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It’s not easy to redesign a website. A website redesign might be something you consider. This daunting task can be avoided by having a well-organized website design project plan.

Stanford University found that 75% of people evaluate a company’s credibility based on its website design. The key to your success is a well-planned website redesign project plan.

Unpractical or difficult-to-use website designs can adversely affect your client’s search rankings. It is time to get rid of outdated websites and create brand authority by creating a user-friendly, engaging experience that users can enjoy.

Perhaps your client’s website doesn’t have enough functionality or flexibility to keep up with modern Miami website design agency standards. To keep your client’s website current, it is worth redesigning using the most recent technology. It is also dependent on money and time.

Rebranding is not the same as a redesign. Many items are required to plan a website redesign project. It’s crucial that project managers don’t miss any details.

If you want your project to succeed, it is important to plan ahead. Next, you will need to set parameters and define the desired outcomes.

This guide will show you how to create a website redesign plan that is perfect for your client.

Analyze the existing website and define your goals

You should first analyze your current website and then focus on the company’s goals before you begin a project. What is the performance of your current website? What areas are in need of improvement? Check the monthly website visits and bounce rates, time spent on site, top keywords for traffic and lead generation as well as the total number and types of inbound links per domain and sales per calendar month.

Once you have identified the metrics that should be included in your website redesign plan, it is time to start creating a website that achieves your goals. The main goal should be to add value to your business. It is important to keep an eye out for the performance of your competitors.

You can analyze your client’s website using SEMrush, Exponea and Screaming Frog as well as similar tools to compare it with other websites.

Marketing and business goals can be

  • Sales growth
  • New 100 customers
  • Each month, generate 50 backlinks
  • Reducing customer service requests
  • Increased leads generated by the site
  • A decrease in bounce rate and an increase in the average time on the site.

Pick the right stakeholders for your project team

To keep the process on track, it is important to have a group of stakeholders that share the same values and have the same goals. Your core team should not include more than six people, from different departments or with different skill sets.

This will simplify the decision-making process. A team can be made up of a content manager, UX & UI designer and a few executives. You can convince business leaders to attend meetings that are critical to your business if you don’t want the schedule to slip.

Review your existing content

Your search engine ranking is still heavily influenced by content. The inventory of existing content is an important part of your website redesign project plan.

You can then check the top traffic pages, redesigned pages, inbound hyperlinks, your most searched keywords, primary purpose of your website, and decide if this piece of content adds value to your website. You can then decide whether to save it or scrape.

You should transfer high-quality, desirable content to your website, and eliminate the old, unreadable ones. Your most valuable asset is content. It’s the path to connecting you with customers. You must pay close attention to the quality of your content if you want search engine dominance.

Optimize your site for mapping

Visitors only have an attention span of 5-7 seconds. Visitors decide whether to spend time on your site or not. To provide a great user experience, you must have a simple and informative website. While your website may have captivating visuals and engaging content, visitors will need a sitemap in order to navigate to the next page.

Site maps show how visitors navigate your website. They also create a relationship between pages on your site and their components. Google uses this information to form an opinion on how each page of your website functions. Your call to action and navigation buttons should be visible. Make sure sub-pages are clearly ordered and clear. This will make your website more user-friendly.

The branding and experience design agency Massive Media from Vancouver has created a fantastic project for Team Clarke. The new website is designed to appeal to home buyers around the globe with its beautiful scenery and inspiring content. It looks like a flexible, comprehensive brand that was applied across all digital touch points in a client’s customer journey.

Take user experience as a priority

With a great user experience, you can keep visitors on your site longer. Engaging visitors will make them want to visit more of your website. You can improve your conversion rates by providing clear navigation, compelling content, and appealing calls to action. You can increase your conversion rates by ensuring that visitors stay longer. You can make your visitors’ experience almost perfect by creating a consistent appearance with inspiring imagery and personalized content.


Budgets for website redesign and development are determined by the client’s goals and needs. Pricing is essentially time vs. costs like any service-based business. You should anticipate your client’s needs and the time it will take to create pricing. It is possible to determine an hourly rate and estimate the execution time. This page will provide information about website redesign costs.

Whether you have a small or big company undergoing a website redesign project is a difficult task. You need to establish clear goals and work with the right partners. In fact, only 24% of the organizations truly love their redesigned website.

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