Google Local Service Ads: The Ultimate Master Guide


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Google’s local service ads are hugely popular with local businesses and customers. A person can often come to your home and solve your problem.

If you are looking to fix a problem in someone’s house and come to their home, These ads are a great place. 

What are Google Local Service Ads?

Searching for a local business that can solve a customer’s problem can often return three results: Google Maps and organic results. It can be difficult for local businesses to attract customers and convert them.

The local service ads appear on the first page of Google searches with important information highlighted in bold. You only pay for leads and don’t have to create any creative writing. You can book customers directly through Google’s search engine.

How much does Google Local Service Ad Leads cost?

It all depends on your industry. Google will tell you upfront how much you can expect to pay for a lead.

It typically costs between $5.00/lead to $90.00/lead, depending on your industry. Only qualified leads are charged.

Qualified leads refer to those who have completed one of the following three things:

  1. A customer contacted you.
  2. Your potential customer left you a voicemail
  3. A customer called you and answered the phone.

These actions are a solid way to close a deal. It’s up to YOU.

This tool will help you to determine your cost/lead potential. To see the industry trends, you can toggle the location.

By setting up your budget, you can create local service ads. Google will tell you how many leads you can expect to get when you create local service ads.

What is a Local Service Ad?

Let’s take a look at the information your customer will see when searching. The information will be visible in both desktop and mobile views.

  • Your company’s name
  • Google Ratings
  • Business hours
  • The Best Method to Call You
  • Which city are you serving?
  • Google Guarantee

This is simple and concise but contains all the information that you need. 


This section provides all information to your customer about you. The blue section is dedicated to pandemic-related products.

Make sure that you have the correct information. 

Google must approve local service ads. Customers can still see the little green check.

As you can see, mobile has a click to call function. Customers can click the name to find out more about your company.

At the moment, The COVID information is taking up most space 

Customers can scroll further down from this page, just like the desktop version.

Google wants customers to have a pleasant experience. 

Fun Fact – Google LSAs will be included in the tablet results

Google Local Service Ads History

Let’s take a moment to look at the history of Google Local Service ads.

Google recognized the importance of customers being connected with trusted professionals quickly in 2015. In 2015, Local Service Ads used to be called “Home Service Ads”.

It was established in San Francisco and quickly expanded to other cities in 2017. The process of setting up local service ads remains relatively unchanged since 2015. (We’ll talk more about this later).

Ad Regions for Local Service

As of July 2020, there are currently 94 cities where you can place local service ads. Keep in mind, however, that Google updates are continually making changes.

  • AZ – Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale
  • CA – Anaheim, Arcade, Arden, Carlsbad, Hayward, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Ontario, Riverside, Roseville, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco
  • CO – Aurora, Denver, Lakewood
  • DC – Washington
  • DE – Camden Philadelphia Wilmington
  • FL – Clearwater. Fort Lauderdale. Kissimmee. Miami. Orlando. Sanford. St. Petersburg. Tampa. West Palm Beach.
  • GA – Atlanta Roswell Sandy Springs
  • IL – Chicago St. Louis
  • IN – Cincinnati, Elgin, Naperville
  • KY – Cincinnati
  • MA – Boston, Cambridge, Newton
  • MD – Alexandria, Arlington, Baltimore, Camden, Columbia, Towson
  • MI Dearborn Detroit, Warren
  • Minnesota – Bloomington and Minneapolis
  • MO – St. Louis
  • NC – Charlotte Concord Gastonia
  • NH – Boston, Cambridge, Newton
  • NJ – Camden City, Jersey City New York City, Newark Philadelphia and Wilmington
  • NV Henderson, Las Vegas, and Paradise
  • NY – Jersey City. New York, Newark
  • OH – Cincinnati
  • OR – Hillsboro, Portland, Vancouver
  • PA – Camden, Jersey City, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wilmington
  • SC – Charlotte Concord Gastonia
  • TX Arlington, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston New Braunfels San Antonio, Sugar Land and The Woodlands
  • UT – Salt Lake City
  • VA – Alexandria, Arlington
  • WA – Bellevue, Hillsboro, Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver
  • WI – Bloomington. Chicago. Elgin. Minneapolis. Naperville. St. Paul.
  • WV – Alexandria, Arlington

As you can see, this list covers many locations and Google is constantly expanding its reach. 

