Some of the most common objections I come across when presenting the idea of digital advertising to the owners of both new and established businesses alike: Will it really work? How many people actually use this stuff to find what I have to offer? I already tried it and it didn’t work why should I try again?

4 reasons why you need digital advertising

  1. The Numbers: The digital marketplace has been growing year over year and will continue to do so as technology continues to advance and reach more and more people worldwide. There are currently 247 million Americans that use the Internet on a regular basis. Of those, 167 million are active users on Facebook. What are you doing to get your business in front of these people? If your answer is nothing, you are leaving money on the table for somebody else to take. The digital marketplace is simply too big to ignore.

  2. Level Playing Field: Having a website is equivalent to having a salesman who never sleeps, working around the clock 24/7 just for you. If you are in direct competition with a business that has a professional website they are at a clear advantage, especially if they have an effective digital marketing strategy in place. Websites are a great way to level the playing field.For business owners who have attempted digital marketing and failed, it is important to have an online presence but even more importantly you need to continually develop and create refreshing and engaging content that attracts new customers to your site. Content is king. Adequately market your content.
  3. Cost: Your business can develop its online marketing strategy for very little cost and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as Yellow Pages, television, radio and magazine. However, having a blend of both traditional and digital advertising is something that I personally consult to my clients in order to reach all demographics of people. It really all depends on the services you provide and who you are going after.To effectively reach your target market you need to extensively research who they are and what kind of lifestyles they live. This will allow you to better communicate your product show them how it will fit in to their day-to-day lives.
  4. Viral: How often do you have your business fliers being passed on and shared by your customers? Probably not so much. That is the beauty of digital marketing. Using social media share buttons on your website, email and blog posts enables your message to be shared instantly and quickly. The average Facebook user has 190 friends which an average of 12% see their liked posts — your message has now been viewed by 15 new prospects. Now imagine a number of their friends like and share your message and their friends do the same. Mind blowing. 50% of Internet sales are from new customers. Having a website that has an effective digital marketing strategy in place significantly improves your customer reach no matter what service or product you offer.


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