It’s essential that you don’t make any mistakes when you’re using PPC advertising because every click is going to cost you. You need to maximize the chances that each click you pay for will result in a sale.

The following are six PPC advertising mistakes you’ll want to avoid to ensure the success of your Google AdWords campaigns:


Never giving your campaigns a break


Pay-per-click advertising tends to work well for a while and then the response will stagger a little bit. For this reason, it’s often best to run a temporary or short-term campaign and then take some time off. Taking some time off can give you time to analyze your metrics and make some improvements before running your PPC ads again.


Insisting on being in the number one spot

One of the most important things you need to realize when you’re running PPC ads is that you don’t have to be in the first position to achieve a good conversion rate and to make sales. In many cases, the first spot is too expensive to even be worth it.

Make sure that you’re not always insisting on being in the first spot. Do some experimenting to determine if you’ll get a better return on investment with your PPC advertising if you pay to be in a lower position.


Not being specific with targeting your keywords


PPC advertising is great because it lets you pick the exact keywords for your ads to show up. This gives you an excellent opportunity to be as specific as possible and even improve the quality score of your website. Using specific keywords will maximize your chances of landing a sale with each click and minimize the amount of money you waste on clicks that don’t result in a deal.

While some broad match keywords might help with your PPC advertising, you don’t want to go too far. Make sure that all of your keywords are well targeted so that anyone who clicks on your ad is going to be interested in your particular offering.


Linking to a landing page that doesn’t relate enough to the keywords

A number one priority in PPC advertising is always linking to a landing page that directly relates to the keywords the site visitors used to find your ad. You should avoid linking to your home page rather than a specific landing page. Linking to your homepage could confuse and frustrate the visitor so that they back out of your website without looking into your offerings.


Being unclear about your call to action or contact details


You need to make things as simple as possible for your prospective customers. This means you should have a clear call to action that encourages the customer to make a purchase, learn more about your product, or sign on to your mailing list.

An effective call to action can achieve better results by enticing the customer to go further than merely browsing and make a commitment to your product. Ideally, this will be a purchase.

Not being scientific enough when tracking tests and conversions


Online advertising and PPC advertising should be conducted very scientifically and should involve taking a careful look at analytics data on a regular basis. You need to test different keywords and ad text and record the responses. Then, you need to make changes to your campaigns that will optimize what you’ve learned from testing.

You also need to have a system set up so that you know what results your keywords are bringing. You should test not only the performance of different keywords, but also the performance of different landing page designs and text setups. Testing and tracking statistics are the key to success with PPC advertising.

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