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When the basic video editors you have on your PC or Mac fall short and you want to apply more post-production effects, creating a professional corporate film or presentation is the time to discover the most used video editing programs by professionals . We present you in the most used in publishing, marketing, film, and television companies, so take a look at each one and do not let them escape.

Top 5 Professional Video Editing Programs

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is the quintessential video editing program in the professional world; it is often used to edit movies, television and is prepared for preparation in different formats such as web and mobile. It has multiple creative tools and specifications to aid in a high-quality finish. Currently, Adobe Rush has been incorporated, with which you can edit projects together with Adobe Premier from any digital platform, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Due to its long history and use in video editing allows any format, supporting from 8k to .mp4 for mobiles as virtual reality. Being from the Adobe group allows the compatible edition of other applications and programs such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, and many more. In Adobe Premiere Pro, you can export your videos to the best formats adapted to the sizes of social networks, thanks to Adobe Sensei technology. Share stories in VR180 format, balance movie hues quickly with the curves of the Lumetri Color tool, etc. If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to the world of video editing and post-production, you must know how to control it. You will see that there are so many tools and options that it overwhelms you at first, but then there will be no one to stop you from editing.

Adobe After Effects

Also belonging to the Adobe group is the program that focuses on post-production, introducing special effects, editing and animation of title typography, camera effects, introductions, and professional transitions necessary in any television program or by means such as YouTube and Instagram, among others. It’s essential for corporate videos as it allows you to animate the logos of the brands or animate a vector character for unanimous. It will help you make special effects like fire, storms, etc., in movies and music video clips, title sweeps, eliminate scene elements not desired, etc. Like Adobe Premiere Pro, it is compatible with the rest of Adobe programs, being able at any time to edit vector characters with Adobe Illustrator or edit photos with Adobe Photoshop. The usual thing in any professional edition is to work in parallel with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, although with the latter you can also cut and combine parts of a movie. It’s very useful for video editing on tablets and mobiles with the compatibility Adobe XD, unlike Adobe Premiere Pro, uses keyframes and allows quick transformations at specific moments in the movie.

Avid Media Composer 

It is widely used in the professional world of television. It is prepared to work with a large number of files, timeline scenes, and file preparation in different media. With precise editing tools that allow each shot to be worked separately, helping to avoid overloading the computer and the program’s processor, with good viewing of the film in real-time. It allows working stereoscopic 3D, surrounds mixing, graphic effects and multicamera editing up to 64 different angles. Like Adobe, it allows editing HD and UHD, HDR, proxy 8K and higher. One of the strengths of Media Composer is its color control tools to accommodate different color spaces, package for MFIs, and meet media specifications such as OTT and Netflix.

Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s professional video editing program allows you to intuitively create movies by editing them from multiple camera files, from 8k to current. It also allows you to perform different effects, including the best-known 360º and VR glasses. being able to edit the tonalities of the sequences. It has the advantage of generating master multi-camera clips, allowing you to view different angles simultaneously, maximum 16, being able to control, trim and add effects, among other options. It has people detection and maps that you can use for a quick search. It allows the introduction of unique products in the scenes, up to a total of 300 effects. The most common in users are the effects of fast, slow, and variable speed, also sweeping and correcting grainy and shaky camera movement.

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