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Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for managing and advertising your products online? Google Merchant Center lets you upload your products and use the information to target and reach interested shoppers. 

What’s Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center lets you upload products and sell them. The users can browse and purchase your inventory via Google.

How much does Google Merchant Center cost?

Google Merchant Center can be used completely for free Upload product inventory without any charges

Only Google Shopping Ads can be paid. There is a choice of two payment options.

  • Cost per Click (CPC): This payment model allows for you to pay for every click on your ad.
  • CPE (cost per engagement) is the cost for each click on an ad that expands it and engages more than ten seconds with it.

How do I create a Google Merchant Center Account?

These steps will help you create a Google Merchant Center account for your business.

1. Register for an account

To use Google Merchant Center, you must create an account.

2. Go to the Google Merchant Center website

Once you have created your Merchant Center Account, visit the Merchant Center Website .

3. Enter your business information

Next, fill in the information about your company. Add your name and email address.

4. Upload your products

Upload products to Google Shopping Ads or Local Inventory Ads. In order to upload products to Google Merchant Center,

Google uses this feed to create your ads. These steps are required to add products.

  1. Login to your Google Merchant Center account
  2. Click “Feeds”, under the “Products” category.
  3. Click the “+” sign
  4. Upload your catalog information into a.TXT/.CSV format or manually enter it.
  5. Submit your feed

Upload all of your inventory to your feed. Google lets you upload data from:

  • Google Sheets
  • Scheduled fetch
  • Uploaded file

Product information should be uploaded.

  • ID
  • Title
  • Description
  • Link
  • Image link
  • Available
  • Price
  • Category
  • Brand name

5. Present your products

After you’ve uploaded your products it’s time to display them. People can search the Google Merchant Center to find your products.

Advertise with Google Merchant Center

Once you’re familiar with the setup process, you can advertise via Google Merchant Center. 

1. Advertisements for Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are the most popular ad format in Google Merchandise Center. They are shown at the top search results. These ads showcase your products alongside those of other companies in an open-ended layout.

These ads often include this information:

  • Name the product
  • Price
  • Name and address of the seller
  • Unique attribute (free shipping, product reviews, etc. )

These ads can be used to reach customers who are looking for your product.

2. Adverts to local inventory

Local inventory ads can help you show your products to local shoppers. The storefront will let shoppers view your inventory, hours, directions and more.

Customers can let you know that you have the product they want and you will be happy to take them to buy it.

What’s the difference between Google Shopping ads versus local inventory ads? You must have a physical shop to be eligible for local inventory ads. This is the most important distinction. Local inventory ads bring local leads to your shop. These ads won’t work if you don’t have one.

Google Shopping Ads can be managed by both brick and mortar and ecommerce businesses.

FAQs about Google Merchant Center

Now that we’ve discussed how to create and upload products in Google Merchant Center, let’s look at common questions about setting up and managing your Google Merchant Center Account.

What’s the Google Merchant Center feed?

The Google Merchant Center feed, also known as the Google Shopping feed and product datafeed, is the spreadsheet that organizes your product information. This allows Google to understand the products you offer and the manufacturing process.

Your Google Merchant Center Account is dependent upon your feed.

This feed provides the primary information Google uses to create Shopping Ads for you business.

Google creates your Google Shopping ads by using your product data feed. Google needs to have all your product information so it can create the right ad and display it in search results.

What information do I need to list my product?

It’s likely that you are wondering what information you need to create product listings. Here are some features you should include in your product listings:

  1. Google uses product title to determine whether your product is relevant for a search. Use high-volume keywords to reach more people. Google will show your titles up to 150 characters.
  2. Image of the product: Every listing should include a clear image showing the product. People won’t click on your advertisement if the picture is blurry or pixelated. Photos that you add to your listings should not contain text or logos.
  3. Category: Only Google can view your product category.You will need to select a product category in the backend to ensure your listing appears in relevant search results.You should be as specific and precise as possible to ensure your listing appears in relevant search results.
  4. Link your website To convert leads, add a link to your product listing on your website
  5. Price – Customers want to compare prices to make informed purchasing decisions. Include your price in the listing.

This information can help you create an amazing product listing in Google Merchant Center

What shipping costs do you charge?

Advertise your products through Google. Customers need to know the shipping cost of your product.

Shipping costs should follow standard shipping rates. Standard shipping amounts should be used for shipping.

Flat-rate shipping is not an option. The shipping method you choose will depend on your goals. 

Free shipping can be a great way of increasing conversions and getting more people to buy. To increase order value, you should consider offering free shipping at a certain price.

What is the Google Merchant Center promotion?

Google Merchant Center offers can be found in your ad. 

  • Order discounts
  • Shipping Free
  • Get free gifts
  • More

These promotions can help increase buzz around your listing.

Start using Google Merchant Center today

Google Merchant Center can be a great way for you to reach more people interested in your products. Google FX is a partner that can make Google Merchant Center simple to use.

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