The Influence of AI: How Content Marketing is Evolving


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Why AI is taking over content marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Content Marketing Definition

AI is a key component of every stage in the content marketing process. AI can help marketers improve the performance of content marketing by streamlining processes, leveraging data, and optimizing SEO

AI can help identify new content topics and write captivating email subject lines. It can also optimize SEO, personalized copy for certain audience segments, etc. CMOs around the world are rushing to implement AI for content marketing to gain a competitive edge in an age of content overload.

Key AI content marketing stats:

  • 90 percent of U.S. consumers find personalization marketing content to be somewhat or very appealing.
  • 84% now use AI in marketing, up from just 29% in 2018.
  • 79% report an increase in revenue after adopting AI.

Many marketers will not be surprised by these statistics. AI is essential to improve the customer experience and data-driven marketing.

By embracing AI, marketers can gain better insight into their competition and their audience. They can also personalize their content and become more efficient.

AI is a tool that helps content marketers achieve their goals more quickly and easily. If you want to give your business an edge, then you should consider how AI can enhance your content marketing strategies and processes.

Five Ways AI can be used in content marketing

Content Profiling

AI-powered content profiler is the process that audits and analyzes your content to determine how it impacts the audience and what role it plays on the buyer journey within your company.

You can get a full overview of all your content assets and web pages, and see what your visitors do next. AI is essential to achieving this level of detail in understanding your content assets.

AI can help you manage your content by crawling and analyzing your website and identifying content that requires updating, expanding, or changing to appeal to your audience and increase your chances of ranking highly in search engines.

These insights can help marketers better understand the performance of their content and determine which posts are most effective in advancing the buyer journey.

This allows you to see what types of content are most engaging and which contribute the most to the success of your strategy. You can then improve your content assets and allocate more resources toward producing content that you know will resonate well with your audience.

Content Production & Creation

It’s not surprising that content creation is a time-consuming marketing activity. Many organizations outsource it. According to Content Marketing Institutes’ 2021 B2C Content Marketing Budgets and Trends Report, 75% of B2C companies outsource their content creation.

AI makes the process of creating content more efficient and streamlined. The technology can be used by companies to create engaging, relevant, and error-free material that will build an audience.

Grammarly is a tool that can enhance content creation and offer helpful suggestions. Grammarly is an AI algorithm that can provide suggestions for improving the text depending on its context and style.

Natural Language Generation is the next step in content creation for many marketers who want to use AI. NLG can process data and quickly produce a written narrative, without the need for human input. Many publishing companies are already using NLG to create content. The Washington Post has used NLG for years to write articles. In 2017, the Washington Post published over 850 AI stories.

These tools, which are powered by AI, will be able to produce long-form, in-depth content soon.

Content Strategy and Intelligence

Only 42 B2C marketers document their content marketing strategies. AI can have a major impact in this area. Several AI-powered marketing tools can help create and optimize content strategies.

AI, for example, can analyze the performance of your content, compare it with your competitors, identify content gaps, and make recommendations based on predictive analytics.

Competitive analysis is used by many companies to guide their content strategy. SEMrush, for example, collects data across your website, social media, and competitors, allowing you to identify keywords, topics, and competitors that you might have overlooked.

Using AI in your content strategy, you can collect and process huge amounts of data from online sources and your customers. This will allow you to build a data-driven strategy to increase engagement and traffic.

HubSpot’s AI helps you to identify topic clusters so that you can publish content that is optimized for search engine results and meets the needs of your audience. The tool allows you to track the performance of your content and adjust your strategy according to your analytics.

SEO and Content

Google has been using AI in its search engine algorithms for many years. AI is becoming more important with each algorithm update. You can use AI in your SEO strategy to optimize your content, just as search engines do to understand user intent and deliver relevant content. Businesses need to incorporate AI, Big Data and into their SEO strategy to achieve higher rankings.

Understanding search intent will help you create content that is optimized for SEO and meets your audience’s needs and intent. AI can be used to analyze searchers’ behaviors, identify patterns and make data-driven forecasts to help inform SEO strategy and keywords.

A clear Scope is an AI-powered tool for SEO that helps marketers optimize content to rank high in search results. The tool analyzes the top SERP results after you enter a keyword to give you guidelines on how to achieve a high ranking. The tool will analyze the content and assign a grade to it based on the comparison of that with the content currently ranking in the top spots.

AI can also be used to help select topics for content. Predictive analytics can be used to predict audience engagement, and marketers can decide whether a topic is likely to rank well and offer a high ROI.

AI can help you create SEO content that is more relevant to your customers and their search queries than any of your competitors. You will also achieve a better ranking in the search results.

Content Personalization and Recommendations

The key to creating a customer experience that sets your brand apart from the competition is personalization. 87% of consumers say that highly relevant content has a positive impact on their feelings towards a brand when it comes to personalized content.

Marketers face a difficult task in delivering personalized experiences. Marketers need to collect and analyze a large amount of data from customers to meet the consumer demand for personalized content.

AI is the only solution for content marketers who want to reach this goal. Machine learning uses data collected from different touchpoints during the buyer’s lifecycle to create audience segments.

Create content for each buyer persona or audience segment. This will allow you to create tailored experiences for your customers.

The automated customization of landing pages is one of the most exciting AI applications. Personyze, an AI-powered tool, uses historical user behavior, traffic sources, demographic data, and other data to create dynamic, optimized landing pages in real time.

By utilizing detailed customer profiles, based on interactions with the website, engagement in social media, and page views, it is possible to change elements of the landing pages so that they match user preferences and improve conversion rates.

The conclusion of the article is:

AI can be a huge asset to content marketing. This is one of the most visible areas of AI’s impact on the business world. This technology could be a game changer for content marketers. AI can help content marketers create relevant, engaging, and optimized content.

AI combined with strategic thinking and human creativity is a powerful tool. It can help your company become the leader in content in your market. It’s crucial to seize these technologies’ opportunities, as they become more powerful and influential. Content marketers who stay ahead of the curve can gain an AI edge in a digital landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive.

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