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Email marketing is a powerful tool that businesses can use to reach their customers and grow their businesses. Although there are many ways to design email campaigns, they can be both time-consuming, and complicated. We’ll be reviewing Mailshake to see if it offers any new features.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective, efficient, and useful ways to grow your business. Given all the options, it can be hard to choose the right email tool for you.

This Mailshake review will compare the features and pricing of Mailshake to other similar-priced services. We also discuss why Mailshake is worth the hype.

Mailshake Review: Overview

Mailshake allows you to build and manage an entire email list using a cloud-based service. Although the company has been in existence for approximately 2 years, it is still relatively new to the market and has not yet established itself.

Mailshake allows users to create contact lists from their existing address book, import these contacts into an online database (similar to what other services do), and then send emails directly from within Mailshake.

You will also find basic analytics tools to help you see how effective your campaigns are and how many people are opening, clicking, or deleting your emails.

Mailshake Review: Features

Mailshake can be used as a basic tool and provides the following features:

1. Email multiple email addresses.

2. Track which recipients are opening and clicking on your campaigns automatically (this can be disabled if desired).

3. For each person who signs up for your email list, set up autoresponders. This allows them to get future emails from Mailshake once they sign up.

4. All aspects of your campaigns can be managed with one click.

5. This feature is known as “re-targeting”, and it allows you to send emails to contacts who have signed up for your email list.

Mailshake automatically updates the mailing list with information about subscribers to ensure that it is not considered spam by their ISPs or inbox managers.

By signing up, they will receive future mailings and won’t have to re-enter any information.

6. Track which campaigns are being opened/clicked on by recipients to help you determine what parts of your email marketing campaign work well and what don’t.

Mailshake Review: Prices

Mailshake offers two pricing plans. The prices differ based on how much you pay. For example, if you choose the yearly plan it will be slightly more expensive than the monthly.

Mailshake Email Marketing Plan – This email outreach plan costs $59/user/month if you pay monthly or $44/user/month if you pay annually.

It offers email personalization, advanced scheduling, throttling, and automated sequences. A/B testing and email template management are just a few of the many options available.

Mailshake Sales Engagement Plan – The sales engagement plan costs $99/user/ yearly if you choose a monthly basis or $75/ user/month if yearly.

It includes all of the features of an email outreach plan but also offers advanced features such as social selling, custom tasks, and 10k list cleaning tasks monthly.

Mailshake Review: The Pros and Cons


  • It is very easy to use and flexible in what you can do.
  • It’s not necessary to create an account for every campaign you send. This is a great advantage as it means that less time is spent creating accounts.
  • It’s free, although there are some paid plans. Mailshake is still a good value when compared to other email marketing tools.


  • It is not as user-friendly as AWeber or Campaign Monitor, but the interface is simple.
  • Mailshake can’t directly import contacts into an online database. Instead of creating lists based on who lives nearby, you will need to manually enter their details in Mailshake.

Mailshake Review: Alternatives & Competitors

Mailshake is a fundamental email marketing tool. It doesn’t have many advanced features, but it’s worth a try if you don’t have much money.

1. MailChimp: Mailchimp was founded in 2001 and offers a wide range of tools that will help you with all aspects of your email marketing campaigns.

You can also track opens and clicks in their system, which can help you save time managing your campaigns. However, they do not offer autoresponders like Mailshake.

This means they are encouraging people to use their paid plans. These plans can quickly become expensive.

2. GetResponse: Getresponse has been a well-known email marketing tool for more than 10 years.

They provide many of the same features and functionality as Mailchimp but have added functionality to track clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and bounces within their platform.

They don’t offer autoresponders like MailChimp, but they do have an Aweber API that allows you to send emails through other services like Amazon SES and Mandrill.

3. Constant Contact: Constant Contact offers a free plan that has limited capabilities, but you can upgrade to send more email campaigns.

They provide many of the same features and functionality as Mailchimp but have added functionality to track clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and bounces within their platform.

4. Aweber: Aweber is another well-known email marketing tool, but they don’t offer autoresponders (which I highly endorse).

This means they are encouraging people to use their paid plans, which can quickly turn out to be expensive if you’re just starting your campaign or trying new ideas.

What is the Difference Between Mailshake and Other Services?

It is how you use it and where it comes from that makes the biggest difference. Take this example:

  1. Campaign Monitor and most other services require you to create an account for each campaign you send. This can be time-consuming, especially if you have many campaigns at once.
  2. Mailshake doesn’t allow you to import contacts directly. Instead of creating lists based on who lives nearby, I must manually enter their information into Mailshake.
  3. You can’t see who opened an email or whether they clicked on links within the emails with most other services.
  4. Most other services require you to manually enter your email addresses in each campaign you send. This can be time-consuming, especially if you are sending multiple campaigns at once. Mailshake automates the process and allows you to import contacts from a database or spreadsheet with one click.

Mailshake Review: Final Thoughts

Mailshake is a fantastic service that I have tested. It has many of the features that you would expect in an email marketing tool, and it doesn’t require complicated integration or setup.

Mailshake’s pricing structure is the only thing I dislike about it. This can quickly make it expensive if you are just starting.

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