The Top Linkedin Marketing Strategies You Need To Know About


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LinkedIn Marketing is a great way for you to market your events and generate leads.

This recommendation has been consistent in nearly every survey we’ve conducted in recent years.

In fact 93% of marketers stated that their brand’s LinkedIn engagement has increased in the past year. One reported that the engagement on LinkedIn had decreased. 

To help us understand the success of their LinkedIn marketing strategies, we asked our respondents to share some of their best practices.

LinkedIn Marketing Benefits

They shared numbers that show their success using Linkedin for marketing.

Carole Mahoney of Unbound Growth says LinkedIn is her third-most important traffic driver. 

Brian Casey from Ironpaper says that by engaging in content using LinkedIn’s “What are people discussing now” and content searching features, he was capable of increasing the number of contacts for one client by 30% in a single month.

Lola’s Collin Burke said, “We have seen an increase in form completion rates of 15% using Lead Generation Forms.” This is significantly more than our website landing page conversion rates. This feature enabled us to increase the number of leads we generated through LinkedIn campaigns at a lower cost.

Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studio shared a screenshot showing his analytics which showed the impact of one video that he uploaded to LinkedIn.

He claims that the results are better than any type of post on any social media network.

These numbers demonstrate that Linkedin offers a wealth of opportunities to businesses to connect and create awareness, drive leads, convert into revenue, and generate leads. 

Uncertain how to make one Our experts have shared their top tips.

Let’s get started!

8 Tips for Creating a Linkedin Marketing Strategie

These are our respondents’ recommendations for how to use LinkedIn to market and grow your events and generate leads.

  1. LinkedIn Makes it Easy, Like All Social Channels
  2. Make Your Company Page/Profile
  3. Please Share Your Best Content
  4. Build Your Network
  5. Jumpstart conversations
  6. Turn Engagement into Conversations
  7. Be Authentic

PROTIP: How to Engage Your Company’s Followers on LinkedIn

Personal branding is an important aspect of business. However, it isn’t the only thing that is important. Personal branding is important, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

  1. Industry
  2. Followers according to Company Size
  3. Seniority Following
  4. Followers By Geography
  5. Month-over-Month Improvement


Our LinkedIn experts created a Kobe Digital template that displays all important demographics from your LinkedIn company page. It is also free!

It’s easy to set it up, and you don’t need any programming.

These 3 steps will set up your LinkedIn dashboard.

Step 1 – Download the template

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Step 3 – Watch your dashboard populate in seconds.

1. You can start with simple social media platforms like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has made 2018 a significant change. Everyone can now change their profile CTA to “Connect” They will be able to see your updates through their feeds. This is similar to liking a page, or following someone on Twitter.

This allows LinkedIn more to be used as a social network rather than a networking tool. Scroll through your feed to see what people have posted recently.

This means marketers can use LinkedIn in the same way that other social media platforms. This is why many marketers use LinkedIn to grow and expand their reach.

StoryTeller Media + Communications’ Kathy Heil says that while it sounds simple, the best Linkedin strategy involves creating valuable content that solves business problems, and communicating that in a non-salesy and helpful way. “

Eric Pratt from Revenue River believes that people are more likely to buy products and services when they need them.

I have used LinkedIn to connect with people, to share information, and to respond to messages. 

Pratt says, “Build your network, exchange your knowledge without expecting any in return, and be interesting enough to make people value your opinion and expertise.” Although it won’t happen immediately, it will lead to more opportunities.

2. Start your profile/company page now

Alexandra Zelenko DDI states that LinkedIn’s company pages can lead to leads for your website. Maximize the use of all elements on your LinkedIn Page.

A company description is a key element to optimizing your Linkedin profile. It should be tailored to your target audience and highlight your value proposition. You can also describe the services that you offer. This will allow you to filter out low-quality leads, and ensure that your message reaches the right prospects.

3. Share your best content

Now that you have created your perfect profile, it’s time to share the best content with Linkedin.

“LinkedIn’s purpose is to connect people and share content,” says Zac Johnson, Blogging.org. To do this, you will need to create, share, and use content that others find interesting.

Compiling industry statistics, reports, and/or case studies is a great way to get started with your LinkedIn content strategy. Create a super guide and post it to your site and LinkedIn.

Mike Schiemer from Bootstrap says, “By consistently publishing and sharing high quality content that benefits your professional network,” you demonstrate value and authority in the industry. This visibility can help to generate leads, drive sales, and even attract contract work.

Schiemer stated, “I have enjoyed all these benefits over time thanks to having an efficient Linkedin Content Strategy. And continue to do so every month.” “

4. Grow Your Network

Adam Mavrikos, Toast provides these four steps to grow your LinkedIn network:

  • Step 1: “Commit to filling your newsfeed with useful, entertaining, and fun content that your prospects and network will love. This is an important step.
  • Step 2: “If you have a productive meeting with anyone of your interest, connect immediately to LinkedIn. Even if they only know a few words, ask them to connect.
  • Step 3: “Don’t stop working on the first and second steps. You can get better at each. “
  • Step 4: After you’ve completed step 3, you might want to start reaching out and meeting people. Toast is one example of a company who finds potential prospects willing to meet us if they are familiar with our updates and live in the same area.

