Lawyers should consider the bigger picture when building a digital presence. Make sure that, as an attorney, you create a strong case before your jury consisting of your potential clients. Your marketing efforts have four pillars as its foundation.


The Content Pillar

You need to make sure that you are keeping your voice consistent between all of your digital marketing efforts. Post on your company’s website, create social media posts or engage in off-page search engine optimization efforts. Great content also includes keeping your site relevant through appropriate keywords. You will want to use different types of content across your internet marketing including:

  • News: The news is filled continuously with legal matters. Use these as fodder for giving your own opinion while keeping your audience abreast of the latest legal news that might affect them.
  • Question-focused: Switch roles with your buyer for a moment. Ask yourself what types of questions that the buyer would ask if they were the lawyer. Then, proceed to give answers to those questions in words that they will understand.
  • Foundational: Just like a smoking gun, this type of content should show what makes you the best lawyer for their case. Consider spending some extra time on these pieces and then link back to them often.
  • Long Playing: This type of content gives you the chance to repurpose previous content. Also, make it fit a new audience or present it in a new format.


The Communication Pillar

During a jury court case, you communicate a message to the judge, the jury and the media. It should be the same way with your internet marketing efforts. Thinking about your targeted audience before you begin to produce a new piece of content. As a result, you will position your content in the right direction. You may want to consider using:

  • One-to-many: Like your closing argument, you are standing in front of your buyers making a case. You are convincing the user on why someone should use your services.
  • One-to-one: Make it easy for clients and potential clients to communicate with you and your customer service team. Do not ever let clients see you sweat online. However, take any possible conflicts to text message, phone calls, or emails quickly.
  • Many-to-many: Ideally, this is the best type of online marketing. Your audience is now spreading the word of your successful cases for you. Since over 88 percent of people looking to hire a lawyer may read reviews first, it is essential that your reviews are top-notch.


The Community Pillar

The third pillar of building a successful platform on the internet to support your lawyer business is building a community. There are many different ways that you can do this as a lawyer. Use social media to interact with real people and assist them through their process. Also, get involved with worthwhile causes in your community, especially where you can get good press for your efforts. Offer to be the local expert on the subject. While not in a lawyer, take a look at how Future Visions Remodeling opened a new location by building a network based on targeting prospective customers.


The Commerce Pillar

Before a potential client contacts you, chances are that they have done their research online. Therefore, you need to make sure that each part of your internet marketing is equipped to move them along through the process. Steps usually include:

  • Research: Potential clients are looking to collect information through a variety of platforms including social media, news stories, review sites and your website. Make sure that customers in your local region find you.
  • Engage: Potential clients are considering your law firm as their top choice. However, they still need some mild persuasion. Deliver it through downloadable ebooks, webinars, white papers, and other long-form internet marketing efforts.
  • Buy: The client is ready to make the purchase. Make it easy for them by creating pages offering free consultations. Also provide clients discounts off services, Google Smart Campaigns, and other direct forms of advertising.
  • Support: Offer potential customers numerous ways to get in contact with your law firm.
  • Advocate: After fulfilling a client’s needs, make it easy for them to leave you a great review where others are likely to see it.

Digital Strategist
Jennifer’s love for digital marketing started at a young age while managing blogs and social profiles for her family’s businesses. Since 2013 she has been working in the space professionally and holds a degree in marketing from the University of Maryland. One of her greatest pleasures is seeing our fulfillment team execute the strategies she outlines, and seeing the finished product.