Most Common Conversion Rates for Shopify Stores


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Shopify currently holds the title of largest e-commerce platform.

Shopify was established in Canada in 2006. Shopify is used worldwide.

We have many stats to share about Shopify’s conversion rate that we have compiled!

Take a look at these and learn more about Shopify’s growth over the years.


Shopify was established to sell snowboard gear. 

  • Shopify currently boasts 1.75 million sellers who sell their products. Shopify is expected to be used by more than 1.59 million websites by 2022. Source: backlinko.
  • The first quarter of 2021’s total revenue was $988.6 million, with 110% year-over-year growth.

Shopify has nearly doubled its annual revenue since 2013. Shopify is also growing rapidly. We are now curious about the platform’s conversion rate.

Shopify is a great platform for people who want to start a business, or make money through their website. Let’s learn more about Shopify’s conversion rate with numbers.

Shopify Conversion Rate Statistics

  • Shopify sold $79.5 billion in gross merchandise volume.
  • Shopify received its billionth order in the second quarter 2018.
  • Shopify’s global platform revenues have exceeded $200 billion.
  • ShopPay’s faster checkout process has helped increase conversion rates. Customers used Shop Pay to spend $30,000,000 during Black Friday
  • Victoria Emerson is a Shopify jewelry brand that saw its conversion rates four times higher. Shopify Pay also helped Peel to increase its conversion rates by more than double its rate for phone cases (Source: Shopify Web) 
  • Email has the highest conversion rates for Shopify stores at 4.29 per cent. Source: Shopify blog
  • Shopify had 81% of its traffic via mobile devices in 2019. Similar to the above, 81% of Shopify’s traffic was accessed via mobile devices in 2019. (Source: Shopify & You).
  • Shopify Plus accounts 25% of Shopify recurring revenue. Famous brands such as Nestle, Kylie, and Rebecca Minkoff use Shopify Plus.
  • In 2019, Shopify plus users saw an average year-over-2018 increase of 126% and annual revenues of $1 million to $500,000,000.
  • Shopify had over 58 million users in 2020 (Statista).
  • Shopify generated over 900 million US Dollars worth of subscription solutions in 2020, and almost two billion US dollars worth of merchant solutions in 2020. (Source: Statista). 

Shopify’s Average Conversion Rate

Shopify statistics can seem confusing if you don’t know much about average conversion rates. 

  • Shopify stores with conversion rates greater than 3.7% are considered to be among the top %20 Shopify shop. Businesses that have conversion rates of more than 5.2% are considered to be in the top 10%.
  • Shopify stores that have a conversion rate lower than 0.5% are among the worst 20% of businesses. This business has an average conversion rate of 0.1%, which is low and indicates it is not the most efficient.
  • Littledata’s February 2022 data shows that Shopify conversion rates averaged at 1.8%, according to Littledata.
  • Shopify’s Organic Traffic has an average conversion rate 3.6% (Source: Shopify blog). 

Shopify Conversion Rate Statistics By Industry

Shopify can be used by many businesses from different industries. Shopify allows them to market and sell products.

These Shopify conversion rate statistics by industry were compiled and researched.

Shopify Fashion Industry Conversion rate Statistics

  • Shopify Plus 13% is owned by fashion and clothing brands
  • According to Shopify’s global data for 2019, t shirts are the most in-demand products worldwide. Tops are most popular.
  • Despite not making it to the top 50 countries, costumes are still the most loved products in Germany.
  • Rebecca Minkoff is a Shopify designer handbag company with a conversion rate of 9% and an average order value 14%. 
  • Another Shopify fashion business, The Hundreds, saw a 14% rise in conversion rates over time (Source: Avada). 

Statistics on the Shopify Beauty and Cosmetics Industry

  • Color Pop is a Shopify cosmetics brand. It is ranked 14 under Beauty and Cosmetics. Source: SimilarWeb
  • Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics brand is one of the most popular Shopify brands. It sold 15,000 lipstick kits in 2015 within minutes. Source: Forbes.
  • Kylie Jenner’s Shopify brand has 775.3K visitors and a 45% bounce rate. Source: SimilarWeb
  • Elf Cosmetics is 32nd in bounce-rate with 52.15%. Source: SimilarWeb

Shopify Themes to Get the Best Conversion Ready

Shopify theme usage is a major factor in your conversion rate.  

1. Empire

Empire offers a catalog option, making it one of the most convert-ready themes. The theme is great for business, electronics, and home, as well as equipment and supplies.


2. Warehouse

Warehouse is also a good place to store large catalogs.

Pricing: You can get a free trial .

3. Impulse

The flexible and customizable design makes it an excellent choice for clothes and accessories. You can also promote your products using

Pricing: You can get a free trial. It costs $320.


What’s Shopify’s conversion ratio?

A rate below 3.7% will ensure that you have a high rate conversion in Shopify. Anything higher than 5.2 percent could place you in the top 10%.

Which Shopify theme converts most?

Shopify marketers are interested in which Shopify theme converts customers the most. 

Empire and Warehouse are the most popular Shopify themes. 

These themes may not be the most popular.

Shopify’s conversion rate statistics are here!

What statistics have most surprised you? Please leave a comment below to share what you think about these facts.

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