Many experts predict that programmatic advertising is the way of the future, yet many businesses are still hesitant to dive in and take advantage of it. Why? Part of the reason is that several of those businesses just don’t quite understand what it can do for them. While there are some myths about programmatic advertising floating around, the truth is that it actually has dozens of advantages and practically every business, brand, and industry should take it seriously. Still not convinced? Here are the first dozen advantages to help change your mind:

1. It makes your employees more creative.

Or, at least, it frees up their time so they can work on being more creative. Instead of handling every single aspect of your advertising campaign, your employees can focus on creating the actual advertisement, which usually resorts in a better, more efficient campaign.

2. It leaves less room for human error.

Since your employees are focusing on the creative side of things and not splitting their time between that and crunching data to come up with an advertising plan, you don’t have to worry about human error. No one’s going to make a mistake. Programmatic advertising doesn’t call in sick or miss the mark because it doesn’t understand your numbers.

3. It’ll help you keep up with your competition.

If your top competitors are using programmatic advertising, and you’re still doing it the old-fashioned way, you’re going to fall behind. Way behind. Particularly, within the next couple of years. Programmatic levels the playing field for everyone.

4. It will help improve your mobile advertising.

Mobile is everything these days. Because programmatic advertising allows you to be so precise when reaching out to consumers, it actually complements mobile advertising because it allows you to reach the right person at the right time on their individual device.

5. It appeals to consumers…whether they know it or not.

Countless studies and surveys have proven one thing over the last few years: Consumers want a more personalized shopping experience than ever before. This extends to every shopper in every category, from age to income level. Programmatic advertising is just one way to reach out to specific customers and provides them with a more personal interaction with your ads.

6. It appeals to Millennials.

No one craves a personalized shopping experience more than the Millennial generation, though. As a matter of fact, they are so used to it now that they are almost turned off when they don’t receive it. For many companies, the under 40 crowd is their biggest target. That also happens to be the age group with the shortest attention span, so you may only have one chance to get your advertising right. Why take a risk?

7. It’s faster.

Programmatic advertising works in real time. Combine that with the fact that you don’t have to fix as many human error mistakes, and it works almost instantly, which means your business grows faster instantly, too.

8. There are no boundaries.

As mentioned above, you now have a level playing field with programmatic. Any available advertising inventory can be yours if it’s within your budget. This means your small business can compete with larger companies if you want. As a matter of fact, smaller businesses may be afraid to dive in, but because they have more flexibility in the decision-making process, it can actually be easier for them to incorporate.

9. It can improve your SEO.

Many businesses that currently use programmatic advertising report that they have seen a significant increase in web traffic, as well as a bigger window into how their customers interact with their site. This means more data for you to analyze for your other marketing and advertising avenues, including SEO.

10. It’s cheaper than traditional advertising.

One of the big myths floating around is that programmatic is costly, but it’s actually pretty cost effective. As a matter of fact, many companies report that they receive four times the exposure than they did when using traditional methods, even at the same exact budget.

11. It helps you stand out.

The average consumer is exposed to thousands of ads each day, whether they are walking down the street, play a game on their smartphones, watching a show on their smart TV, or listening to their favorite music apps while they work out. Ads are coming at us from every medium, and if you want to compete with that, you need to make yours stand out. Programmatic allows you to target the perfect consumer for your business and do just that.

12. It can be used for almost every medium.

Speaking of smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and all other types of new technology, programmatic advertising can be used with all of them. You can’t beat that.

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Samir’s wall-street background lends itself well to the long hours and streneous tasks of managing our vast fulfillment team in order to garner amazing results and maintain the excellent work quality our clients have come to expect from Kobe Digital. His background in data analysis helps guide our philosophy in campaign optimization.