YouTube Algorithm: Guide To Ranking on Youtube


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YouTube has its own algorithm.

Get some insight into YouTube’s video ranking and what you can do for your videos to rise to the top.

What’s YouTube’s goal?

YouTube’s algorithm is very similar to Google. It is similar to Google’s algorithm.

YouTube ensures that every section of the interface has choices that users love. This algorithm is the key.

YouTube is very similar to Google’s ban against keyword stuffing. YouTube is not trying to outwit Google’s ban on keyword stuffing. Instead, they want videos that are created for their audience.

YouTube will only see videos that are relevant for your audience. Let’s talk about each section and how you can rank it on YouTube.

These are the results that you see on your home screen when you log in to YouTube.

The first section of the algorithm for suggested videos and home is focused on past users. YouTube uses these questions to determine the best videos for users.

  • What are their past experiences?
  • Are they primarily music-lovers?
  • Can they watch vlogs?
  • What channels are they most likely to watch?

This section is focused on interaction between top videos and similar users. They will then select the most-watched videos to rank high for users. 

YouTube suggests videos and home pages that are interesting to users. YouTube recognizes that people may be interested in different things and will suggest videos based upon previous viewings.

YouTube tip: How to rank under “Home” section

YouTube suggests that you keep users interested for as long and as possible to increase your ranking in the “Home” section. 

YouTube recommends your videos end with strong calls-to-action to direct users to the next video. This will allow you to rank in YouTube’s “Recommended” section.

Trending videos are videos that are new and popular in a country. They cannot be sponsored. It is not possible to pay for a video to be included in the trending results.

These videos can be likened to a new song. Others can be based on factors such as growth rate and viewership.

YouTube recommends videos that are relatable, attractive, and shared easily to rank in the “Trending” section. 

3. Search results algorithm

Search results for specific terms will be displayed. 

YouTube determines which videos appear at the top of search results pages. This is primarily based on the relevance of your video to the search query and the keywords used in the title or description.

They want the keyword or variant of the keyword searched to be included in the video’s description/title. The algorithm also checks if the user has viewed your videos before.

YouTube Tip – How to rank in search results

Long descriptions are key to ranking high in search results for keywords in your video. Don’t keyword stuff your video or create content that isn’t relevant.

4. Subscriptions results

Subscribers have access to their subscriptions page, where they can view all new videos from all channels. 

YouTube uses view velocity for ranking subscribers’ channels results. This number measures how many people have viewed your video since it was posted. YouTube uses view velocity to rank subscribers’ channels results.

YouTube also considers the number of subscribers when ranking videos.

YouTube tip – How to rank in search results for “subscriptions”.

Be genuine when you ask for subscribers. It is easier to get subscribers to respond if you explain the benefits and how your channel can support your needs.

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