Google Local Service Ads Benefits

You have now checked that your area qualifies and that you’re in the right industry. 

Still not convinced? Maybe you think you have Google Ads and great SEO. So why should you be worried about Google Service Ads?

This is a comprehensive list that will show you the many benefits of local service ads. 

Advertisers pay only for results    

Consider how ads are paid on other platforms. It doesn’t really matter how much you earn from search engines. 

Paying per click seems unfair, but when you consider Facebook’s platform, it is clear that this can be a nightmare for financially struggling small businesses. 

Google Local Service Ads will charge you for confirmed contacts. 

Mom can still call your business to chat, but you have options. You could also tell mom to limit her calls to your cell.

Clicks and any other metric will not be charged. The results are what you pay.

Google Garanty: Trust and Reputation

This perk is for the customer and also serves as a benefit. You can see the list of industries that receive Google Local Service Ads. Not only are they plumbers but also pet care providers, and roadside assistance service providers.

Customers should feel they can trust you 100%. While they might not be familiar or familiar with your brand, they are all familiar with Google’s reputation.

Surprisingly, though, the Google Guarantee (or Google screened for services such as Law, Financial Planning, and Real Estate) goes beyond putting a green checkmark next to your name.

Google will guarantee your business’s success. Google is there to help you, your customer.

Wait! Wait!

The Center Stage of Positive Ratings and Reviews

Google reviews should not be taken lightly. Insufficient responses or negative reviews can lead to the demise of a company. Customers should be contacted and engaged with before making a decision about which company they want to work for.

Win With a link to “see reviews”, 

Since Google removed our beloved Google reviews extension, companies have had trouble showing reviews. This is why local service ads are so appealing.

Increase Reach and Overall Paid Strategy

Despite the fact that we are promoting local service ads and highlighting their pricing structure, they should not be replaced by your search ads. 

LSAs might be at the top, but it is still worthwhile to include organic search ads in your strategy.

Consider the impact different ad formats have on your buying funnel. PPC formats, such as organic or other forms of PPC can help increase brand awareness and lower your lead cost.

LSAs are great for people with urgent needs who are ready to buy. Customers who are still trying to figure out their problem will be more inclined to click on organic content or paid search ads to learn more about it.

Different types of ads can lead to different interactions for your brand. Combine them to create leads and convert customers.

Get in front of people who want to buy

Google understands buyer intent almost like magic.

People who are in urgent need of your local service ads will see them. You can be certain that they will purchase your local service ads. They see value in what they offer.

Google can also help you sort your customers by asking questions about your employees and where they live. 

Window shopping is not an option. LSAs can be used to book customers who prefer you to your competitors.

Participate in Voice Search Responses

Both voice ads and text will feature local service ads. This is a great thing because almost every four Americans have a smart speaker by the year’s end.

Google Assistant can be used to show ads over voice. For example, a potential customer might ask Google Assistant “I need a groomer for my pet” and Google will give them providers (you). ) Only those who can meet your requirements.    

No need to manage keywords or ads

Target keywords and ads management take time and effort. We’d be happy to help you. Local Service ads are great for low-maintenance items.

All you have to do is create your profile and give your customers a way for them to book you. 

A word of caution. There are no keywords that you can manage so it is vital to include as much information as possible about your account. Google will use this information to determine which leads it sends.

Google Local Service Advertisements: How to Set It up

Now you know the advantages of your business, and you’re eager to promote it via Local Service ads. 

Establish Local Services eligibility

Google services and places that they will vouch are subject to certain restrictions. 

This will depend on where you live and your industry. Google is still developing this feature so please wait and check back.

Create local service ads with your existing Google Ads account

Just navigate to the login portal (https://adwords.google.com/localservices/) and enter the same email you use with your Google Ads account.

Create an account for your local service business

Please note that your Google My Business profile might not match your Local Service Ads profile. 

Go to the Google Ads Onboarding Page to create your Google Ads Local Advertising Account. Enter your website, business website, country, and ZIP code.

Google Ads email allows you to create a local service ads account

This profile will be used by Google to manage your Local Service Ads. This profile will include information about the jobs you are eligible to apply for.

