines and four description lines. The rest is up to the user. 

Google then determines which ads perform well for each query and presents the appropriate advertisement. This is a win/win situation for everyone, including businesses and consumers.

Responsive search ads receive up to 15% more clicks compared to standard ads

7. Google Ad Manager launches Smart Bidding technology

YouTube is a popular platform that has over 1 billion users. YouTube is an extremely popular platform with over one billion users. The conversion rate of video can be increased by over 85 percent. It’s also a great place to make sure your video ads are appearing at the right time for your target audience.

Smart Bidding is a feature introduced by Google to ensure this happens. This feature is powered by machine learning. It can help you deliver ads only to relevant people once they have seen your video advertisement.

Smart Bidding automatically adjusts bids to maximize the effectiveness of video ads.

8. Google Ad Manager launches local campaign

Although people search for products online, many still buy in person.

Users often search for information about their local area. They are searching for a product. 

Driving traffic toward your physical address can help increase your revenue. Google Ad Manager has a new campaign type. This only requires basic information like your business location.

Google will then optimize the ads for you to drive more traffic to your store.

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