Mavrikos stated that Toast’s enterprise reps use LinkedIn to communicate with each other. 

Jonathan Aufray, Growth Hackers, suggests a similar approach. Find your target audience using LinkedIn. Next, engage them and invite them to join you.

Aufray says, “Don’t be too salesy.” Don’t be too salesy.

According to Aufray, “This strategy takes time, commitment, and resilience, but it works like magic.” “

5. Jumpstart Conversations

While posting the best content to LinkedIn doesn’t guarantee engagement, Objective Manager Group’s Dave Kurlan offers a tip to get people talking.

“I post teasers 2x per week to my latest article/video or surprising finding/statistic. I then tag people that are likely to like them and add stimulating comments.

This strategy can be used for notifying contributors that articles have been published. This is what we do with our Kobe Digital community roundups.

6. Upload videos

“This year is the golden age of LinkedIn Video,” declares OrbitMedia Studio’ Andy Crestodina. “LinkedIn’s algorithm pushes videos to the top streams and only a few accounts are taking full advantage,” states Andy Crestodina.

Crestodina shares these tips for making a strong LinkedIn video: “Post an article, make a video that promotes it, add captions, mention contributors to the article, and use Campaign Tracking Code (to measure the traffic the post drives to your site). “

He said, “It drives traffic and conversions, it lasts for many days.” As more people do it, it will be harder to get results. So make the most of this golden age while you can!

Cass Polzin, Accelity marketing’s chief marketing officer, strongly suggests that you use LinkedIn videos to enhance your marketing strategy. Our CEO started creating videos every week to promote our company’s personal pages. The idea created a lot of buzz and our entire team is encouraged to create biweekly videos. “

Many clients have signed up because of our CEO’s LinkedIn posting. The video helped to build her network and increase traffic to her company website

Joe Sloan from Advice Media has another tip for using LinkedIn videos: testimonials. “We have testimonials that show professional dentists (our target audience), discussing how Advice Media helped their practice.

Sloan claims that LinkedIn is something Sloan only recently tried. LinkedIn is a place where we post targeted videos.

7. Engage in Conversations

Carole Mahoney from Unbound Growth also uses LinkedIn videos, but cautions against thinking everyone who interacts on LinkedIn is a potential lead.

“I have noticed a 50-75% increase in my profile views since I started posting weekly videos on LinkedIn. I have also noticed a rise in the number of connection requests I get. These are not my leads, but are conversation starters for me. “

I thank people for commenting, liking, sharing, and sharing my video. I don’t use LinkedIn to connect with people, but I do it directly.

The social media dashboard allows you to track your engagement rate and monitor it in real-time.

8. Be Authentic

Emma Jane Shaw, Uku Inbound says that, although it might be misinterpreted to be a light Linkedin tactic, she strongly recommends authenticity.

“I believe that being authentic in your interactions and with the platform’s content and your connections is a great way to generate high-quality leads.

This will create deeper connections between your brand, the content you share and your brand.

Natalie Athanasiadis agrees with Ormi Media “Stop listening to pitches. As if you were networking at an event, you can simply speak to people you have made connections with. “

“Because we have developed relationships with people through LinkedIn, it’s easy for us to find that people who do not need our services continue sending us referrals, even though these people have never worked with me. We build trust and share our know-how, rather than trying to sell.

Big Sea says that LinkedIn users don’t look any different from people on Facebook. They want to have real conversations and real connections with real people. Your employees and company leaders need to share original, thought-provoking content. They should engage in real conversations.

You will have access to high-quality leads that align with your positions. You already have the foundation to start a conversation with prospects when you reach out. “

Six Proven Strategies for Creating Quality Leads

“Being active and connecting with people within your target market is the foundation for generating LinkedIn leads,” says alldayPA’s NatasaChristofidou.

Why? Christofidou explained that leads will look at your profile if you’re active and engaging regularly.

“Establishing your presence as a visible presence on the internet is the first step. You can then start to look for connections and generate leads.

These were the strategies our respondents suggested.

  1.  Make the most of LinkedIn’s People Filters
  2.  Discover Your Connections’ Resources
  3.  Participate in Conversations Using Content Search
  4.  Get the whole team involved
  5. Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms
  6.  Quality Is the Key to Expanding your Reach

1. LinkedIn’s People Filters: Take advantage

Christofidou says that it is best to search for leads by narrowing down your search by title and industry. You can then use the “People Filters” function to refine your results. This allows you to enter the company name and geographical location.

By focusing your search results, you can ensure that you are connecting with the right people.

Leave a message for your new connections after they accept your request. Use this as a conversation starter. Remember to address people by their first names.