You should define your service areas

Local Service Ads offer a unique feature. To show your ads, you can choose specific cities or postal code. This will show your audience the area that you can service. It is based upon two factors.

  1. This shows the approximate location of a user searching. If location services indicate that someone searches in your area, your ad may run.
  2. Google searches may include location names. “

Note about exclusion of postal code: You can exclude certain postal codes. I am a small-scale service provider. My services are only available in the Greater Houston region.

Start your business service types

Next you will list all services that your business offers. 

Google will use this list when a user searches a job type. This allows Google to identify the phrases that are most likely to be used to display ads to users who search for similar terms.

Define your business hours and the status of

Your business hours and status can also impact your ranking. You can also set a time limit for your business hours and status to improve your ranking.

Establishing business hours.

Modify the business hours.

Are your doors closed? Do you plan to go on a vacation? It is possible to change your status from Temporarily Closing to Permanently Closing. 

If you’re closed, Google temporarily suspends the rank of your ad because an open business is more useful for someone who can’t afford it.

When Local Service Ads Run

It is important to note that deciding when ads should run differs from setting business hours. You can click on ‘Ad Schedule to select whether ads will run continuously (24/7), during my business hours, or at a time I choose.

Please wait until all information is submitted. After your request has been processed, you will be notified by email that you can log in to continue setting up insurance and license details.

Provide details about licensing and insurance

This section may not be as interesting as you would think.

But, it is vital to have a Google Screened and Guaranteed listing alongside you business. This can cause delays in setting up your LSAs for your business. 

This is an example of insurance and licenses that are required for HVAC professionals working in Salt Lake.

Local Service Ads Insurance License Registration

It is important to know that minimum insurance requirements may change depending on the industry or location. So, do your research.

Background Check with Third Party Company

Google requires background checks on all employees.

  1. The business entity
  2. All business owners
  3. All workers who work with clients (employers and independent contractors, temp workers and contingent employees, vendors or any other service professionals)

These background checks are conducted by a local third party (e.g. These background checks are conducted by a local third party (e.g., Pinkerton). It’s pass/fail. You have 30 days to correct the mistake and submit a new application.

You can do background checks with Evident

While this may seem overwhelming, keep in mind the Google Guarantee! Businesses can get background checks for free when they set up an LSA. 

Approval may take weeks or even months, depending on how much demand there is in your area and the background checks that are required. 

Check out the status dashboard to track your progress.

What rank are local service ads at?

We mentioned that Google lists three LSA vendor options on the top desktop search result page. Google lists three LSA vendor options at the top of desktop search results pages. Two are mobile, one is voice.

These are the factors used by Google to determine the service provider that will be displayed in the Local Search Ads unit at the top of the page for a user’s inquiry.

  • The User’s Proximity: This is the user’s distance from your business.
  • Responsiveness – How quickly can you respond to calls and reviews?
  • Your review score (), as well as how many reviews you have.
  • Relevance to the Job Type: The user’s search terms and the time they were searching, as well as other attributes.
  • Business hours
  • Complaints – A history of complaints about your business could negatively impact your local service ranking.

Note: If you receive more leads than your budget permits, Google might temporarily suspend your ads and lower your rank.

Reviewing your work

Review volume and star rating have an impact upon Local Service Unit ranking. These reviews are a priority to book more jobs through this medium.

Local Service Ads are all about building trust with your customers and offering a record of good customer service. It is no surprise that positive reviews can help with lead generation and Local Service Ad Ranking. Google has several options for collecting and asking customers to leave reviews.

Questions? Check out the Local Services Reviews tab

This is part of managing your leads. You can request a review of any booked leads that are marked as ‘Already Completed’ on your Local Service Ads dashboard.

Complete it in 60 days or sooner if you have customers who are busy. You can still remember the bomb services that were rendered. 

We appreciate your reviews. Don’t forget to ask.

Combine Google My Business reviews with Local Services accounts

Remember when we mentioned that the Local Service Ads profile was not like Google My Business?

This statement remains our stand.

You can still pull reviews from an existing Google My Business Account, as long as it is connected with the same Google Ads account.

Have you seen any customers recently who haven’t posted on the customer review or customer accounts yet? Good news!

When you create your account, you’ll be given a link to review it. Customers who have used your services in the past will appreciate receiving an email that is person-to–person. 

