TikTok Marketing Has Officially Changed The Music Industry


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  • TikTok can be used to discover new music.
  • The app has been flooded with songs from musicians, music marketers, and other creators.
  • Insider just published a detailed breakdown of Insider’s coverage of TikTok’s effect on the music industry.

TikTok can be a powerful promotional tool for musicians or record labels.

Songs that have been out of the mainstream can still rise organically through the app, even if they’ve been there for decades. This will generate a flood of user-generated posts.

“TikTok is a crucial part of artist storytelling,” Kristen Bender, Universal Music Group’s SVP of digital strategy said to Insider during a webinar on TikTok and its impact on the music industry. 

Industry attention to TikTok has not been unfounded. TikTok conducted this November study.

TikTok allows labels to promote their new releases and back catalog tracks. 

TikTok rewards creators for promoting their songs

TikTok’s developers have discovered a significant source of income from song promotion deals between musicians, influencers, and.

Jesse Callahan, founder of Montford Agency said that music marketing on TikTok is huge. This is also a big way creators have made a lot.

Hire micro-influencers for song campaign campaigns

TikTok is growing in popularity and has seen an increase in users. For song campaign ideas, marketers are turning to micro-influencers more than stars.

Mega stars can be very expensive. A micro-influencer might cost $200 and their TikTok may get 10,000,000 views.

Song campaign collaborations Avec non-influencers

While the idea of hiring music industry influencers has been proven to work, record companies often pay general-interest accounts to embed songs in videos.

Creating interest in songs can be done through a non-influencer account.

These accounts are similar to the hydraulic press accounts and allow the song’s progression.

TikTok music challenges encouraging user-generated videos

Social media users can now make money promoting music by partnering with marketers.

Pearpop allows artists and labels to create user-generated video challenges. Anyone can be invited to join song or artist campaigns, and they will get paid on a sliding scale.

Paying people with large followings is the first way to make an influencer market work. It would be like throwing large logs into an unlit fire.

How record labels assess TikTok performance

Many record companies have dedicated teams that monitor TikTok to fan the flames of a popular song.

Andy McGrath, senior vice president of marketing at Legacy Recordings, is Andy McGrath. This division of Sony Music is responsible for the entire song catalog. “

Tarek al Hamdouni is RCA Records’ VP for digital marketing. He stated that the label tracks the success of a TikTok Campaign using a series of signals, such as an increase in Spotify streams or shifts in audience numbers via YouTube.

“If I can see that our YouTube audience has changed dramatically from being dominated by 25-to 34-year-old males to being dominated by 13-to-24-year-old women in just a few weeks, it is pretty obvious that there is a bridge between the two platforms. “

TikTok only

TikTok can be used to promote new tracks. Some artists however use TikTok earlier in their creative process.

Tags (Canadian rapper Tiago Garcia-Arenas) built a large following using the app by posting songs that referenced popular memes or trends. This effectively rigged the search and content recommendation algorithms.

I tried understanding this platform. “I continued doing these memes because it worked.

TikTok’s music division

Not all song trends on TikTok happen by accident.

TikTok also has an internal division that monitors song popularity within the app. To improve song discovery in the search interface, the company adds songs to its playlists and uses keywords in the backend.

Private listening parties for TikTok creators

TikTok organizes private listening sessions for artists to promote songs before they are published.

Miley Cyrus was about to release “Midnight Sky” this summer 20 of 20. Her team teamed up with TikTok to schedule two private Zoom calls for around 15 creators to get an early look.          

Insider was told by Olivia Rudensky, founder and CEO of Fanmade, that “these creators will be needed in the process.” She is also the CEO and founder of Fanmade. This company works on digital strategy for clients like Cyrus and Hailey Bieber.

Similar events were held by Marshmellow and Demi Lovato. Artists’ marketing teams can benefit from a listening session to learn what videos and snippets might be featured on TikTok.  

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