Christofidou stated that he would discourage cold messaging via LinkedIn. It’s better to have ongoing conversations than to pitch your products or services. 

2. Explore Your Connections’ Networks

Andrew McLoughlin from Colibri Digital Marketing states that LinkedIn is used for “expanding leads” through growing our network.

We look through our contacts to identify potential leads. This is a great way for us to make new friends and build a relationship. 

Sarah McIntyre. Bright Inbound. LinkedIn’s People Filters can also help you to find friends and old customers. Have a conversation.

Brian Casey, Ironpaper’s founder, suggests that you search for a keyword you want to be part of a discussion about and then click Content to display a list of Linkedin posts related to that keyword. You can interact with them. “

“Including relevant and useful links within these organic conversations drives traffic back to your website and can lead you to leads. “

“We monitor the Linkedin ‘What are people talking about now’ section for active conversations. Casey states that featured posts on these topics often feature thought leaders with larger followings who create engagement.

4. Get your entire company involved

Not all marketing teams are responsible for the promotion of your LinkedIn content.

Lola, Connor Gross and Lola both believe that LinkedIn is a great way to generate leads. Employee advocacy for the content you promote from your team is key. Your company’s employees can share your content through LinkedIn. This will increase your reach and allow you to open up your funnel for more leads.

Gross suggests adding a simple CTA (like “like/comment” or “download our ebook below”) to any post. This will help you determine who is most interesting and how to reach them.

5. Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Jackie Tihanyi, Fisher Unitech, says that LinkedIn leads are best when you use a lead generation form to promote content, sign ups and other activities.

Collin Burke and Lola agree. “I love LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Form feature. It allows users to fill out forms directly on LinkedIn without having to visit a landing page. You can also download the content within a matter of seconds.

Tihanyi explained that prefilled forms are available with user data. This makes it easier to engage users and reduces clicks. 

6. To increase your reach, you should focus on quality

Tanya Wigmore from InboundLabs said that she has met many people who are interested in our services, but that they are not the right clients.

“Interestingly, it’s often these not-yet-ready contacts that do the legwork and send us referrals for people in their networks who are willing to engage. “

Louise Taylor recommends keeping things simple, natural and easy.

According to my experience, these best practices are a great way of increasing lead generation on LinkedIn.

  1. “Identify your target market, and potential clients in that market. “
  2. “Understand their problems, and be able to recognize them. “
  3. “Look for opportunities to help them, but don’t expect a return. “
  4. “Connect and be genuinely interested through messaging. “
  5. Create short videos that focus on a specific topic to add value. “
  6. “Be consistent, engage, and have real conversations via comments. “
  7. “Have fun, but offer practical tips. “

Taylor recommends respondents to “Be Real!” “

LinkedIn Strategies for Targeted Outreach

While some people were wary of cold outreach via LinkedIn, others agreed it could be very effective if done right.

Charles Musselwhite Musselwhite Marketing states that it is a must start by creating a Linkedin Outreach Plan. Visit their website to read their profile.

This sounds like a lot, and it is. But, if you want to make an impression, this is the best strategy.

Musselwhite says, “We don’t stop there.” Musselwhite states, “We don’t stop there.”

Doorbell’s Digital Marketing agrees that targeted, savvy cold outreach is the best way to generate leads in a B2B setting. 

  1. “Identify your target audience/decision maker. These people can be someone you meet during your first discovery call, or someone you already know.

  2. “Create (or utilize if already made) a niche/industry-specific resource (PDF checklist, video, etc. This will enable the person to perform their job more efficiently.

  3. “Connect with them through a short introduction note. “

  4. “Send them a resource without asking. You are simply building goodwill and establishing value.

  5. Follow them up to see if they have used the resource. Invite them to a conference on discovery. “

Also, see 16 Tips for Successfully Prospecting LinkedIn

Marshall claims Marshall’s method is “very efficient” because it builds your Linkedin network, which can allow users to consume original content later. It opens up possibilities for future conversations.

LinkedIn Strategies for Event Marketing

Inbound Marketing Agency‘s Adam Rowles says LinkedIn is a great tool to increase event attendees.

Rick Roberge also agrees. “A client wanted to know how to prepare for the San Francisco trade shows. Here’s what I told him:

  1. “Go to LinkedIn. Click enter to insert the cursor in the search box.
  2. Click on “Connections”, then select “2nd”, then click “Apply.” “
  3. Click “All Filters”, choose San Francisco under “Locations”, and click “Apply.” “
  4. Click on “All Filters” once more and then enter [job title] in the title field. This was the [job title] trade show.

He had 12,000 hits. After I gave him a short script, he was content because he knew 12,000 people interested in his work. 

The first step in reaping the many benefits of LinkedIn is to create your LinkedIn strategy. Although it can be difficult to get started, these tips and insights from a Social Media Dashboard Software will help you get your LinkedIn marketing off the ground.

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