While an email marketing campaign is one of the best channels for small businesses to invest in, it can be quite challenging. There are many different elements at play such as the subject line, call to action buttons, list segmentation, and mailing schedules. As a result, many small business owners aren’t using email marketing to its fullest potential. To give you a place to start, here are five different ways to start optimizing your email campaigns for better results.


1. Test the Major Variables


Elements of your email like your subject line, opening paragraph, day/time of mailing, and call to action all have a significant impact on the performance of your email marketing campaign. To create winning email marketing campaigns, you have to test all of these variables and find the optimal factors over time. This is also known as A/B Testing.

A smart way to start testing different elements is to mail out two different versions of your email to a small sample size. You can see which version generated better results and mail it out to the larger part of your email list. Various email marketing services come integrated with some of these testing tools, so you want to take advantage of them as much as possible.


2. Take Advantage of Preview Text


If you’ve been using prevalent email clients like Gmail, you’ve probably noticed that there is a short preview you see for each email. It’s a small snippet of text taken from the beginning of your email. To maximize your open rates, you need to go beyond the subject line and also consider the preview text when crafting your emails.

Come up with preview text that’s designed to capture the interest and attention of the recipient. Sometimes it helps to connect the subject line and preview text together to create a small dialogue that leads into the rest of your email. It’s best to test out all the major email clients to see how preview text works as the clients all have different character limits.


3. Start Using Responsive Templates


One habit that has changed over the years is that people access their emails from their mobile devices rather than their computers. To be specific, more than half of people access email through mobile devices. As a result, the email that you’ve spent time writing is displayed on smaller screens. As a result, the email content displays questionable formatting or jumbles up content blocks.

To maximize email consumption and clickthroughs, you need to take the time to use responsive email templates. Think about both the smartphone and tablet users to come up with formatting, general design, and a template that makes your emails easy to read. You can test how your email looks to recipients using any of the free mobile device simulator tools online.


4. Come Up with Trigger Emails to Increase Profits


One of the best ways to increase sales through email marketing is to build trigger emails.

These are emails that get sent when any kind of action is taken. For example, if a subscriber has turned into a customer, it’s a good idea to opt them out of your sales driven email series. From there, you can opt them into a customer email series designed to onboard them as a customer and even upsell them to another product.

A popular trigger email used in the eCommerce industry is the abandoned cart email. If a user adds items to the shopping cart but fails to check out, it triggers a series of follow up emails that are designed to get the user to complete the transaction. These emails can include anything from discounts, exclusive bonuses, and related offers.


5. Start Segmenting Your List

Segmenting is a time-tested way of extracting maximum profit from your list. You have to understand that your subscribers have different interests even if they fall into the same category. For example, if you are a vendor selling electric guitars, you can segment your list based on genre, professional status, and other factors.

The best way to pull off segmentation is to use a CRM platform that makes the process easy. Platforms allow you to segment based on the actions each subscriber has taken (survey results, purchases, articles read, etc.). You can also set up segmentation campaigns where subscribers are segmented based on which link they click. A study even showed that a segmented campaign outperformed a regular campaign by a factor of eight.

These are just some of the many ways that you can optimize your email marketing campaign. There are other variables that you can test, but starting with these foundations will help you see noticeable results in your campaign very quickly.

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