10 Best Fomo Marketing Strategies To Implement For Your Business


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FOMO, which is a form of fear of missing out, can be used to describe social media allergies.

What is FOMO marketing?

We all fear missing an incredible opportunity.

We don’t want our lives to be blurred memory. Savvy marketers know how to tap into this anxiety and make it work for their clients.

How you present your message to current and prospective customers can make a big difference with FOMO marketing.

You can encourage prospects to take advantage of the psychological construct by gently encouraging them to grab an opportunity that you are offering on a silver platter.

First, however, you need to understand what FOMO marketing is, and how you can use it.

This post will give you an overview of the term as well as detail 10 techniques that you can use today to avoid missing out.

What does FOMO Marketing mean? FOMO Marketing: The Fear of Missing Out

FOMO marketing is messaging that appeals to consumers’ desire for every opportunity before they pass them by.

Many people would rather buy an impulse item than regret not acting sooner.

FOMO marketing is based on the fact that we are a risk-averse species.

Sometimes, we have to avoid risk by not buying a product because we are afraid that it won’t live up to our expectations. 

Risk avoidance could also refer to avoiding regretting a chance. This is something we don’t want.

Let’s suppose you are thinking of buying a car. You know what type of vehicle you want, and how much money you are willing to spend.

You suddenly see a Facebook Ad that announces a massive promotion at your local dealership. You find the car you desire. You may not have yet committed to purchase a vehicle, but FOMO has kicked in.

This is FOMO marketing. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to save tons of cash. It might never come again. This is FOMO marketing.

This is something that marketers have probably seen many times. FOMO has been triggered by every viral campaign. You want to be there when everyone else is buying the product.

Although you may not be able to create viral videos or social posts every time, it is possible to engineer FOMO marketing. You can use a few tried and true techniques to instill FOMO in prospects and convince prospects to buy.

How to use FOMO in a Sentence

Here are some ways FOMO can be used in a sentence if you still have questions.

  • Because FOMO inspired me to buy that luxury car, I purchased it.
  • FOMO is the reason every parent bought this toy last Christmas.
  • FOMO was a hard feeling for me when I saw the ad on Facebook.

The word is used casually without “the” before it. This little buzzword can be used to make you sound smart in a marketing meeting.

You might also consider recommending a FOMO marketing strategy. This is a great way for employees to impress their bosses.

Here are 10 effective FOMO marketing techniques to increase online results

Before we get started: FOMO marketing doesn’t always work. Be honest with your audience to create offers that resonate with them.

Consumers will quickly notice if you are dishonest about your offers.

If you tell your subscribers that you are only offering a discount code, then you cannot broadcast the code or another similar code on social media for a few days.

What does FOMO marketing look like?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 FOMO marketing strategies you can use right now to encourage conversions and sales among your target audience.

They are not meant to be used in isolation. These techniques can be combined in many ways to create your next marketing campaign.

Technique #1: Set a Strict Time Limit

A time limit is the best marketing tool.

We are taught from an early age how to respect deadlines and make impulse buying decisions when there is a ticking time.

You must adhere to your time limit. You can’t delay its expiration, or your customers will find out. This is bad for your brand’s reputation.

You can take a leaf from Cyber Monday’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday handbook to offer your audience a special deal. For example, 20% off your most-ordered product if they place their order within 48 hours. Use social media and email to promote the offer.

A HelloBar can keep your offer front and center on your website. To make the animation more eye-catching, set it to On.

Technique 2: Cite a celebrity, influencer, or authority

A quote from someone famous or influential can give your FOMO marketing campaign a boost. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a celebrity — although that would be nice.

Social media is dominated by influencers. A recent survey of influencers found that Instagram is the best platform to communicate brand messages.

You should have an Instagram presence if you want to mix FOMO marketing and influencer marketing.

Remember, however, that influencers can spread your brand message via social media and you can use their quotes for your marketing. These quotes can be used on sales pages, landing pages, or any other place your audience may see them. These make excellent subject lines for your email marketing.

Technique #3: Add lots of testimonials and other social proof to your landing page or sales page

Social proof can be one of your most powerful marketing tools, but it is important to use it correctly. You should aim at the bottom of your funnel as these consumers are most likely to purchase.

Perhaps you have ever seen a “feeding frenzy at a mall kiosk” or noticed that your favorite store always has a particular product in stock. These little cues can signal FOMO and indicate that something is in demand.

It is the same when you pass two restaurants. Both have a full parking lot and the other is empty. Because the parking lot is full of cars, you will choose the first one.

How can you digitally deploy these concepts?

Publicize lots of testimonials and other proof. Kobe Digital’s homepage will show you a collection of logos that represent just a few high-profile customers.

