Over the last year, Google has been rolling out their new Search Engine Counsel. By now, everyone should have access to it. Some say that the new council could be more user-friendly. Moreover, it contains many new and updated features allowing users to see how their site is performing. Then there are some great new tools to discover in the new Search Engine Counsel for owners of e-commerce sites.


Search Performance


If you have been wondering how your e-commerce site has been performing, then the 16 months of search performance data may hold vital clues. One of the things that you can find is your current position and your average position over time. You can also discover your average ranking. Google considers this much more reliable than looking at any one point in time. Furthermore, you can find impressions showing how many people have seen your website, Google Ad or PPC ad. You can use this data to show you what is working in your internet marketing scheme and what still needs improvement. You can also find your click-through-rate allowing you to see how many customers are clicking on your pages and links.

If you are not pleased with the results under search performance, then there are several steps that you may want to consider taking. Remember that content is king and providing content connecting with customers will better place. If you are using Google Ads to drive people to your site, then you may want to use Google’s new ad program. Try to set up ads that connect better with customers. You can now use this program to design your custom ads and test them in side-by-side testing. You may also want to take a look at your links to make sure that they are natural and not broken.



Index Coverage Report

One of the most exciting parts of the new Google Search Console is the index coverage report. This report lets you know the date that Google last crawled your site. It also shows you any errors that Google found when crawling your site. Once you have discovered an error, then you can take steps to correct the mistake. Then, you can submit the site for crawling so that Google knows that you have fixed the problem. As a result, your site is crawled sooner.

To take maximum advantage of the index coverage report, you need to know the codes and the most common ways to fix them:

  • 200- This code means that Google found no errors, and you can continue with other activities in your day.
  • 301- This code indicates that page is redirected permanently to another site. If that is what you intended, then you need to do nothing.
  • 302- This also redirects viewers and Google to another page, but it is not the preferred method in most cases because the page’s link quality rating and time on your site will not move with the page. Consider replacing it with a 301.
  • 404- This means that the page is not found on the server. 404 codes can be useful when you no longer offer a product, or it is temporarily out of stock. You should create a custom 404 page letting viewers know that they have not arrived by mistake.
  • 410- These pages have permanently disappeared. Make sure that you do not have links on your site pointing to this page because it can leave your viewers frustrated.
  • 500- This indicates that there is a problem with your server. Make sure that you choose the most reliable host for your site.


AMP Status

Google has been pushing mobile-first indexing for several years now. Therefore, the new Search Engine Counsel features results showing what Google found when they crawled your mobile site. Take a look at how Flight Services used mobile to make their company stronger. Going mobile is vital to your success.

When you look at this report, then you may see errors. These are the first issues that you need to fix according to Google. You can click on a row in the table for specific information about the error that Google found on that page. Click on the inspect icon. Then, run a report on a particular page to see any errors found on the current version of that page.


If you are using the internet to market your products to the public, then you will love Google’s new Search Engine Counsel. While it may feel clunky at first, the vast amount of information available in it will help you focus your efforts in the right places.

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