Different types of reviews

You can obtain a few types of reviews for Local Service Ads. 

  • Google Verified Reviews
  • These are externally-sourced reviews: These reviews weren’t sourced by Local Services such as Google My Business, affiliates or Google My Business (we’re looking at you, HomeAdvisor). 
  • Anonymous reviews: This will give you the date and type of work done. It might also indicate the location. It won’t reveal the user’s name nor photograph.

Warning! You can hide from Local Service reviews but you can’t run. If a Google Verified Review isn’t there, you can’t delete it.

How much do you pay to advertise local services

Local Service ads can be charged at a magic cost per lead (CPL) instead of Google Search Ads’ cost-per-click structure (CPC).

We discussed how the payment arrangement is so beneficial because you only pay for the results. This is particularly true in industries with higher Google Search Ads CPC Averages (like lawyers span>).

Prices may vary depending on where you are located and the job you hold. Google promises not to exceed your monthly budget.

This form of ad was still quite new. It’s possible to stay tuned for new updates and track average business costs by visiting the Local Service Ads profile.

Average Customer Booking

What makes for a great lead?

Local Services charges per lead, not per client acquisition. This is an important fact to remember. Local Services charges per lead and not per client acquisition.

Manage your Budget

When you pay for leads, you can adjust your budget by clicking on “Profile and Budget” in your Local Service Ads account.

The sliding scale allows you to adjust your budget. This will depend on how many leads your company wants each month, and how much you’re willing to pay per lead. Google will not spend more than this each month.

While you don’t make any money by acquiring clients for your business, you can pay for leads.

Click the pencil icon to adjust your budget. Ads can be paused at any time.

Pricing structure for local service ads 

The budget you choose will depend on your industry and whereabouts. Google provides the following tool to help you estimate your monthly budget. It’s based on how many leads you need each month and what job type you have.

Consider the type of lead that you provide when planning your weekly and monthly budgets. 

Get Local Service Ads Leads

Maintaining a smooth running Local Service Ads lead management system is a key component of the job. Click:

  • Responds to Leads
  • Contact prospects
  • Book new appointments
  • Reminders for appointments

The Leads Inbox desktop gives you a comprehensive overview of all leads and possible bookings.

Leads will appear as new but will be removed after 15 days.

Leads are sent via messages or phone calls. You can reply, book or manage appointments through the app profile or desktop.

Telephone calls

One of my personal goals was to never talk to anyone over the phone. Google allows customers to call and you can use a “Call From Google” tone to find where they are coming from (your Google Service Ad!


When you receive a message, you will be notified by mobile app. Message leads are defaulted to off. They must be enabled in your Profile & Budget dashboard.

When you receive a lead message, you can reply by email, text, and phone. Also, you can decline to remove the request from the customer. If something is not as expected, follow up.

Book Leads

To book leads from your Local Services profile, you will need to enable these Google booking partners: Housecall PRO, ServiceTitan.

You will have access to cool perks like:

  • You can schedule and redirect customers through your profile.
  • Before you call, check pricing and availability.

Don’t forget to mark your leads completed or booked in the app. (See above).

What’s the experience like for local customers of service?

Local Services do not only benefit the advertiser. Customers also get three main benefits from Local Service Ads:

  1. Instantaneity – The top three result pages let customers choose from a few service providers who will quickly respond with a solution.

  2. Convenience – All information about the company, reviews and other important decision making factors are available in one place for customers.

  3. Trust. Google users trust that all options have been thoroughly screened. In the event of an unfortunate situation, I may be covered with a $2K guarantee.

I hate answering the phone and it is overwhelming to have so many choices. 

The verdict regarding local service ads

Local Service Ads are a great deal, especially for businesses that provide valuable local services.

Let’s recap:

  • Advertisers only pay for leads
  • Google Screened icons, and the Google Guarantee help to gain customer trust.
  • Ratings are an important ranking factor and feature for Local Service Placements.
  • PPC cannot be replaced! Local Service ads can be a great option for a holistic marketing strategy.
  • Google will help you identify local buyers and give you a qualification
  • Your company will appear across multiple media outlets including mobile, desktop and voice ads.
  • Local Services require very little maintenance and do not need to be managed by keywords.

This is an entirely new ad format but it provides a great opportunity for pre-qualified customers.

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