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Video is increasingly being used by companies to reach potential customers and clients online. YouTube and other video platforms have revolutionized the way companies market to customers online. They enable them to create content that encourages people to learn more about their company.

You need to measure and analyze your results with video. 

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Why is video so important in marketing?

Before you start creating videos, it is important to understand all the benefits.

1. This is a great format for content marketing

Video marketing is simple. They can instead offer helpful tips and information through videos that show how to do things or demonstrate your services in action.

A hot trend right now is cooking videos. They are informative and helpful and can be viewed in a matter of seconds to minutes. 

A company that sells food products or cooking tools might use the same approach to highlight specific ingredients and tools, and then show potential buyers how they can be used.

2. It works well on social media

Videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. This allows for longer videos. Users can scroll on desktop browsers to view them. This is a great way to grab their attention.

3. Customers love it!

Video is more appealing to online viewers than reading about products. 59% of executives prefer to watch videos.

A great way to show how a product works is to use video. This video allows you to demonstrate it in action. Seventy-four percent of customers view such videos. Video can be an effective tool for getting your audience to purchase a product.

4. This allows you to quickly communicate information

Video marketing is a great tool to get your message across. Most people only read the articles.

What’s video marketing analytics?

You can use video marketing analytics to track the response of viewers once you’ve posted a video. To determine how successful each video is, you can track various metrics like how many people saw it and how much engagement it generated.

YouTube and other video-sharing websites like YouTube have tools that allow you to analyze different aspects of your videos. Google Analytics can be used for tracking traffic to your site via video sites and analyzing the impact of on-page videos.

What metrics are you supposed to be tracking?

Measure the success of each video using metrics like views, duration, and referrals.


You can easily gauge interest in a video’s content by counting how many views it received. Access this information on YouTube by clicking “Analytics” beneath any of the videos.

You can tailor your content based on the number of views. This allows you to determine whether a topic is getting more views and create more videos about it.

If your video doesn’t get many views, it could be an indication that your topic isn’t very interesting. Your audience might be using different platforms to share or post your video.

This does not indicate how many people viewed your video but how many finished it. 

Many companies struggle to make videos that engage and hold viewers’ attention. Viewers will pay less attention to videos if they are truly interested.

Video analytics will show you how long viewers stay on each video. If viewers stop watching after a certain time, this can be a sign that your content isn’t appealing to them.

Learn from past videos to see how viewers have fallen off the platform and make improvements.

You should also evaluate the length and appropriateness of your videos. The right balance is key to maximizing effectiveness.

You should also consider the platform where you will be posting. There are different lengths of videos that work on each platform. Facebook videos, however, can last up to two minutes.

2. Demographics

Analytics can help you see who is watching each video. 

YouTube makes it easy for you to locate and understand this information. They provide graphs and maps showing location, gender, and traffic sources.

Demographic data can be used to determine who is most interested in your videos. This information can also be used to help you decide if you are reaching your audience effectively.

Some videos may be very popular with a specific segment of your audience. You can use this information to target your audience and look for other ways to reach them with video content.

You can see the places your viewers have viewed your video and how they found it. Improve your promotion strategy.

If you embed videos on your website, you can see the playback location analytics. This allows users to decide if they prefer YouTube or to view them on your site.

3. Referrals

Google Analytics is a tool that can be used to analyze the impact of your videos on your overall digital marketing strategy. 

This will tell you how many people visited your YouTube channel videos. It will also show how many people visited your YouTube channel videos, how long they stayed there, and if any of them converted.

4. On-site actions

To determine if your videos drive the kind of conversions that can help you improve your bottom line, you’ll need to analyze the embedding videos on your website with Google Analytics data. 

Time on the page is one example. This is a way to determine if your video is relevant to the content of the page.

Analytics can be used to determine if embedding videos leads to an increase in conversions.

Are You Ready to Reach More Customers Using Video?

Video Marketing is a powerful tool to reach potential customers. You can track your results and make improvements using analytics data just like other Miami digital marketing channels.

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