Over 50% of people in the world use a mobile device. What does this mean for us digital marketers? We have to update our marketing strategies to include mobile users. If not, we are not going to be able to market in this ever-changing digital world.

The simple fact is that people want to be able to access the Internet wherever and whenever they want. For that reason, marketers have to optimize their sites, methods, and thinking to suit this new – maybe, not so new – trend.

The advent of mobile marketing began back in 2008 when Mary Meeker, Kleiner Caufield Byers analyst, predicted that mobile Internet would surpass fixed Internet access by 2014. Since then Google specialists have also been telling business to take head to the mobile-first trends and optimize their online properties to reflect the current and upcoming new browser experience Google wants to employ.


3 Mobile Usage Stats You Need To Be Aware Of

More and more countries are using mobiles with nations like India and Mexico who have over four times the number of mobile devices than desktops. The trend does not only apply to the above countries alone.

Smart Insights outlined some interesting mobile usage statistics in a recent curated content report on their site. This report focused on mobile Internet usage which stressed the need for marketers and businesses to be not just mobile-friendly but mobile-optimized.


Here they are:

  1. Mobile users are accessing the Internet almost twice as long as desktop users. One of the main reasons cited for this trend is the advent of made-for-mobile platforms and social media networks like Whatsapp and Snapchat.
  2. People are using mobile devices to access the Internet more than any other device. However, this does not mean that consumers do not use desktop or laptops anymore. It just means that one should incorporate a multi-channel marketing strategy, in which mobile is steadily gaining ground.
  3. There are more mobile website visits than in previous years. This trend has continued to increase since 2014. We should emphasize that a lot of the time spent accessing websites through mobile devices. These include activities like checking emails, reading news and accessing social media.



Online consumers tend to use desktop, laptop, and tablets to review products and services before they buy. However, it does not mean that engagement starts there. This is where having a mobile-optimized site comes in. Engage the potential customer on their mobile device first, and then bring them deeper into the sales funnel while they are on their desktop, laptop or tablet.

Here is a breakdown of website visits as per mobile, desktop, and multi-devices to give you a better picture of what is going on.


3 Mobile Marketing Trends You Can Profit From

People are using there mobile devices more than ever before to access the Internet. As a marketer or business owner, it is essential to know which mobile marketing trends are on the rise to profit from them.


Here are the top 3 mobile marketing trends that you can use to boost your mobile marketing in 2019:

  1. More marketers are using big data this year to help with their mobile marketing by collecting information on demographics, likes & dislikes, and location.
  2. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are moving more and more towards video ads and are trying to figure out how to incorporate such ads on mobile devices. If you are not currently using video marketing, it is in your best interest to do so. Your future mobile marketing endeavors will give your marketing a boost across all devices.
  3. Mobile app integration has continued to rise this year, especially with e-commerce and social media sites like Shopify and Instagram.


As sites such as these make it easier to purchase items online, mobile purchases will continue to increase and eventually become the leading device for online purchases.

As a marketer, you can use these new integrations to boost sales. These methods include advertising to your customers, prospects, and target audience.


Mobile Site Optimization


It is now time to take action by optimizing your website for mobile users. The following tips are just the beginning of mobile optimization. Without them, you will not even be able to proceed with your mobile marketing endeavors.


  1. Use a responsive web design that adapts automatically to any device. This is by far the most accessible route. Your site will fit perfectly into a mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet screen.

When using Responsive Web Design is to add the following meta viewport tag to the front of the document so it looks something like this.


  1. Organize your content for mobile search. Mobile screens are smaller than other devices so you want to make sure your site’s mobile design is on point.

The primary objective of optimizing your site for mobile users is to create a better experience for your visitors. For that reason, you should only include the most pertinent information and content when coming up with a mobile-friendly appearance.

Here is what to include and an example of what it should look like:

  • Provide only actionable information.
  • Simple layouts with “tappable” elements.
  • Short and concise content.
  • Here is what you don’t want:
  • Plain text (use bullet points as much as you can).
  • Long titles & subheadings.
  • Unorganized content on the page (the more streamlined the better).
  • Core content that drastically changes from one device to the next.


  1. Page speed is key. Studies have shown that slow load times increase bounce rates and abandonment rates by a large margin on all devices. A couple of seconds of delay can drastically increase the chances of losing a lead, sale or life-long customer.


Aberdeen Group Stats

A site that takes more than 3 seconds to load has a 43% more likelihood of producing a non-returning visitor. Additionally, it has a 40% chance of driving visitors to competitor sites.

1-second delays in load times equate to 11% less viewed pages, 7% increase in lost conversions, and a 15% decrease in overall customer satisfaction.



Mobile marketing is not just a thing of the future. It is a must for any digital marketing campaign these days.

Statistics don’t lie and you should implement some form of mobile marketing into your plans.

Test these tips on digital platforms you are utilizing for your online marketing needs. Mobile marketing, like most other marketing strategies and methods, is always a work-in-progress.

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