Optimizing your law firm’s website to get ranked on the first page by using SEO tactics is a profitable endeavor. However, there is a faster way: Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

With PPC, you drive targeted visitors to your site and services almost instantaneously.  By using this method, you do not have to wait 3-6 months to get high rankings in the major search engines.

While PPC can drive prospects to you fast, it does require some investment. Additionally, if you do not know what you are doing, that investment may turn into a loss even if you do happen to acquire a client or two.

Still, going the organic, free route through SEO does not guarantee you a high rank on Google Search. For instance, it is challenging to rank for the competitive keywords related to law services. If you are not an expert in SEO, you most likely will have to fork over money to hire an SEO consultant or agency to get you ranked for the keywords you are targeting.


Combining The Two Marketing Strategies (PPC & SEO)

Now we are not trying to say that you should put all your firm’s marketing efforts and money into PPC alone as SEO is quite fruitful in getting qualified leads to your law firm’s site. However, it takes some time to do so. Combining the two is highly desirable as PPC can produce excellent short-term acquisition results, while SEO will take care of your firm’s long-term acquisitions.

Perhaps the best result of combining the two is eliminating wasted effort. In other words, if you can find out which keywords and ad copy produces the best result, then write a blog post. If it gets ranked, you will get conversions.

Just be sure to take full advantage of the profitable keywords and ad titles found through your PPC Campaigns. For example, use these keywords in the title and body of your blog post, your site’s meta description, or any call-to-actions you may have placed on your website property.

Here are some examples of highly-targeted and relevant keyword titles and ad copy for the keyword “law firm Edmonton:”


How Much Will It Cost

The next logical question you may be asking yourself now is whether or not your law firm can afford a Pay-Per-click campaign. Excellent question! After all, if you do not have the initial budget to begin a campaign, then your best bet is holding off until you do.

The amount you are going to have to pay per each click (a.k.a. Cost-Per-Click (CPC)) is going to depend on which keywords you are targeting. Those keywords will often pertain to the area of law practice your firm deals in and your location.


5 Tips To Increase Your Firm’s PPC Campaigns

Applying the following 5 PPC tips will help you get the most out your campaigns.


Tip 1: Clear & Concise Ad Copy & Landing Pages

Make sure the prospect easily finds the information he or she is searching. Additionally, make sure that you contact info stands out on your landing page.

No one likes to “dig” for information and neither will your prospects. Again, provide them with the information they seek in a brief and organized fashion. Also, display your contact information in an easy-to-find but unobtrusive way.


Tip 2: Mobile-Responsive / Mobile-Friendly Web Pages

You are paying for clicks, therefore, optimize your page for mobile users. Nothing could be worse than getting a highly-targeted prospect to click off your site because they were unable to reach the page.


Tip 3: Perform Keyword Research

We are not just talking about choosing the standard law-search terms like “Indiana Lawyer” or “Kansas City Accident Lawyer” here but keywords that answer a specific problem or question a potential client might have.

Your law firm can position itself as the expert in this particular situation by targeting keywords. This includes giving a relevant and eye-catching title, and brief but pertinent information in the ad copy. Of course, when they click your ad they should be taken to a page that discusses their topic of interest.

A lot of times these keywords come at a fraction of the price-per-click that the standard law keywords do. Many times they produce higher conversions as fewer law firms are targeting them. Less competition usually equals cheaper clicks in the world of PPC.


Tip 4: Set Up Geo-targeting

As you will be paying for an audience of qualified leads, why pay for those who will never become one? It just doesn’t make sense to pay to bring someone to your site that will never be able to do business with if they are not nearby.

Therefore, this is where Geo-targeting comes in. With PPC platforms, you choose the country, state, city, or even a particular area around a specific region. The traffic you are driving to your site is truly interested in retaining your firm’s services.


Tip 5: Use The Phone To Close The Sale

While great content and optimized landing pages do wonders for conversion rates, nothing beats person-to-person communication to close a lead.

Taking phone calls offers some added benefits to your PPC campaign, especially if you are using Google Adwords. The following have been shown to increase the return on investment (ROI) for law firm PPC campaigns.

  • Targeting Mobile Viewers (cheaper clicks)
  • Click-To-Call Buttons (a click turns into an automatic phone call)
  • Easy Tracking (rate your campaign by the number of phone calls you receive).

Bonus Tip: If your law firm has a small advertising budget, run mobile-only ads. They are usually cheaper than standard PPC campaigns and target all devices.



Just because there is an upfront investment in PPC advertising, does not mean it is not profitable. It gives you a steady stream of visitors try and convert to clients on a regular basis.

Now, successfully budget and organize your PPC campaign to get the results you desire for your firm. There is an entire field dedicated to PPC advertising. These experts uncover a set of strategies that bring profitability to PPC campaigns.

The above five tips are a good foundation on which to advance your “PPC Game” and take it to the next level. As a result, your law firm will see an increase in leads and clients. Still, you might want to consult a PPC expert or agency to really ramp up your advertising efforts. This is so you increase your firm’s bottom line by a wide margin if you have the budget for it.

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