Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Content Marketing Processes


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Artificial intelligence is achieved by teaching a computer to act and think like a person.

Google calls content generated by artificial intelligence spam. We are still a long way from being able to master creative thinking. Even intelligent machines cannot grasp concepts like perspective, style, or voice.

Artificial intelligence is useful in content marketing, even though a machine cannot write creatively. Here are three ways AI can make your content marketing process more productive.

1. Create content briefs

Content assets are often created through collaboration. A freelancer may create the content after an SEO manager has identified the need for an article that addresses a popular topic.

You can also ensure that the sales and customer service teams contribute to the content brief, as well as the final piece of writing. This is based on the experience they have with customers.

A content brief is essential to any successful content creation process.

Artificial intelligence can be very helpful in this situation. It can combine many data points to create a conclusive summary that your team can use.

The narrator creates semi-automated briefs using artificial intelligence. It uses SEO data, semantic analysis, and input from the team (style guide notes, questions from people in different roles to the author, etc.). Create a dashboard that allows your writer to create all content.

This tool uses AI-powered grammar checkers to help you or your writer create better-structured copy that is more readable. The tool recommends changing “a large amount of” into a specific number, or using “many,” “numerous” or “many.”

2. Diversify content marketing strategies

According to experts, you should spend 80% of your time promoting the content that you create and 20% crafting it. This rule is a great way to make the most out of each piece that you write. However, it’s rarely followed.

Promoting content on social media takes a lot of time. You have to write interesting copy, create attention-grabbing images, and craft captions. Content marketers are often scared off by repetitive tasks, so they use automation tools to grab new content from RSS and share it on their social media channels.

Artificial intelligence can help you to create better and more effective social media copy, captions, and multimedia content.

Text-to image technology

Photoleap allows you to create visual content instantly. Click “Generate AI Image”, and then enter the text you want to use (for instance, the title of your article).

The app will create an image. The image can be edited if desired. This is the fastest and easiest way to create images for your Social Media Content to promote your on-site content.

Social media copy

Lately is an AI-powered tool that helps you create more engaging social media updates based on the performance of your posts.

Select the length you prefer for your social media updates. The tool will automatically generate captions for social media. Select the captions you want to use, and then publish them directly to your social media profiles.

The tool utilizes the meta description and the title of the article to determine the focus of the article and create captions. It also uses the on-page content to guide AI-generated content.


videos, which are traditionally considered to be the most labor-intensive social media content in existence, can now be created faster with AI-powered software.

InVideo is powered by AI to automate its “text-to-video” feature. You can copy and paste some paragraphs and then upload your logo. The tool will create a video with headlines, animations, and a template. The video can be edited if desired.

3. Check your content

The narrator is a grammar suggestion tool powered by AI. Your team produces a lot of content, including social media posts and newsletters.

Grammarly, the most popular grammar checker app, uses AI to understand each user’s style of writing and then provides suggestions that are tailored to that style. The tool learns from its interactions with users. If you ignore the same advice repeatedly, for example, the tool eventually learns not to make it.

Grammarly offers a solution to this example. It suggests changing “which results” to “resulting in an abrupt price change”.

Grammarly has many options for integration. It is available as a WordPress plugin, and can also be used with text editors. WordPress can also host some AI-generator plug-ins, such as internal links or translations.

AI Tools to maximize your content time

The advancement of technology should not make content creators feel threatened. Human creativity and innovation cannot be replaced by technology. Artificial intelligence is a friend to writers by letting them concentrate on their best skill – writing – and not worry about the tasks that they don’t have time for.

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