5 Practices To Keep In Mind For Marketing Automation Success


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Marketers can now influence customer lifecycles from the top to bottom of the sales funnel and marketing automation tools. Marketing automation is essential for all businesses. Its increasing influence and impact on accelerating revenue, and increasing customer lifetime values have been repeatedly proven. How well your systems are orchestrated will determine the success of your marketing automation implementation.

Five Essentials for Marketing Automation Success

These are five essential things we believe are necessary for marketing automation implementation. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by this article. !


A survey by Pure360 regarding Personalized Marketing found that personalized marketing is needed to increase customer engagement and provide better user experiences. The new age of marketing automation tools allows you to personalize messaging, landing page experience, and other interactions that prospects have as they move forward on a buyer’s journey.

Personalization can have a positive impact on the consumer’s consideration stage and may increase the buyer’s intent. Another Deloitte survey found that customers love personalized recommendations and personalized communication. 36% said that they prefer to buy customized products and services. 48% said that they are willing to wait a bit to get them.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring refers to the process of assigning value to leads and ranking them against other leads based on their likelihood of buying. This helps to prioritize the efforts of the sales team. Only high-scoring leads are assigned to them for follow-up. Marketing automation tools can help nurture low-scoring leads. These low-scoring leads will engage and rise in rank, and they can be passed to sales to continue following up.

Lead scoring can also be used to measure the success of marketing programs and campaigns. The quality of leads generated by marketing campaigns can help identify the most effective marketing channels. This information can be used to plan and optimize your return on investment.

Nurture low-scoring leads

All leads collected may not be qualified or equally interested in purchasing. Research by MarketingSherpa report showed that, on average, only 27% of leads are qualified among the contacts in your database; the rest 73% aren’t sales-ready. To be considered a qualified lead, they must be nurtured and qualified. It is unacceptable for any lead to go unutilized. Nurturing leads with low scores can help you convert them into qualified leads and increase your sales.

Hubspot published a DemandGen report that concluded that nurtured leads can produce 20% more sales opportunities than non-nurtured leads.

Recycling Strategy for High Score Leads Isn’t Ready To Buy Yet

For high-score leads who can’t purchase due to budget constraints or timing issues, a recycling strategy is a good option. High-quality leads require a lot of marketing resources. You shouldn’t let this happen. If the right time is right, a persistent recycling nurture strategy can bring those leads back. 

It is important to understand what prevented them from moving through the sales funnel. Lead recycling can be very efficient because you get to know your prospect better and have the opportunity to offer them targeted products or services.

Compliance with the Most Recent Privacy Laws GDPR & CCPA

Respecting data privacy laws is essential. Although the data privacy laws and regulations may seem confusing at first, there are no easy ways out. The California Consumer Privacy Act and General Data Protection Regulation in Europe are two recent additions to the required compliance list. You can now run your marketing campaigns confidently knowing that you have automated compliance through your marketing automation platform.

These strategies can be implemented in your automation tool to increase sales and qualified leads. We can help improve your marketing automation implementation. A complete health audit can be done on your system.

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