Digital advertising is where a majority of successful real estate agents spend their top dollar on advertising. Outlook for Real estate advertising reveals that brokers and real estate agents spend more than $13 billion for marketing their business. 75% of this goes to digital marketing.

This strategy, for the most part, has been beneficial. No doubt digital marketing, when done right, is an effective strategy. As a result, there are more measuring and targeting options for building relationships and acquiring leads.

However, a majority of realtors tend to focus more on generating leads with little attention to qualifying and engaging the prospects. As a result, this has caused more than a few setbacks to many agents. With new digital channels emerging each day, it is even harder to keep up with new trends, further aggravating the situation.

The following are proven digital marketing tactics to catapult your real estate agency business.


1. Social Media Engagement

The average age of a realtor is about 57 years. There is a possibility that most of the professionals have spent most of their career operating in the traditional business environment. Yet, one the largest group of homebuyers today are Gen Y and Gen X.

Social media is a great way to connect with your targeted audience. According to a TechCrunch report, Facebook had 2 billion active users as of 2017. 66% of these users are using the platform on a daily basis. Further, Statistica reveals that Twitter had an average of 336 million active monthly users by the first quarter of 2018. Other hugely popular social media sites include Instagram and Snapchat According to recent statistics, Instagram has 500 million daily users. Meanwhile, Snapchat has seen the number of their daily users rise to 150 million. If these figures are anything to go by, social media marketing is not something to be taken lightly.


2. Improve Site Performance With an Effective SEO Strategy

As a savvy real estate agent, you need a well-structured and eye-catching website. As a result, this will attract and sustain the attention of prospective customers. Including useful information and multimedia such as quality photos, informative blog posts, and videos of your listing will interest customers.

You also need to update your website regularly and make it mobile friendly to maintain a fresh and dynamic appeal. The easiest way to attract customers is to think from their perspective.

Another essential strategy to optimize the performance of your website is through SEO. A higher ranking on the search engine will present your offers in the front of customers when they are searching for homes. About 44% of all customers start their home search on the internet.

Besides this, most customers prefer to find information about offers through articles than through ads. Most successful agents take a more hyper-local focus in their digital marketing strategies. So, why local? 69% of home shoppers are more likely to choose a business based on location.


3. Mobile marketing

Real estate is inherently a mobile-driven industry. Mobile apps and mobile devices, in general, offer a viable way to engage with prospective customers. About 58% of younger homebuyers search for properties through a mobile application.

Likewise, most home shoppers use their smartphones to search for their homes. All these mean that real estate agents should also take a mobile-first approach in their marketing. This includes using mobile responsive design, mobile landing pages, mobile chats, and mobile ads.


4. Marketing Through Video

Online video continues to grow as a vital piece of content for digital marketing. Therefore, it is a useful tool for realtors. It presents a tremendous opportunity for real estate agents to market homes. One of the latest techniques that can help you differentiate your offer is virtual tours.

About 40% of prospective homebuyers view virtual video tours as a useful tool that helps them make informed purchases. A majority of US homebuyers prefer agents who use videos on their listing. As a results, it is evident from the results that the real estate agent who uses this strategy gets leads.

Real estate listings accompanied by videos generate 403% interest than listings that do not include video. Another innovate strategy that can further improve on this results is taking prospective customers on a virtual tour of the neighborhood.

The most popular platform to promote your properties to potential home buyers is YouTube. Slightly more than half (51%) of home buyers visit YouTube to check for listings, while 37% percent of them check for listing through videos from Google organic search.


Concluding Thoughts

As technology advances and customers become more sophisticated, crafting a solid digital marketing strategy will grow your real estate business. Take full advantage of the tools and information at your disposal to drive more quality leads and build stronger relationships.

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