These logos are instantly recognizable and evoke thought. Kobe Digital is used by other brands, and I wouldn’t mind if they had the same benefits!

Written customer testimonials work well too, provided they are accompanied by identifiable details such as photos or videos.

Technique #4: Create a special offer with a deadline

While we already discussed the ticking clock, our focus was primarily on discounts. If your customers shop with you, deadlines can be used in FOMO marketing.

You might offer free shipping for May, for example. Your target audience should start shopping immediately after June 1st, as the deal will end.

If consumers purchase before the deadline, they may be eligible for a bonus such as a download product or a gift. FOMO is when people know that they can get something free of cost.

Technique #5: Promote a bundle of products or services

Bundles can be huge in many industries. Two of the most well-known bundles are cable television and insurance products.

You pay less if you purchase your phone, internet, and cable services from the same company than if you bought them separately. Insurance is the same.

If you purchase your homeowner’s, car, and life insurance from the same company, you will be rewarded with discounts

FOMO marketing is a creative way to implement this strategy.

For example, the website DesignCuts.com regularly offers large bundles of digital products at a discounted rate of 97 percent to as much as 97% on individual items. Every bundle is based on a common theme such as fonts and patterns.

But here’s the catch: The catch? You must take advantage of the offer before it expires.

This strategy can be used regardless of industry. You can either cleverly package your products or create new products to bundle at a significant discount before you sell them separately.

Technique #6: Use Clever Messaging

FOMO marketing is all about language. Your audience should feel like they are losing out on an incredible offer and time is running out.

Strong verbs and adjectives are key to instilling FOMO in your target audience when crafting marketing materials. You can be more creative than words like “don’t forget this” or “while stocks last”.

  • If you don’t…
  • You have an hourglass that is nearly empty for your chance to…
  • Halt! This is what you’ll want to hear…
  • Are you in search of [name of product] This is your chance!
  • Supreme Sale Sunday: [Offer]!

You get the idea. You want to convey the message that if your audience does not act now, they will regret it.

When designing your FOMO message, think about who you are targeting. If you are marketing to gamers, then use gaming jargon as a way to communicate your message.

Technique #7: Scatter Your Content

FOMO marketing doesn’t only boost sales. FOMO marketing is not just for boosting sales, but it can also be extremely useful in building your brand, especially if used with an omnichannel approach.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known marketer, recently sent an email to promote his podcast. He said that he didn’t see much cross-pollination between his email subscribers and his podcast listeners.

He then informs his listeners that he will be publishing special content to his podcast that isn’t available elsewhere. If you are a Gary Vee fan, then you should listen to your FOMO.

Increase your followers by letting your audience know you are releasing special content on various channels. This builds brand loyalty and brand recognition.

Technique #8: Design Limited-Issue Lead Magnets

Who says lead magnetic must be the same forever? They can be changed and FOMO marketing used simultaneously.

Let’s suppose you have created an infographic that your audience will love. It can be advertised as a limited-edition lead magnet your audience can grab. However, they must act by a specific date.

We’re using FOMO marketing to generate leads. However, it works in the same way. By giving people something they won’t miss, you can help them overcome the fear of giving out their contact information.

Technique #9: Solicit UGC

While social proof, testimonials, and influencer quotes are great tools, you should not ignore your audience when it is time to market FOMO. You can generate more FOMO if your followers are open to creating content about your brand.

People pay more attention to celebrities and influencers than they do to strangers who happen to be consumers. But, they also listen to their family and friends.

The recommendation is even more important when someone in your network creates user-generated material and shares it with friends.

GoPro has received a lot of UGC on its Instagram account as well as other online profiles. It is extremely beneficial to the brand and gives the brand’s followers some exposure.

The same thing can be done. You can host a giveaway or contest to encourage your audience to create UGC. This will allow you to repurpose it for FOMO marketing.

Technique #10: Activate an Exit-Intent Popup

An exit intent popup is another great way to incite FOMO among your audience. It offers a once-only opportunity to save money or to enjoy other benefits.

Exit intent popups are displayed when the visitor closes a browser tab or window.

This type of marketing is bold. Your visitors will be able to see that you are serious about letting them know.


FOMO marketing is real. FOMO marketing is real. You’ll increase sales and conversions if you make your audience act quickly to grab an opportunity that might never come again.

Target the right people with the best offer. This is the best way to achieve this.

Discounts are a good option for frugal customers. It is always a good idea to cut down on the purchase price to overcome objections.

Offer different opportunities to different audiences. While you might offer something unique to your email subscribers, target your Instagram followers with something completely different.

You’ll see FOMO marketing at work before you know it.

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