Guide To Create A Perfect Email Opt-in Page


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Email marketing works.

This is still the best way to convert prospects or customers into clients.

Before even one email is sent, the most important part of this process begins.

It is important to add people to your list.

This is the most effective way to get people to click on your landing page.

I will share email marketing strategies in order to win trust and interest with the right prospects so that they sign up for your mailing list.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Who are you looking to find?

It is important to start with the basics. It is often surprising to me how many people rush to get ahead of themselves and don’t have a clear idea of who they want on their emails.

Without a deep understanding of your audience, you can’t communicate a message which sparks interest and builds trust.

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We are instead focusing on people who can work hard and are willing to do so.

Think about who you would like to add to your mailing list. This will help determine your ultimate goal. Your ultimate goal is most likely to convert enough customers or subscribers into clients.

You will then be able speak their language using your opt-in copy.

Step 2 – Tell them what you want.

This page allows people to sign up to your email list.

Every word and element of the page should support this action. 

You will need to remove your sidebar.

You will need to remove the links from your copy.

This could mean that you create a page that’s so focused on opt-ins that it is different from your normal site design.

One page, one act. That’s it.

Step 3 – What are the most essential elements?

You must have everything

  1. Your headline must grab attention immediately.
  2. Benefits – You need to persuade using teasing, often using intriguing bullet points.
  3. Tell people to sign up.
  4. The opt in form: You must have a method to sign up.

5 may be even more important.

The proof: This should be from the Social Type. Number and testimonials of subscribers, reviews, media mentions and so forth.

Proof is not required based on the strength of your brand and the traffic to your opt in page.

A focused blog list will drive more traffic. Ads to drive traffic will require all of your resources.

Step 4 – What incentive should you give?

It’s a smart strategy for people to sign up to your service by offering an upfront incentive or “ethical bribe”

This could be a free report, ebook, audio lesson, video, or another instant-gratification freebie.

This strategy is applicable to many markets. Smart subscribers will be able to grab your incentive via an alternative email address or unsubscribe instantly.

Keeping subscribers is the best way to motivate them.

The report can be sent in a series over time via email. You can break down audio and video into smaller pieces to entice subscribers with the next step.

People must see that they give more than they take (pitching) so they can stay longer with your company.

Step 5 – How long is your copy?

The same as always: As long as you need it. But not for too long.

An opt in page should contain the essentials: headline, benefits, and call to action.

By writing more copy, you can target the person that you want to reach.

Begin by stating your positioning and the benefits. The sign-up form can be presented and additional copy (including testimonials) provided to those who are interested.

Let people know that you value their privacy.

Step 6 – How much information are you looking for?

This is the easy one.

You should not ask for too many details on your email opt-in page. This will encourage people to sign up.

We once tested asking for first and second names against email addresses. The latter was the winner. Now, we only ask for an email address.

If your business goals call for more information, such as a telephone number or mailing address, I recommend that you get the prospect on the list first. To build trust, you may ask questions or complete surveys to gain more information.

Building trust is key. Prospects can be contacted frequently.

Step 7 – Which method is best?

The above is tried and true wisdom for email opt-in pages.

But, when it comes down to what is most effective for you and your audience, only split-testing can tell the truth.

Make small changes to your headlines and call to actions copy to increase opt-in rates.

Don’t forget Step 1!

It doesn’t matter if your landing pages are not attracting people interested in your ultimate goal, which is to sell your product.

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