Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential concept for all brands to consider when operating online.

Internet technology continues to move forward through what society can do with words, and this means the use of SEO. The SEO structure gives Internet technology an understanding, but only as it’s relevant to the way search engines rank online content. The latest technology puts the evaluation process into the hands artificial intelligence, so don’t pursue this in attempt to “cheat the system.” Higher traffic rates and more leads come as a result of doing SEO legitimately.

We’re going to show you why and how businesses maximize Web presence using SEO. The end objective is for you to find the right leads and then close them on more sales. You can do all of these without hurting your brand’s reputation. Optimization involves the use of a simple formula. A few strokes of the keypad can get you the online status you want, so you’re in the right place.


 Can I run an SEO campaign without spending money?  


There’s a way to bypass spending when launching your SEO campaign. The process begins with collecting words and phrases that relate to your brand and the solution you offer. This process starts with a search engine.

Here’s what you want to do:


 List out all of your industry words:
  •  List out all of your industry words: Include any words or phrases that you believe relates to your brand, the product you have and the people who are best suited for that solution.
 Type your phrases and words into a search tool
  •  Type your phrases and words into a search tool: Now see the results you get. Make a note of the individuals and businesses that show up. These results are to be marked as the industry your working in and to give you an understanding of the competition you’re facing.
 Look for areas where no substantial content appears
  •  Look for areas where no substantial content appears: As long as you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, this is an efficient method to rank higher where there is less competition.
 Avoid heavily trafficked words:
  •  Avoid heavily trafficked words: The lower your competition is for each search result, the more room you have for gaining exposure regarding that phrase or word. Real SEO is an accumulative process, so you may not rank for the words you want the most. Ranking for three or four other words will bring your online brand closer to a level of justification that will eventually give you access to more competitive concepts.

You should now have a fair list of words and phrases that relate to your brand, its solution and the people suited for it. This list will build the foundation of your SEO campaign, and you don’t have to spend one penny to implement it.


 What’s the difference between SEO and Pay Per Click?


Money is a significant factor in how you’ll optimize your marketing campaign. A business that sells SEO services wants you to believe that paying is the only option. The above method has optimized many companies within a two-week process. Ads are an example of online branding that uses a pay-per-click model which gives certain words a price tag. You will also pay to use the tools that distribute these ads. The right formula for SEO rankings doesn’t rely on a cost-based model. Nothing has to come out of your pocket except for hosting a website.

Here’s are crucial structure points to now consider when using the words you’ve listed:


  • Titles are obviously important. Avoid confusion by using plain language, and avoid fancy concepts that you think can attract readers but that Web technology can’t understand.
 The first one hundred words
  • Search technology will read through a document in the same way a reader does: from the very first word onward. Be sure to place your keywords and phrases within your content immediately.
 Slug lines
  •  Slug lines are edited through each page’s permalink. This is the link you find in SERPs formatted as a headline and you want to this location to rank. Follow the same rules as you would your titles. Keep these phrases short, simple and easy to read by bots and your targeted audience.

Understanding SEO gives you a free option. Creating an ongoing content series is your next step to maximizing a free SEO strategy. Feel free to experiment, and be passionate about the content you distribute. Creating that material while following the guidelines above are sure to improve your rank today and in the future.

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