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PERSPECTIVES The rise of artificial

Kobe Digital is a unified team of performance marketing, design, and video production experts. Our mastery of these disciplines is what makes us effective. Our ability to integrate them seamlessly is what makes us unique.

Male dancer performing an acrobatic stunt.
Male dancer performing an acrobatic stunt.

Every client engagement demands a precise combination of knowledge, skills, and resources—and our teams are purpose-built to meet those exact needs.

Thoughtful integration of both high-level strategists and focused subject matter experts from diverse marketing specialties brings unique perspectives, interdisciplinary thinking, and innovative solutions to every stage of the process, from ideation to execution.

Video Production

  • Brand Videos
  • Commercials
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Explainer & How-To Videos
  • Product Videos
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Web Design & Development

  • Brand Identity & Strategy
  • Brand Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
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Performance Marketing

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display & Video Advertising
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Email Marketing
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KOBE MEDIA Performance Marketing

Kobe Media specializes in deploying social media, search, display, video, programmatic, and email campaigns that connect brands with audiences to generate sales, leads, and interest.

Our diverse team of experienced marketing professionals includes both holistic campaign strategists and focused platform specialists—allowing us to develop bespoke media solutions for every client that are as effective as they are innovative.

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Leica, the legendary German manufacturer of precision optics, sold its product via third-party retailers and its own galleries for much of its illustrious history. But a quickly-changing retail landscape—and mounting pressure from both longtime competitors and new market entrants—meant it had to adapt.

Find out how Kobe Media helped the century-old institution reimagine its direct-to-consumer ad campaigns and diversify its distribution strategy.

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INSIGHTS The evolution of direct response advertising in the digital era

Direct response advertising remains as relevant as ever—but as with any medium, direct response marketers must adapt their campaigns’ tactics to the evolving digital landscape if they are to remain competitive.

In this piece, we explore the latest trends shaping direct response campaigns and examine how marketers can adapt their strategies in response to them.

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KOBE DESIGN Design & Development

Kobe Design creates brand identities, websites, and apps that blend stunning design and functional efficacy to help organizations achieve their key business objectives and stay ahead of the curve.

Our cross-disciplinary approach supports organizations through digital transformations—creating connective tissue between online properties, marketing, and operations.

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An early pioneer in Internet security, TeleSign underwent a rapid transformation from nascent startup to global leader as its software became a critical component of the world’s most frequently used websites and smartphone apps.

Kobe Design worked with TeleSign’s leadership to develop an authoritative brand identity and reimagined online presence congruent with the organization’s status as a leader in its category.

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INSIGHTS The state of website personalization: Opportunities, challenges, and the future of online brand experiences

Advances in the personalization capabilities of ubiquitous content management systems have empowered brands to offer their audiences more customized experiences than ever before. Thoughtfully deploying these features can take a website’s user experience to the next level—but failing to understand the limitations of the current technology can lead to frustrated customers and missed opportunities.

Learn about the current state of website personalization and discover our latest insights on best practices, common pitfalls, and key opportunities to help guide your next website redesign.

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KOBE STUDIOS Video Production

Kobe Studios helps brands tell stories online through thoughtful video content that is created with specific, measurable business objectives in mind.

This objective-driven approach informs every aspect of production—from ideation of the initial concept, to scripting and pre-production, to final editing. The result: optimized video assets that fulfill specific intended use cases, whether that be maximizing return on ad spend, boosting customer engagement, or achieving viral notoriety.

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SurveyMonkey needed to promote their newest product, an application management system called SurveyMonkey Apply.

Our team produced a testimonial feature highlighting the experiences of AT&T Center’s events team, showcasing how they leverage the SurveyMonkey Apply platform to further the venue’s mission of bringing visibility and operational support to local performing arts groups from within the community.

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INSIGHTS Evaluating return on investment for digital creative assets

Quantifying the financial impact of video content and other digital creative assets has always posed a challenge to marketers. With so many variables to consider—and often high production costs to justify, especially relative to other mediums—the case for video has not always been an easy one to make, at least from the perspective of demonstrated profitability. What, after all, is the economic value of a like, view, or share?

However, increased adoption of more robust multi-touch attribution models and improved capacity for multivariate split testing have contributed to a more concrete awareness of how users interact with content—providing a more quantifiable understanding of the value of video.

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