The PPC Guide for B2B Businesses: Google Ads Strategy


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PPC is a hot industry for B2B companies.

This is because more than 70% of buyers are in the business-to-business (B2B) industry. A pay-per-click (PPC)advertisement campaign can help you reach potential buyers and turn them into leads.

Are you ready to use PPC in B2B? The guide will show you how to create and launch a B2B campaign using PPC.

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What is PPC for business-to-business?

PPC can be used to display specific ads to search engine users to encourage them to visit your site.

Only pay when someone clicks your ad. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Can PPC be used by B2B companies?


PPC can be used by your company to improve its marketing and sales strategies. Posting an ad can help you reach people interested in your products and services.

You can run your B2B advertising campaign 24/7 for your entire staff. Your ads will continue to run, earning valuable clicks and taking them to your product and service pages.

PPC for B2B lets you ditch ineffective and aggressive marketing strategies. It’s as simple as finding them.

How to build and launch a B2B Google Ads Strategy

Ready to learn how to launch an effective B2B paid advertising campaign that generates leads, sales, and leads? 

1. Use high-value keywords in your B2B SEO campaign

Keyword research is a vital part of PPC for businesses. Without keyword research, your company will not be able to build a profitable PPC optimization strategy. 

You have a few options to choose from when you start keyword research:

  • Keyword research tools available
  • See which keywords your competitors are using
  • In-house compilation keywords
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner helps you find keywords

While creating a keyword list is useful for your team to begin the process of keyword research, it’s not essential to refer to search engines. Data should be used to support your decisions. A keyword research tool, for example, can help verify the search volume and value of a keyword.

Some examples include

You can also use the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool to compile keyword ideas. Advertising professionals recommend that keyword ideas be researched before you use Google Ads. You will need to enter the URL of your website (or that of a competitor) to receive recommendations.

Keyword Planner provides forecasts for the search volume of keywords.

You can use high-value keywords to assess your competitor’s B2B Google Ads Strategy. For example, if you provide software-as-a-service (SaaS), you may search, “cloud computing software for sms,” to see if they appear in search results.

Keep the following keyword types in mind when compiling your B2B keywords lists:

  • Any keyword related to your products and services can be considered generic.
  • Branded is any keyword that is connected to your company’s brand.
  • Competitors use brand keywords but also include brand names.
  • Keywords that are related to similar houses. These keywords can be branded or generic.

You can organize keywords with your team to save time and effort when creating ad campaigns or ad groups. Keywords used for accounting software should not mix with keywords for marketing software.

2. The best practices for structuring your B2B PPC campaign

You and your team must follow best practices in structuring your B2B marketing campaign. There is a possibility that your ads may not match the account hierarchy. This can result in lower performance for your B2B Google Ads strategy.

The account hierarchy is:

  • Account
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Keywords

You and your team need to create ad campaigns with relevant, well-organized ad groups. This could include ad groups that target related search terms, competitor terms, or branded search terms.

When you create your B2B paid search campaigns and ad groups, you will need the following information:

  • Your company’s daily budget for your ads
  • The person you want to reach with your ads is your audience.
  • This is your company’s landing page. It is where you want users to click on your ads.
  • The price your company will pay for someone to click on your ad

As you become more proficient with B2B PPC, you can experiment with different types of PPC campaigns. Google Ads offers remarketing campaigns that will allow you to promote your business to people who have visited your website in the past.

If you’re new to Google Ads, start with a campaign on the Search Network.

3. Create your ad copy.

Use compelling copy to ensure that your B2B marketing campaigns are successful. This can result in lower ad impressions or views and less support from decision-makers.

When creating ads for your campaign, you must include the following information:

  • Headlines
  • Descriptions

In some cases, you may be asked to upload an image, such as when creating a display advertisement. Search advertisements are very easy to create and provide many opportunities for your company.

A graphic design can help you create an eye-catching image for your display ads. Responsive display ads will require multiple images of different sizes.


These tips can help you to create compelling headlines and descriptions for your B2B PPC ads

  • Don’t focus on features. Instead, consider the benefits your products and services provide users.
  • Highlight any sales or discounts
  • Add a call to action (CTA), that tells users what they should do next
  • Customize the copy to address the specific needs of each audience.
  • Add credibility statements or social proof like testimonials to build trust.

There are many ideas for ad copy. Headlines are often 30 characters long, while descriptions are generally 90 characters.

4. Create landing pages for your paid B2B advertising campaign

When writing your ad copy, your team should consider the landing page. The landing page should complement your ad copy and be relevant.

A free trial should be promised in an ad. Users won’t search for it if they don’t. 

The landing page should deliver the ad copy.

  • Quick
  • Intuitive
  • On-brand
  • Responsive

While you can use any page on your website as a landing page, landing pages that are designed specifically for ads like Unbounce can help increase conversion rates. 

Before you publish your landing page, ensure you test it thoroughly.

5. Track your results

Once you have set up your B2B Google Ads strategy, your campaign can go live. You will be able to make adjustments to improve your campaign’s results.

You may experiment with different ad copy to see if it works. Audience targeting is a way to narrow your audience down to the most valuable segments.

Google Ads allows you to run an experiment. You can create an experiment by selecting your campaign.

You must ensure that you have enough data before you can make any changes to your campaigns, especially if you are targeting small audiences. 

Monitor your ads in Google Analytics and monitor campaign performance in Google Ads. Access additional data like bounce rates for your campaign.

Checking in every week on your ad campaign will help you get the best results.

5 B2B PPC best practice guidelines that your company should adhere

Ready to learn how to launch and build a B2B paid search campaign? These five best practices will help you to create a successful campaign.

1. Make a campaign to target your buyers

Any company can launch a PPC campaign, but smart businesses will design a B2B campaign that targets their target audience 

You can create ads that are targeted at specific people, such as those who are most likely to buy from you.

Think about who buys from your company, and who the decision-makers are involved in each purchase. Maybe your team needs ads that appeal to people who don’t know much about cloud computing or those who know everything.

2. Remember the average selling period of your buyers

It is important to consider the average time it takes for a buyer to decide to partner with your company. 

Consider how your sales cycle impacts the ROI of your paid advertising strategy. 

PPC ads targeting B2B customers often offer assisted conversions. Your ad played an important part in their conversion.

These are the key factors to consider when evaluating your campaign’s performance in the short- and long term.

3. Be sure to pay attention to the keywords that you want your B2B paid ad campaigns to target

It is possible to find keywords related to your industry but not relevant to your products and services. 

Because too many businesses depend on Google when they launch B2B Google Ads strategies, Google will suggest keywords and provide them with the necessary information. Your company may have to pay for clicks that do not generate leads or sales.

It is important to take a proactive approach to keyword research. You can delete it or make it a bad keyword. 

4. Use abbreviations to reach more people

Acronyms are a unique benefit of PPC for business-to-business. Abbreviations are used in many industries, including technology and manufacturing. These acronyms can be used by your business in both keyword targeting and ad copy.

Acronyms can be used to increase your reach and connect your company with more people. 

You can use acronyms if necessary, but ensure they are relevant to your audience.

5. Create ads groups based on your buying funnel stages

Many businesses could benefit from the buying funnel to arrange their ad groups on PPC for B2B. 

Personalize your copy by customizing your ad groups based on the stages of your buyer funnel. Highlight the overall benefits of purchasing a product like yours.

Personalization can make all the difference in your marketing campaign. This personalization can motivate them to visit your website the next time they search for products or services in your industry.

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