When a network of individuals gathers online to discuss issues and topics, then they are participating in a content community. Businesses are consistently sharing and curating their content. As soon as it begins engaging with consumers, a content community starts forming. We’re going to look at four benefits to using content communities for digital marketing.


1: Tap Into What the Consumer Needs

When a business or brand can develop a firm understanding of their target audience’s needs, they can further enhance their products. Additionally, their services extend their reach to the consumer. When participating in content communities, it’s possible to conduct marketing research and gauge the consumer’s needs and preferences.

An excellent example of brands using content communities with Sephora’s “Beauty Talk.” Users regularly engage with questions, problems, ideas, and photographs. Brands can engage with them by answering questions, posing solutions, commenting, and posting fresh ideas.

Consumers will only engage with content they have an interest in or helps them with their needs. Therefore, the only research that needs to occur is looking at content receiving the most hits in the community. How does it help the consumer? Do underperforming links need sprucing up so they can add more value?

Businesses can also use this information as a springboard for developing new products and services, as well. Conversely, some existing products and serves may need further refinement. The info the content community provides could offer that insight.


2: Development of Online Trustworthiness

If consumers have no information about a business or brand, it’s difficult for them to trust them. A successful marketing strategy includes building trust with existing and potential customers. When companies and brands use content communities, it helps bridge the gap that tends to occur between customers and sellers.

Content communities like Quora are a great place to start when trying to build trust with users. This is because companies are answering direct questions from users. According to Neil Patel, “Marketers like me could use Quora as a massive source of referral traffic! The more I researched the channel, the more I realized its potential.”

Since the goal is to participate in conversations consistently, consumers routinely begin engaging in content with a focus on your industry. These efforts help strip away boundaries and create online trustworthiness for your business. These efforts help you market your products or services better because you’re developing relationships with your customers.

Throughout these efforts, you’re also developing and improving your brand’s visibility. When consumers interact with a brand regularly, it’s natural for them to remember them. Additionally, individuals will recommend them more often. In turn, your brand also sees improvement because consumers will begin making recommendations, posting reviews, and posting positive comments. These pieces of information will soon show up in Google searches when others search for your business name.


3: Testing New Services or Products

One of the most critical aspects of operating a business is testing new services or products in the market. Achieving this goal in a content community is simple. This is because you’re already engaging with like-minded individuals with a focus on your niche.

Becky Arnold from MarketingSciences Unlimited has provided us with the “Top Tips for Effect Product Testing,” to help brands either test new products or reinforce existing ones.

You’re already positioning yourself in front of consumers you can trust in the content community. Therefore, you’ll find value in the responses you receive from potential customers participating in the tests you conduct. These individuals will not only provide you with valuable insight during these tests, but they’ll also give you feedback as well.


4: Increase Search Engine Ranking Organically

When you participate in content communities and actively engage with members, it’s possible to improve your search engine ranking. As more people interact with your business and more discussions occur about your brand, search engines like Google will pick up these links and index them.

Business blogger and web influencer, Jeff Bullas, says, “Making your content easy to read and understand helps make it useful to your readers. Some experts also believe that Google takes readability into account when ranking web pages.”

These efforts result in building domain authority, which is a metric that uses an algorithm to determine its overall score. It’s possible to develop a community standing using solid content. At the same time, increase the domain authority of your brand because its social signals are increasing.

Content communities develop a foundation for the promotion of discussion and engagement with the focus on a particular topic. As a result, it drives organic traffic to your site.


Final Thoughts

The use of content communities is just one of the many ways of developing a solid content marketing plan. Look at the potential for using content communities and how they relate to the topic of your business and brand. You’ll soon realize why this is such an excellent marketing tool. In addition to having the ability to reach customers on a larger scale regularly, there is also the potential for those individuals to share your content. By ensuring you’re engaging with customers on a regular basis, you’re sure to develop trust and increase your search engine ranking.

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