Right now, 200 million people are using Instagram stories. Whether it’s for business or fun, Instagram stories are a great way to engage your followers. Utilize your unique content to reach out to users and engage.

Many people accused Instagram of copying Snapchat when they added the story feature. However, Instagram has proven to be top-dog when it comes to social media stories. Instagram has made it simple to use the feature. Over time, they have added more exciting functions to make users’ stories unique and exciting.

Instagram stories have incorporated many exciting features. These features include hashtags, music, location, GIFS, stickers, and filters. Instagram stories have been a great asset to the platform. The reason being that users are sharing content that now doesn’t have to ruin their feed’s theme.

Instagram stories have proven to be fun to watch and create. The easy to use features will have you creating stories like a pro in no time. Here are three practical ways that they can benefit your business.


1. Sneak Peak

Many businesses are using Instagram stories to display behind-the-scenes of projects, things that will be coming out soon, and exclusive content. Only your most loyal followers will watch your story on a daily basis. It is essential to create unique and exclusive content for these followers consistently. Allow users to feel like they are getting something special from your account.

Examples of exclusive story content are anything else that isn’t showing up on your primary feed. Stories have a more intimate feel, so one of their primary uses should be to share exclusive content.


2. Keep Your Feed Clean


As a business page, personality and real-time posting often get compromised for content that matches the theme or is high-quality. Since Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, you can post content in real time without junking up your feed. This is a great feature to use when you want to share what you are doing at that exact moment.

Stories allow you to add special effects to your photos and videos such as stickers and silly filters. This type of content may not look the best on your original feed, but it increases engagement with your followers. By posting on your Instagram story and your feed, you allow your followers to see your business side and your creative side.


3. Building A Community

Have you ever wanted to promote another Instagram account, but would never dream of posting a screenshot to your feed? Instagram stories have got you covered. Stories allow you to do shoutout after shoutout without ruining your beautiful page with screenshots of random Instagram accounts.

You can easily do shoutouts over Instagram stories by taking a screenshot of the person’s feed and posting their username with it. This encourages your followers to follow your friend. As a result, this builds a community and trust among brands and businesses. Stories are a great place to collaborate with other brands.


Instagram stories allow you to post exclusive content, keep a clean and evergreen feed, and build a sense of community and trust. Not only are they practical, but Instagram stories are fun and pretty easy to create. You can get innovative when putting a story together, so let your creativity shine through.

Senior Marketing Analyst
With over 6 years of marketing experience, Allen is able to help guide clients through the sometimes complicated nether of digital marketing options. He prides himself in being able to match all of his clients with the perfect service offering for them. Allen spends his weekends with his wife and 3 dogs, and is known for throwing great barbeques!